Leaving Islam

It is very difficult for a Muslim to leave Islam. It means losing their family and community (ummah). There is also the danger of being killed for blasphemy. These punishments are compounded if you speak in public about Islam. So, a public apostate, like Al Fadi, is a hero.

Al Fadi was born in Saudi Arabia and intended to become a jihadi or a member of the morality police. After coming to the US, he set out to prove Christianity was false, but found he could not do so.

There are basically two kinds of Islamic apostates – some become atheists and some become Christians. Al Fadi became an apostate from Islam and a devout Christian. His story is fascinating, his knowledge of Islam is deep and his courage is inspiring.

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  1. Bacon Girl

    Theirs an entrance to islam But not and exit. Here lies the problem.
    islam wouldn’t be the 2nd largest religion in the world if there wasn’t a death sentence to apostates leaving islam.

  2. Bernie

    Greetings Dr Warner
    It was great to see another fine and interesting video about Islam Your guest presented many factual points concerning the practices of Islam Specifically about Rushdie I remember the events very clearly in what Khomeini said and done. It was shameful what happened to Rushdie recently And how true your words are that Islam never forgives nor forgets. There’s so much literature around the world that speaks about the questionable teachings of this Doctrine/Dogma
    I strongly believe that more people should take the time to learn about political Islam and Islam in general instead of simply accepting what they hear from media outlets Perhaps then people will come to learn how Sharia compliant Laws are forced upon us in the Western countries And that perhaps people can have Govt stop its spread That will allow us to live in peace without the constant threat of violence against us the innocent

    I hope to see more of these videos
    They are an inspiration and educational for all persons to grasp and to grow their knowledge

    Kind Regards

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