Jihad as Racial Hatred and Deceit

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A former United States sailor is a suspected jihadist and now on trial.

Sami al-Arian tells lies. Islam permits him to practice taqiyya when confronting his enemy.

Racism can be used in jihad as a weapon. Deception in war was one of Mohammed’s favorite tactics and is still used today.

Jihad as Racial Hatred and Deceit

The average kafir thinks that jihad is bullets and bombs, but this does not encompass the extraordinary nature of jihad. Jihad is every form of pressure against the kafir. No form of warfare pays as much attention to psychological and propaganda tactics. Jihad is waged with the sword, the mouth, the pen and money. In modern times, the sword of Islam is the very least of jihad. For instance, in modern combat, Islamic nations perform pathetically. Witness Iraq I and the Israeli Six Day war.

But the kafirs are pathetic at propaganda and psychological warfare against political Islam. Actually, Islamic nations are better at modern combat than the kafirs are at propaganda. The Islamic nations show up to get crushed. We don’t even make an appearance. Perhaps, we could call our propaganda efforts as sub-pathetic.

But to the task at hand: the link above is about how Muslims should use deceit to stir racial hatred in America by posting racists remarks on black Websites. This is excellent psychological warfare. It will work very well and not even be questioned. It is pure Islam. Mohammed said that jihad is deceit. Mohammed repeatedly told Muslims that it was ethically correct to lie to the kafirs and advance Islam. Notice in the report that Al Jawfi does not bother to justify the lies, because he knows his Muslim audience understands that the lies are accepted doctrine.

Given how effective Islamic propaganda has been in Washington DC, it would be better to skip posting the racism on black sites and give the remarks to the Senate and the White House. They will repeat it endlessly just as they repeat “peaceful religion”, “we worship the same god”, “it is only a few extremists” and “the religion of Islam has been high jacked”.

It is ironic that Islam never gets smeared with the racist brush. The Arabic word for African is abd and the name for a black slave is abd. Mohammed called Africans “raisin heads” and had several black slaves. When discussing slaves owned by Muslims, the Sira and Hadiths state their race. The Koran praises the Arabs as being the true human beings who are to rule over others. On Judgment Day, the kafirs will be “blue-eyed” with terror. The Arabs had brown eyes and their traditional enemies, the Greeks had blue eyes. But in the nature of Islamic dualism, Mohammed also said that racism in all forms was not Islamic.

Islam also dodges the racism of American slavery. Muslims used jihad to capture the African slaves they sold the white slavers, but the blame goes only to the whites. Even today, blacks do not blame Islam for current slavery in Africa. Francis Bok is a former African slave of Muslims. But when he speaks to crowds in America about slavery, the audience is the usual white suspects. Blacks do not show up to hear about Islam and slavery.

Islam is an ethnic religion that clothes a political system. A Muslim prays in Arabic, new Muslims are encouraged to take an Arabic name and pray towards Arabia. Every Muslim has to go to Arabia to fulfill his Muslim-ness. Islamic values are Arabic values. The only non-Arabic value Mohammed introduced was to transfer tribal allegiances to Islamic allegiance, the umma.

The tragedy is that we focus on the only thing we are good at—a conventional military war. But this war is 99% ideological, and the kafirs are clueless. We don’t know what is happening, and we are fighting the wrong war.


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