Islam’s Non-Compete Clause

Kenneth Roberts

Imagine a football league where only one team is allowed to score goals or win. That’s the premise of political Islam.

Islam is the only religion with a non-compete clause. Non-compete agreements in today’s business world defend proprietary information. Proprietary ideas give companies their leading edge. Islam goes beyond branding itself ‘the best’ (which all ideologies do) Islam forbids other ideologies from competing with Islam in a number of areas. It’s like a modern corporation, but more ruthless.

Islam’s Unique Idea
Islam’s unique, proprietary idea is jihad, the holy war to eliminate competition with Islam. According to Ibn Khaldun, the holy war of jihad is not permitted to other religions or ideologies.

Non-Compete Regulations
Islam’s non-compete restrictions are summarized in the infamous Pact of Omar and Sharia law. They regulate non-Muslims from competing with Muslim males in the following areas: proselytizing, politics, employment opportunities, social status, prestige or ‘honor’, public events, using the Arabic language, teaching about Islam, marrying Muslim women, the security of possessions and the elegance or height of buildings…even in how the Kafirs dress. Nor may women compete with Muslim males, since Allah made women constitutionally inferior to men ‘in reason and religion’.

Islam’s non-compete restrictions are the Kafirs’ terms of surrender to the Islamic state. The Pact of Omar was made by eighth-century caliphs to be forced on non-Muslims against their wills. Wherever Islamists become the ruling class, the Pact of Omar is dragged out to crush whatever challenges Islamic monopolies. That makes Kafirs and women permanent underclasses in Sharia-ruled societies.

Islamists want to insinuate Sharia into Kafir societies before Kafirs and women are aware of its non-compete implications.

In a Sharia society, non-competition applies everywhere, even in the law courts where Sharia favors the inconvenience, impoverishment and humiliation of Kafirs and the inferior status of women.

How Islam defends non-competition
Islamic non-competition is defended by jihad. Jihad is a monopoly on aggression. Allah forbids Kafirs from resisting jihad in any way, since counterjihad is a way of competing with Islam.

What makes Islam’s non-compete system draconian is the normative means to enforce it: vigilantism. Since murder is reprehensible, Sharia law craftily hides the murder of Kafirs and apostates behind verbiage, mumbo jumbo and silence. Silence should not be overlooked as a powerful legal weapon!

America’s emancipation of slaves did not entirely end slavery. American slavery slyly continued as late as 1928 because no punishment was on the books for slave-owners, even though slavery was illegal. Similarly, Sharia law has no punishment for a vigilante who murders an apostate or a blasphemer. Islamic vigilantes in such cases are ‘killing by right’, that is, Allah authorizes killing apostates and blasphemers on the example of Mohammed. Vigilantes are considered auxiliary police enforcing Allah’s non-compete laws. Such vigilantes are heroes, rather than criminals.

Islam’s top authority on Sharia, the fatwa department of Al Azhar University in Cairo has sanctioned Islamic vigilantism. In theory, the death sentence for blasphemy is imposed by the Islamic state, but if the state isn’t available to act, a private Muslim vigilante may carry out a death sentence against a blasphemer. This is where Islamic law gets interesting. A self-directed vigilante may execute a fatwa issued by an imam, but even a fatwa is not necessary. When a Kafir competes with Islam or its prophet, a vigilante may murder the blasphemer even without a fatwa being issued.

We cannot imagine a Christian pastor issuing a death warrant, yet two hundred thousand imams are authorized to do so and over a billion Muslims are deputized to kill. Many writers and cartoonists around the world (such as Salman Rushdie, Robert Redecker, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Kurt Westergaard, Lars Vilks, Molly Norris, Trey Parker and Matt Stone) have a clear understanding of Islamic vigilantism, since they live with full-time security guards. Almost everyone writing about Islam has received anonymous death threats. Writing about Islam breaches Islam’s non-compete clause.

Results of Non-Compete
The cost of Islam’s non-compete contract is stagnation. ‘Innovation’ (an evil word in Islam) is forbidden, because Islam’s alleged perfection cannot be improved. The 7th century is deemed the time of perfection, so Muslims cannot progress past it. Sharia leads the world backwards to the 7th century, not forwards to progress.

Muslims want to be world leaders, but their non-compete makes them followers. Competition has everything and produces everything that the Islamic world craves and needs for its survival, but the Muslim world produces little because of its philosophy of non-competition.
Jihadists curb their cognitive dissonance by repeating their certainty of Islam’s moral perfection until they all but drown out the images and voices of modernity. They want Islamic terrorism removed from discussion, so that 7th-century-loving Muslims are not contrasted with progress-loving Kafirs. Jihadists live in denial, but many burn out: they half-heartedly see backwardness is not the answer.

What should we do?
First of all, Kafirs need to see Islam’s non-compete clause is a real threat to progress and democratic values. Islamic belief in non-competition means that no progress is needed or possible. But Islam’s allegedly perfect society never existed, unless slavery, misogyny, vigilantism, inequality and genocide are ‘perfect’. Non-competition is bad for people. Societies that imposed monopolies on thought and political power have had cycles of revolution and counter-revolution or have stalled in poverty, disease and superstition.

Secondly, we should fault Islam’s non-compete system because it spreads fear; we should ban jihad because it has caused more than 270 million deaths and always creates tyrannies.

Recognizing political Islam’s dysfunction, today’s Muslims flee from it to live in free non-Islamist countries. Surveys show 65% of Muslims are Islamists in theory, but not in practice. This contradiction is Islam’s Achilles’ heel. Westerners should highlight it, rather than flattering the Islamism of oil-rich countries in order to keep oil prices low.

Mohammed declared endless war on competition giving Muslim males monopolies on everything. Jihadists expect to win this war through high birthrates and terrorism.

Many Western leaders shield jihad and supremacism from ideological scrutiny because they underestimate the pervasiveness of Islamism. Are they fit to lead?

As Islamism spreads, the vibrancy of the competitive world will gradually be dampened by Islam’s non-competition and terrorism.

It is self-refuting to fight the jihadists militarily, without blaming Islam’s non-compete philosophy. Non-competition is what ignites the jihadist culture, so refuting the non-compete philosophy of Islam should be a top priority.

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  1. Democracyistheanswer

    asawerdesign wrote: “Believe me, will not and will not find something you do not like in the Koran”. (sic)
    Why should anyone believe you? We want facts and logic, rather than your commandment ‘believe me’. I know as much about asawerdesign as I do about Mohammed whose entire history is based on legends written down 200 years following his death. The legends are contradictory and many of them are highly repulsive. The Koran did not appear until the mid 700s over 100 years following the death of Mohammed. The earliest Korans are in the wrong script and defectively written. The text of the early Koran can mean almost anything because of the lack of vowel points. No one knows what 20% of the modern text means because so many words are confusing or meaningless or without context and the passages filled with abrupt changes and digressions. The Koran is a confused text whose every page contains vicious hatred towards those who don’t believe in the messenger. No one really knows who this messenger is. The text of the Koran does not explain the messenger or give his biography. But everyone must ‘obey’ him and imitate him, though we can discern nothing about him, except that a lot of people think him insane and a liar.

    • marcia yiapan

      You are so right. I’ve been reading two versions of the Koran and it is rubbish. One can read it online to avoid paying a Muslim anything. (The Bible, on the other hand, is a library of exquisite literature, which is studied for its literary value even in China.)

  2. marcia yiapan

    Have you seen any of Dr. Warner’s YouTube videos? They’re great, especially the one about poor Paul Weston the Briton now jailed for “criticizing” Islam. All he did was read Winston Churchill’s opinion of the “religion”. So Bill says we now must leave our keyboards and DO SOMETHING.

  3. asawerdesign

    y brother, if I really wanted to know what Islam is:
    I invite you to read the Koran carefully not grow or disgusting or words to that sacred words of the Lord of the Worlds
    Do not look at the actions of Muslims disobedient Ghabr straight and Control on Islam
    If it did, as I commanded thee
    Believe me, will not and will not find something you do not like in the Koran and the whole rule of guidance and peace and mercy and call people to peace and coexistence among them as a family
    Islam What a beautiful religion
    I urge you to read the Koran and if once
    And when the contract intention Alqroh Say: O Allah, I just want the right guided me, O God, to exotic rectal
    I ask God Almighty to guide us and guide you to the right set forth

  4. Ken

    A footnote to a reader ‘David’:

    Convict leasing began in 1846 and lasted until July 1, 1928, when Herbert Hoover was vying for the White House. When the U.S. entered World War II, the Franklin Roosevelt administration realized that the continued existence of involuntary servitude in the South undermined war propaganda against the Axis. Less than a week after Pearl Harbor, Circular N0. 3591 was issued to all federal prosecutors instructing them to prosecute cases of “involuntary servitude and slavery”. Finally, the Thirteenth Amendment would be enforced.

    Sharia law maintains a loophole allowing the murder of apostates and blasphemers by private Muslims.

  5. Susan

    Your best piece yet!

  6. Charles Huntington

    You are doing great work. Thank you.

    I found your site by someone linking the “Why we are afraid” video on youtube which I have watched many times and shared with others. They have found it equally powerful.

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