Israel and Universal Jihad

Today we have a very different newletter, not because it deals with Islam and politics, but because it is written by a politician—Vijay Kumar is running for Congress in Tennessees’ 5th District. His billboards say “Defeat Universal Jihad“. Imagine for a moment, that we had elected officials who actually knew who Mohammed was and what the true nature of jihad is. Instead, we have officials who believe Islam has been maligned and misunderstood and if we are just “nice” enough, they will love us.

Israel is the target of Islam’s Universal Jihadists, whether they come from Turkey, Palestine, Lancashire, the United Nations, Maine, or Sweden. Islam’s own Syed Qutb said it best: “A Muslim has no nationality except his belief.” The exact same statement applies to the allies and supporters of Islam’s Universal Jihadists.

That’s why all the talk about Gaza and Palestinians and Turkey and “humanitarian aid” is pure fraud and nothing but fraud, all merely part of the Islamic Universal Jihad against Israel and everything it stands for. The Muslims involved in the attacks on Israel—no matter what piece of land they call home—care nothing for manmade geographical boundaries, just as they care nothing for manmade laws, or, for that matter, human life.

What they care about is wiping Israel and everything it stands for off the face of the Earth. That is their goal. The one thing that Israel stands for that drives the Universal Jihadists of the Middle East mad—however short a trip that may be—is the right and freedom of a human being to be something other than Muslim. Universal Jihadists are dedicated to wiping such freedom from the face of the Earth. That’s why their overtly stated goal is to destroy Israel and the Jews. It is pure, seething hatred.

The “humanitarian aid” mission these Universal Jihadists and their liberal handmaidens are parading before the world press is nothing but a flotilla of pure, seething hatred, and it is a criminal fraud on Israel and on the world. It is actually a massive propaganda mission whose sole purpose is to smear and defame Israel, and weaken it for future attacks.

For those people of reason in the world who care about facts instead of hysterical Jihadist propaganda, over a million tons of humanitarian supplies have gone into Gaza through Israel in the last 18 months. That’s nearly a full ton of supplies for every man, woman, and child in all of Gaza!

So who is lying? The Jihadists and their liberal “friends” fraudulently pretending to be on a “humanitarian aid” mission are lying. That shouldn’t be a surprise: Islam demands that Muslims lie to non-Muslims if it benefits Universal Jihad and the Islamic goal of world domination.

Hamas is just one arm of Universal Jihad, and they’ve sent over 10,000 mortars and rockets into Israel. Why? Pure, seething hatred, that’s why.

Israel is completely within its legal rights under international law to have mounted the Gaza blockade, and to have enforced it in international waters by stopping the Jihadist flotilla of pure, seething hatred fraudulently calling itself a “humanitarian aid” mission.

But the Universal Jihadists surrounding Israel on every side care nothing whatsoever about “international law.” That, after all, is just more man-made law, and means absolutely nothing to the Jihadists, who honor only the allegedly “divine law” of the Quran and the Sunnah: Shariah law.

Islam’s own Syed Qutb said it clearly: “There is only one law which ought to be followed, and that is the Shariah.”

Islam’s own Syed Qutb also exposed the complete fraud being perpetrated by Hamas and the rest of the Jihadist liars claiming that Gaza, and even Israel, are somehow important for the land to Muslims: “The homeland of the Muslim, in which he lives and which he defends, is not a piece of land; the nationality of the Muslim, by which he is identified, is not the nationality determined by a government.” So it’s all Jihadist fraud, and nothing but fraud.

The real driving force behind it is the one that has perpetuated 1400 years of the same kind of aggression, invasion, war, terrorism, slaughter, propaganda, and conquest of entire civilizations, such as Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran: it is Universal Jihad, the eternal Islamic quest for complete world domination.

Israel is just the next most important target in this 1400-year war against mankind and civilization.

The “humanitarian aid” mission is a Universal Jihad war flotilla, and it is nothing else. Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi, AKP) is the Turkish headquarters for Universal Jihad. The 10,000 rockets and mortars thrown by Hamas at Israel are missiles of Universal Jihad. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the American headquarters of Universal Jihad. The Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan flooding the world with heroin (which is only sold to non-Muslims) are doing their part for Universal Jihad. The Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for Israel to be “wiped off the face of the map” is the voice of Universal Jihad.

Universal Jihad is not only a declared war on Israel, it is a declared war on the United States and on our Constitution.

And to our eternal shame, our own President, Barack Hussein Obama, is now aiding and abetting Universal Jihad by his words and actions, and has turned his back on Israel.

I support Israel absolutely and unconditionally. I decry and denounce Universal Jihad as the most hateful, destructive, amoral, and vicious assault on mankind and human rights and freedoms that the world has ever known.

Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar for Congress

Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam, Publisher
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  1. Truthteller

    WHICH LAW this man is talking about. The law he is talking about is the LAW that America Veto every now and Then.

    is he fooling himself of Us..? No He is fooling Himself and those beleive in him

    There is no law that serves internationally but there is a law that serves for Him yet he wants us to oeby even while we are the Victism.

    The Zionist entity in Palestine had violated the so-called International law and they attacked the ships in the international waters? So what else does He wants?

    The law he is talking about is the one that Chased the Palestinian people from Palestine in 1948 and Still that law is depriving them in those enclaves they sought for Refugees..

    WHY GAZA is blockaded? who live in GAZA an Animal or Human?

  2. Firefoxreader

    WHO will bring Bill Warner to Justice.

    Bill is a Criminal of acting Defamation of Religion. He is painting Islam as a religion that has weakpoints which is more than 600% Lie.

    Who is responsible of what He wants to Create. The US or the Zionists..

    His zionist View of the WORLD shows that He must at the END of the day be brought to justice.

    No wait

  3. Freeman

    I am FREE to express my Views here in this bigotry and Hate-preaching website.

    This site Is also A LIE preacher apart from the HATE.
    IT propagates by twisting the Reality and the TRUTH.

    Islam is the last religion sent by GOD/ALLAH and whether you should be satisfied or Not we shall not ask permission to America to practice our Religion.

  4. Fuaad

    A Fake and HATRED Congress Candidate.

    It is becoming TRUE that They hate US because of our Religion and Faith.

    This must be abandoned.

    The West should remember that as far as they HATE Islam is as far as ISLAM and Muslims will rise up..

    Your hatred View will only add fuel to the Fire.

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