Islam: The Universal Empire of Savagery

Islam: The Universal Empire of Savagery, Sophistry, and Sacrilege

By Panini

Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments

anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and program. …

Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet.

—Syed Abul A’ala Maududi, Jihad in Islam

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.

Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

—Muhammad; Quran 8:12

The “ideology and program of Islam” named by Syed Maududi is total world domination. The means to achievement of that “ideology and program of Islam” include any means necessary, no matter how brutal, no matter how savage. Such Islamic savagery has played out on the world stage almost daily for over 1,400 years, and has been visited on every continent, every culture, every nation, state, and government on Earth.

In the realm of rationalism, glorifying Islam as “religion” is self-serving sophistry. Islam, by its own decrees, is totalitarianism irrevocably devoted to conquering and overthrowing every nation on Earth.

In the sanctuaries of sanctity, praising Islam as “religion” is a suppurating sacrilege. Islam, by its own open admission, is totalitarianism irrevocably devoted to eradicating every religion on Earth.

In no arena of human endeavor is Islam otherwise than a brutal beheading of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, self-determinism, literacy, intellect, empiricism, justice, decency, and humanity. Those who have lost their heads to Islam already had lost their minds by embracing it or advocating for it as “religion.” That is the advocacy of savagery. That is an advocacy of ignorance.

Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor secured a permanent place in the Advocacy of Ignorance Annals when she advocated from the bench by uttering this prejudicial sophistry and sacrilege in the Supreme Court of the United States[V1] :

Presi­dent Trump has never disavowed any of his prior state­ments about Islam. Instead, he has continued to make remarks that a reasonable observer would view as an unrelenting attack on the Muslim religion and its follow­ers.

—Sotomayor, J., dissenting, Trump v. Hawaii

Her pious prior assumption and imperious proclamation that Islam is a religion is, itself, an “unrelenting attack” on all religions everywhere in the world, and—perhaps worse—on all rational thought by reasonable observers. In fact, you will search the entire Trump v. Hawaii SCOTUS ruling in vain for the slightest scrap of evidence or precedent to support such an asinine prejudiced premise.

Even the majority opinion in the case, expressed by Chief Justice John Roberts, is a paradigm of moral cowardice because he entirely evades this central seminal issue: Is Islam a “religion”?

Islam cannot possibly be named or classified as a “religion” by any reasonable observer, because the “ideology and program of Islam” is diametrically opposed, in every relevant way, to the freedoms and rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States—which any honest and rational address to the US Constitution proves conclusively:

· Islam forbids separation of church and state; the First Amendment of the Constitution requires it.

· Islam forbids freedom of religion; the First Amendment defends it.

· Islam suppresses freedom of speech; our First Amendment guarantees it.

· Islam strips man of the right to trial by jury, due process, and freedom from self-incrimination; our nation’s forefathers bled and died to preserve these precious rights, memorialized in our Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments.

· Islam commands cruel and unusual punishments; our Eighth Amendment forbids them.

· Islam proclaims that all human beings are slaves to Allah and to Islamic leaders; our supreme law abolished slavery and involuntary servitude with the Fourteenth Amendment.

In short, Islam is the single most authoritarian, oppressive, and consummate enemy to our cherished God-given rights and freedoms, guaranteed by our Constitution, that this nation has ever faced.

That is not a “religion;” that is a political totalitarianism whose ultimate stated goal is to wipe actual religion from the face of the Earth, and to make every knee bend in submission to Islamic hegemony—and to Islam alone.

The section of the US Constitution that does apply precisely and relevantly to “the ideology and program of Islam” is Article IV, Section 4, which says (bold emphasis added):

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and … against domestic Violence.

Instead of the Supreme Court correctly declaring Islam to be the hostile and often violent invading force that it is—devoted to destroying the very Constitution that the Supreme Court is sworn to uphold and protect—the court sat by in robes of pusillanimity and allowed Sotomayor to proclaim from the bench her own prejudice that Islam is a religion.

Even the most cursory consultation to Islamic texts and Islam’s own lionized leaders—if such consultation is done honestly and without bias—proves beyond the vaguest hint or shadow of doubt, to any moderately rational human being, that the “ideology and program of Islam” is the greatest existential threat to fundamental rights and freedoms that the United States, and indeed the world, has ever faced:

Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program which seeks to alter the social order of the whole world and rebuild it in conformity with its own tenets and ideals. “Muslim” is the title of that International Revolutionary Party organized by Islam to carry into effect its revolutionary program. … Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and program. … Islam requires the earth—not just a portion, but the whole planet.

—Syed Abul A’ala Maududi, Jihad in Islam, leading Pakistani Islamic Philosopher of 20th Century.

It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet. … Islam does not recognize geographical boundaries, nor does it acknowledge racial and blood differences, considering all Muslims as one Umma [nation] … Every inch of land inhabited by Muslims is their fatherland.

—Hasan al-Banna, founder of Muslim Brotherhood

All Muslims form a single nation.

—Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

A Muslim has no nationality except his belief. One should accept the Sharia without any question and reject all other laws in any shape or form. This is Islam. There is no other meaning of Islam.

—Syed Qutb, Egyptian Islamic Theorist

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers.

—Muslim Brotherhood, “General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”

Islam cannot be separated from the state because it guides us through every detail of running the state and our lives. Muslims have no choice but to reject secularism for it excludes the law of Allah … Separation of religion and state is not an option for Muslims.

—Dr. Ja`far Sheikh Idris, Sudanese Muslim Philosopher

There is only one law which ought to be followed, and that is the Sharia.

—Syed Qutb

The Quran is our Constitution.

—Credo of the Muslim Brotherhood

The mosques are our barracks. And the believers our Army.

—Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

Mosques … are used as a recruitment center, for backdoor meetings, transfer of arms and cash, and putting together terrorist activities.

—CIA agent Reza Khalili

When you are called (by the Muslim ruler) for fighting, go forth immediately.

—Muhammad; Hadith, Bukhari 52:79; Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas

If the Imam calls a group of people to arms, they are obliged to join his military forces.

—Ibn Qudama, al-Mughni[V2]

When anyone studies a little or pays a little attention to the rules of Islamic government, Islamic politics, Islamic society and Islamic economy he will realize that Islam is a very political religion. Anyone who will say that religion is separate from politics is a fool; he does not know Islam or politics.

― Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini

You don’t have to be a Supreme Court justice to understand a blatant in-your-face declaration of open hostility and warfare against you, your family, your nation, your sovereignty, your Constitution, your laws, your culture, and your very life, do you? You clearly understand the unmistakable meaning of the above statements, don’t you?

Then from what well of willful ignorance, from what cesspool of propaganda and prejudice, does Sonia Sotomayor rise up like Leviathan in borrowed robes to lecture down to thee and me that Islam is a religion?

Sotomayor, and Roberts, and every other Supreme Court justice is bound by this oath (bold all caps emphasis added):

I, _________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; that I WILL BEAR TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE TO THE SAME; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Islam is blatantly, openly, expressly dedicated to DESTROYING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, TO OVERTHROWING THE UNITED STATES, AND TO MAKING SUBMISSIVE SUBJECTS OF ITS PEOPLE. There cannot possibly be any more precise definition of ENEMY. Only those most willfully and blindly ignorant fall for the idiotic insistence that this militantly savage and antagonistic universal empire called Islam is religion.

To defend Islam as a “religion” using the protections of the very Constitution that Islam has vowed to destroy is either insane, suicidal, incomprehensibly ignorant, viciously evil, or all of the above.

It also is treason on its face against the United States and its Constitution. Islam and the United States Constitution are mutually exclusive. Anyone claiming that these diametrically opposed ideologies can “co-exist” is putting on a clown show.

Islam is a totalitarian militancy founded upon the fanaticism of Arab supremacy, with one and only one goal: total political and militaristic domination of the world, including the eradication of every manmade constitution, every manmade law, every manmade nation, and every world religion.

Muhammad Is the Genghis Khan of Ideology

Islam was created solely on seventh-century Arab savagery by a seventh-century Arab. Muhammad was motivated by Arab supremacy, and his every action proves it.

The only valid comparisons to Muhammad are Genghis Khan, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and other murderous despots of their ilk. That is the only group that Muhammad can stand with. His inarguable history of wholesale robbery, enslavement, slaughter, and genocide forever forbids him from standing even in the shadows of religious and philosophical leaders such as Jesus of Nazareth, Socrates, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Lao Tzu, Confucius, or Socrates.

Muhammad’s “creed”—of incontrovertible record—included armed robbery, rape, assault, deceit, pedophilia, polygamy, brutality, murder, slavery, chaos, and destruction. When those who he wanted to dominate would not readily bow down before his despotic degeneracy, he wrapped it up in the robes of “religion”—every last precept of which he knowingly plagiarized from the existing religions of Judaism, Christianity, and polytheism.

Islam seeks only to crush the human spirit and all of mankind into absolute submission. Its very name, Islam, means, literally, “submission.” Anyone who calls Islam a “religion” commits the greatest blasphemy and sacrilege possible against humanity, decency, and rational thought.

Although Muhammad was a ruthless warlord, over-the-ramparts slaughter was never his only method of invasion and conquest. He learned early on how to infiltrate his spies and agents into the inner circles of intended victims through his most deadly tactic of tyranny: “immigration.”

Invasion by Demographics: The Trojan Horse of Islamic Refugeeism

Sophia Lösche was a bubbly 28-year-old doe-eyed do-gooder, the quintessential bleeding-heart liberal, when she stuck her thumb out in June of 2018 and hitched a ride to an early grave. Before that, she had employed her doe eyes and do-goodness in volunteer work for one of the globalist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Greece, blithely helping wave after wave of Islamic “refugees” invade Europe from Africa and from other fanatically Islamic hellholes—most of the “refugees” curiously being males of fighting age, often masquerading as “children.”

She was back in her home nation of Germany on that June day in 2018 when, all smiles, she climbed up into a truck with Moroccan plates that stopped for her in Schkeuditz, East Germany, where she was hitching to get to her home in Bamberg.

She never arrived. Instead, she was brutally raped, murdered, mutilated, burned, and unceremoniously dumped in the woods near a gas station in Bilbao, Spain.

Her murderer was a Moroccan Muslim trucker named Boujemaa L. He was arrested in another city in Spain, Bailén, as he was attempting to flee to Gibraltar, where he hoped to board a ferry to Morocco to escape the reach of European law. Once caught, he confessed his crime and told the authorities where to find her body.

Sophia could be the poster child for the shuddering, teeth-chattering naïveté of liberals and “progressives” totally self-absorbed in their own holier-than-thou do-goodness toward Islam and Muslims. They believe that all rabid dogs are sweet little baby bunnies, so clutch them to their breast.

Sophia is by no means the only such victim of European open-borders, open-arms suicide-by-Islam. Another such liberal darling-heart was a 19-year-old pro-immigrant activist named Maria Ladenburger. She was raped and murdered in Germany by an Afghan Muslim “asylum seeker” named Hussein Khavari. In what could be an especially vicious twist of the knife of Fate, he had come to Germany through Greece—the very place where Sophia Lösche had worked as a volunteer helping such “refugees” get through the guardless gateway into Europe.

These are merely two tragic anecdotal tales out of far too many to count from the relentless, inexorable, and very well coordinated invasion-by-immigration of Muslims into the Western nations that Islam is sworn to overwhelm and overthrow.

From 2006 to 2018 close to 6 million Muslims from the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan joined in this invasion of Europe as “asylum seekers,” according to Eurostat. They were mostly young military aged men.

A report by DW Akademie gives some glimpse into the kinds of corruption that creeps in along with the Muslims, saying that a former official of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is under investigation for allegedly accepting bribes from as many as 2,000 “refugees” to grant them asylum.

Islam’s grand universal jihad is systematically destroying European culture and civilization, nation by nation, town by town, neighborhood by neighborhood—just as Muslims have been systematically doing to every nation they have come into contact with for over 1,400 year. But that’s been Islam’s “ideology and program” all along.

Central Asia—including all of the “-stans” that were in the former Soviet Union—was once Buddhist; Iran was Zoroastrian; Turkey was Greek; Afghanistan was Buddhist: Pakistan was Hindu; Indian Kashmir was Hindu. All are now demographically, politically, and militarily conquered by Islam.

Unless something effective is done, Europe is next. Islamic demographic invasion is already ripping apart the social fabric of once beautiful and peaceful European cultures.

After unspeakable irresponsibility by Sweden’s government in admitting swarms of Muslims, Palemo, Sweden, is now the rape capital of the world. In Denmark, 10 out of every 12 rapes is committed by migrants mainly from Islamic hotbeds such as Somalia, Iraq, and Eritrea, according to Defend Europa. That should come as no surprise, because in Islam, women are chattel, property, sex toys that Muslim men can enter whenever and however they choose.

In England, the fates of a still-untold number of young girls have been abandoned to Muslim “grooming gangs.” That’s the current “politically correct” euphemism for gangs of Muslim thugs who have come into England by immigration, often as “refugees.” They lure teenage girls—or younger—into cars or apartments, ply them with liquor and drugs, and then serially gang rape them.

Demographic conquest is absolute. Demographic conquest is irrevocable. Demographic conquest brings about not just destruction, but ultimately the eradication of the host country and its culture, to be replaced by Islamic “culture.”

Islam is not the fastest growing movement; it is the fastest breeding movement. Its ever-escalating numbers place an unbearable burden on the host states where it invades. As only one example, The Telegraph recently reported that “half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed” in the UK. That is utterly overwhelming the welfare coffers, all of it being sucked out of the pockets and bank accounts of hardworking Brits.

This is exactly how any parasite works to overwhelm and choke the life out of a host. On the current path, Islam will overwhelm and choke the life out of Europe demographically. Once it does, Islam will, as always, infiltrate and insinuate its agents into key political positions, and will soon dominate Europe politically.

Unless that process is forcibly stopped, Europe will fall, to be replaced by Islam and Sharia law.

Islam then will possess all the military might it needs, including nuclear capabilities, to launch an all-out war on the rest of mankind. This is Islam’s strategy. It not only is carrying that strategy out successfully, but is being helped in accomplishing its conquest by the European Union.

Obviously and inarguably, that is open treason by the EU against its member nations. A few of the nations, such as Italy and Poland, have begun to see the light and slam the door on Islamic invasion-by-immigration. Unless other nations in Europe can be slapped out of their comas, and mount a coordinated campaign to fully stop the onslaught, nations such as Italy and Poland ultimately could be overwhelmed by their very own European neighbors, once those are taken over by Islam.

Europe is not Islam’s only target for conquest; Europe currently is merely the easiest pickings for Islam because of the EUs suicidal open-borders, open-arms policies. But the same vicious process is going on right this minute in the United States.

At the time of this writing, over 100 Muslims are running for public office in 2018 on the Democratic ticket in the US. In full open betrayal of the United States, some politicians and political organizations are actively promoting Muslims into positions of power.

That sort of political treason is bad enough, but perhaps the most viciously crushing betrayal is coming out of the very temples and churches of traditional religions that Islam has vowed to wipe off of the face of the Earth.

Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends.

—Muhammad; Quran 5:51

Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him.

—Muhammad; Quran 5:51

Do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it.

—Muhammad; Hadith: Sahih Muslim (2167)

The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.

—Muhammad; Hadith: Sahih Muslim, 41:6985

Do not choose those outside your [Muslim] community as intimate friends. … You have more right to hate them than they to hate you. Say, “Die in your rage!”

—Muhammad; Ibn Ishaq 388

Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.

—Sheik Muburak Gilani, founder of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, explaining how to kill American infidels

For sheer xenophobic hatred, it’s hard to beat Islam, its Arab supremacy racism, and its god-complex sense of superiority and jealous rage over every religion that ever existed.[MOU3]

After Muhammad had raised a terrifying army and invaded his old hometown of Mecca for revenge, one of his first acts was to storm into the Kaaba, which for centuries had been a holy shrine for Christians, Jews, and polytheists alike. There he took his staff and smashed every idol and artifact of the polytheists, Christians, and Jews, declaring the Kaaba to be his and Islam’s exclusive property—merely one more thing he stole.

Apologists for Islam seem to camp out in every public forum ready to leap to the defense of the garbled language of the Quran and the Hadith whenever a merely rational human being points out factually that the tortured texts of Islam mandate slavery, rape, wife abuse, pedophilia, beheading, maiming, terrorism, cruelty, slaughter, and genocide.

It’s always the same tired, miserable apologist script: “Oh, that’s the wrong translation from Arabic,” or, “Oh, you have taken that out of context,” or, “Oh, no, you have to know the entire history of seventh century Arabia to understand what Allah, speaking through Muhammad, really meant,” or, “Oh, poor infidel, you are too stupid and faithless to perceive the divine ultimate truth in the words of Allah speaking through Muhammad.”

If the “divine text” you choose for guidance in life is so inarticulate, ambiguous, and esoteric in meaning that it can be “interpreted” a thousand different ways to suit any purpose at all—including terrorism and world domination—then you might as well be using tea leaves, Tarot cards, or fortune cookies for your “divine” guidance. Or maybe go listen to the voices in your head coming from the neighbor’s little black dog, the way “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz did for his mystical guidance.

For the more rational people in the world, for secular humanists, for responsible adults: To hell with mysticism and metaphysics, all of it—including every hell every imagined. There is no room for theology and for the pie-in-the-sky metaphysics when facing an existential threat from wave after wave of Arab supremacist hordes who are happy to slit your throat and rape your wives and daughters on their stomp-and-romp to world domination.

The West must reject every mystical claim made by Islam and Quran. Such claims are utterly irrelevant to the values and to the very existence of Western civilization.

Islam must be faced and judged empirically, logically, rationally, by its actions and by the results of its actions, not by some airy-fairy metaphysics. Uniformly, for 1,400 years, Islam and its followers have proven themselves, empirically, to be barbaric invading hordes that destroy all religions, all cultures, all civilizations that they come into contact with.

History is strewn with the rubble of Buddhist, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Christian, Jewish and polytheistic churches, synagogues, temples, shrines, and artifacts, all smashed, burned, exploded, and destroyed by Islam in its monomaniacal rampage to wipe out of existence any religion or state that will not bow down and submit to its savagery.

As for politics, the charade of “democracy” in any Islamic-conquered nation is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. The pitiable charade of “democracy” is ridiculous when the people have no choice, and the people in an Islamic nation never have any choice at all except more Islam. Dipping your finger in purple dye is not freedom.

Muslims are the FIRST victims of Islam. They are enslaved to Islam. They have never known anything resembling actual freedom of the mind, of the soul, of the spirit. They have never known freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or freedom of choice in the political systems that subjugate them.

As only one example of the savage injustices meted out by Islam daily around the world, Human Rights Watch recently reported that on 9 July 2018, “Shaparak Shajarizadeh, who took her headscarf off in public in January to protest compulsory hijab laws, announced on her Instagram page that a court sentenced her to 20 years in prison for this act, although it suspended 18 years of the sentence, meaning she has to serve 2 years in prison.”

Maybe you have trouble grasping that, so here it is again: An Iranian woman who took off a headscarf in public has been sentenced by a Sharia “court” to 20 years in prison for taking off a scarf, of which sentence she will have to serve at least two years. In prison. For taking off a scarf.

Meanwhile, “moderate” Muslims like Linda Sarsour (literally “cockroach” in Arabic) use the protection of our Constitution, our laws, our largesse, to get out into our streets and berate us for not implementing the slavery of Sharia right now in our courts.

Islam is slavery. Islam is sophistry. Islam is sacrilege. Only the most foolish and uninformed would even attempt to take any other position. Islam, empirically, is the antireligion, the anticivilization, and the single most virulent threat to freedom that has ever existed anywhere in the world.

Nazism and Communism were patty-cake flashes in the pan compared to “the ideology and program of Islam.” Islam is more noxious, malignant, and deadly to the principles of freedom and democracy than all of Nazism and Communism combined. Neither of those militant totalitarian ideologies had the fanatical metaphysics that Islam possesses, and that it uses to constantly—five times daily—fan the flames of fanaticism.

There are post-Communist liberal democratic countries; there are post-Nazi and post-Fascist liberal democracies.

But there are no post-Islamic countries in the world.

Eternal War: The True Legacy of Islam

There has never been a single instant since Islam’s creation that Islam has not been at war in pursuit of conquest and absolute domination of the world.

That statement has nothing to do with the United States, or with any of the existing nations of the European continent, or with Great Britain, or with any Western nation state—because not a single one of them even existed when Muhammad declared war on the entire world.

That single fact blows into a smoking cloud the ineffably absurd whining lies of liberals and Muslims that the reason Muslims launch hateful terrorist attacks and warfare is that they have been poor peaceful victims being picked on by the United States and Western nations.

Islam has been wreaking warfare, terrorism, and genocide for over 1,400 years. It began over a thousand years before the United States of America even existed.

The United States got sucked into Islam’s eternal wars because Islam attacked the United States repeatedly on United States soil, and repeatedly attacked allies of the United States. Falling into the traps of Islam’s wars was the wrong answer to Islam, so of course the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and now the Syrian war, all have failed, with a staggering cost in blood and treasure.

The United States has been in Afghanistan for 17 years, in Iraq for over 15 years, and is now embroiled in Syria.

We have spent nearly $6 trillion—that’s trillion, with a T—and have lost over 10,000 men and women. At least 50,000 men and women have wounded in these wars.

What have we accomplished? Nothing. In fact, it’s less than nothing: To show the absolute mockery of our values that has been made from our blood and treasure, during this same period officials of the US government helped draft the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and in those constitutions Sharia is the foundational law of the both countries.

One reason we have failed is because we called it a “War on Terror.” It is categorically impossible to have a war on terror. Terrorism is nothing but one method, one means to an end. The entire motivation for Islamic terror and war comes exclusively from the “ideology and program of Islam.”

All wars are ideological. We have failed because we refused to acknowledge the one and only enemy we have in the world.

That enemy is exactly, precisely, as Maudidi named it in the quotation at the very top of this work: the ideology and program of Islam.

That is the enemy. That is the only enemy.

Unless and until we officially, as a nation, name the enemy, and construct an effective strategy for combatting it, there is no hope, ever, of defeating it.

The eternal enemy of the American people, of American values, of the American Constitution, and of fundamental human rights and freedoms throughout the world is the totalitarian ideology and program of Islam.


[V2]“When anyone studies a little or pays a little attention to the rules of Islamic government, Islamic politics, Islamic society and Islamic economy he will realize that Islam is a very political religion. Anyone who will say that religion is separate from politics is a fool; he does not know Islam or politics.”

― Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini

[MOU3]I have changed “Muhammad” in this paragraph to “Islam” in compliance with your instructions not to make critical comments about Muhammad personally.

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