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When you read the comments section of an article about Islam, you will see the argument: I have some Muslim friends and they are good people. The conclusion: good Muslims mean that Islam is good. If the talk is face-to-face, the person may ask: Do you have any Muslim friends? There is a hidden implication that if you do not, then you don’t really know anything about Islam and you could be a bigot.

What is actually going on? The Kafir (non-Muslim) with Muslim friends does not know any real facts about Islam and wants to move the argument to feelings, not facts. If the Muslim friend is nice, Islam is nice. There is no need to know any facts about Islam. And, if Islam is nice, then speaking against it is bigotry.

It is amazing how much people can talk about Islam and never mention a single fact. It is easy to tell if someone is speaking about Islam factually. A fact-based discussion will include the Koran and the Sunna, which means that the words Mohammed and Allah will be heard. If there is no Mohammed or Allah, then the discussion is not about the facts of Islam; it is about opinions that come from the media, authorities and the web.

Here are questions to ask people with Muslim friends.

Do you have any Muslim apostate friends?

An apostate is one who has left Islam and under Sharia law may be murdered. Who would know more about the true nature of Islam than someone who knows it at the core of their being? The apostate knows both sides of the story.
Here are other questions to ask those with Muslim friends:

Do you have any Christian friends from the Middle East?
Do you have any Armenian, Serbian or Coptic friends?

These people have suffered cultural and religious annihilation by Islam over the past 1400 years, shouldn’t you also meet them? About 60 million Christians have been murdered over the last 1400 years, and Armenians, Serbians, Copts (Egyptians) and the rest of the Christians of the Middle East furnished the body count. Doesn’t it make sense to talk to who has personal experience in engaging Islam?

There are other questions to be asked. There are 13 verses in the Koran that say that a Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir. How can this not be talked about? According to Islam, we are Kafirs. Why can’t friends talk about such things?

Koran 4:144 Believers! Do not take kafirs as friends over fellow believers. Would you give Allah a clear reason to punish you?

What this means is that a Muslim may be friendly with a Kafir, but if a Muslim has a choice between favoring a Kafir or a Muslim, he will favor the Muslim. Why can’t this be discussed among friends?

Now to the most critical question: Is a Muslim ever really the friend of a Kafir? Any Muslim who fully accepts the doctrine of Islam cannot be the true friend of a Kafir—friendly, yes, but not a true friend. If he is a true friend, then he is not obeying the Koran and not following the Sunna of Mohammed.

The difference between friendly and a friend is that a Muslim who is true friend will sometimes choose the Kafir’s side in a dispute about it. A friendly Muslim will be pleasant, but will always choose Islam’s side in any politics or dispute about Islam. A Muslim friend who is a true friend will listen to reasonable criticisms and occasionally tell you that you have a point there. The Muslim Arabic FBI translators who cheered on 9/11 were quite friendly, but chose Islam over the Kafirs on 9/11.

This does not mean that a person, who calls himself or herself a Muslim, cannot be a real friend. They may see the Golden Rule as more attractive than Islam’s dualistic ethics. If they can see the other person as not being a Kafir, but a human being, then they can be a true friend.

It is important to see that these ideas concern implications about the practical application of Islamic doctrine. In this case the Islamic doctrine of friends is examined. These ideas are not about any particular person who calls themselves a Muslim. Generally, to be a Muslim, you must act according to Islamic doctrine. However, the term Muslim has come to mean anybody with any degree of adherence to Islamic doctrine, however if such a person adopts the Kafir Golden Rule then they can be a fine person and a fine friend.

This friend business is perhaps one of the worst parts of the Islamic ideology and shows how great the divide is between Islam and all other doctrines.

Bill Warner,
Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Democracyistheanswer

    Moslems should not have any infidel friends…that is haram…taboo.

    The Sira is Mohammed’s official biography. Without it, Moslems cannot imitate him.

    Moslems who do not behave like Mohammed in the Sira (one violent action every six weeks) are ‘hypocrites’ …that is…they are non-practicing.

    Most cultural Moslems are merely born into a nominally Moslem family and never take jihad seriously as a way of life as Mohammed did.

    The reason for not taking non-Moslems as friends is twofold: 1) control of information 2) non-fraternization with enemies who Moslems will have to kill, rob, rape and enslave at a later time.

  2. true believer

    Whatever is posted in the article above is nothing short of inflammatory. I agree there are a lot of Muslims unfortunately who rejoice at the suffering of other human beings, wrap bombs around their backs and blow up innocent people, ill treat and degrade their women, are dishonest, murderers, thieves etc. Islam is full of such bad examples and such antisocial elements. But then which community is immune to all this? There are good people and bad people, good Christians and bad Christians, good Hindus and bad Hindus and similarly there are good Muslims and bad Muslims. Saying that Muslims are faultless is totally wrong. Muslims can not deny some of the facts or run away from this stigma.

    However what the people fail to realise is that it is not Islam or Muslims that are bad as a whole. There are many good Muslims who follow religion in its pure form. Islam does not preach violence at all! In fact it teaches one to forgive and protect others, including the non Muslims. The only time when a Muslim is allowed to fight is in self defence. The Quran mentions it very clearly and loudly “begin no hostilities” and “fight only if you are attacked first.” It goes on to say that if the “non Muslims seek peace then grant it to them and escort them to a place of safety”

    The Quran further says – “whoever saves a human being is as though he has saved the whole of mankind, and whoever kills another human being is as though he has killed the whole of mankind!” It also says that “God is with those who are patient!”

    The author of the above article clearly has not read the Quran. He is quoting out of context.

    In order to understand the verse that the author has quoted, one needs to read the text that follows. The reason why Muslims were forbidden to take Jews and Christians as friends was because the Jews and Christians at the time were known to make fun of Muslims when they were called for prayer. No sensible man would take any other person to be a friend if that person is going to mock him in public! It is simple logic.

    5:57 (Picktall) O ye who believe! Choose not for friends such of those who received the Scripture before you, and of the disbelievers, as make a jest and sport of your religion. But keep your duty to Allah if ye are true believers.

    5:66 (Picktall) If they had observed the Torah and the Gospel and that which was revealed unto them from their Lord, they would surely have been nourished from above them and from beneath their feet. Among them there are people who are moderate, but many of them are of evil conduct

    Another major problem for the Muslim community is that they have turned away from the actual religion. A lot of Muslims follow religiously what is known as the Sira / Hadith. These are nothing but Chinese whispers. True Islam is what you find in the Quran (14%). The Hadith / Sira (86%) is nothing but a collection of stories that were fabricated against the prophet to defame him and justify the irresponsible actions of some of the muslims at the time. In fact the famous Imam Bukhari was not even an Arab but a Persian who collected these so called narrations 150 years after the prophet. The Quran itself forbids the Muslims to follow these irrelevant sources of information. It says – “This (the Quran) is the best of hadith, then which other hadith will you follow!”

    If you really want to know about Islam then just read the Quran. You don’t need any teacher or priest or hadith to understand it. The book is self explanatory!

  3. Charles

    Are there really 1.5 billion muslims in the world? Can you really count Muslim women? No, not really. Muslim men would make them invisible if they had the power. So that cuts 1.5 billion down to .75 billion. Then what about the Shia? Iran (mainly Shia) is setting a historical record for population decline. Plus, I would believe that radical Sunnis (most of them) wished that all the Shia were dead. Sunni outnumber Shia 6 to 1 (?) so that makes it more like .625 billion. This is my ballpark lower bound.

  4. PhilD

    very correct analysis Bill; thanks. As for Mohammed who submitted the above, he’s missing the point. Jesus instructed his followers to love their neighbors as themselves, i.e. not to harm anyone…Mohammed, have a look at this for a clearer explanation:

    references to the old testament were very specific instances and are not teaching for the ‘ages’; there were deep reasons why certain things took place and do not compare to the Koran’s instruction in perpetuity to kill infidels and in particular Jews and Christians.

    the Crusades had nothing to do with applying Jesus’ teachings but was more a political approach to regain lands lost to invaders. As for your other comments, they do not deserve a response.

  5. mohammed

    who ever u r ok
    i mean what u want to prove ,,u know that there r 1.5billion or more muslim’s out there ,,approx 1 in every5 people ,,
    i guess u r planning to thing’s
    1:u have better place to leave than this planet
    2:u want to kill all muslim’s
    but let me tell u ,,,both of this thing’s r impossible
    the more u will torture muslim’s,,,more aggressive they r going to be,,,
    why alway’s u people give example of muslim’s
    1:what about hitler
    2:what about bush
    4:what about crusades
    and if u dare to talk quarn
    i can give u example from bible where bible teaches to fight and kill people
    1:book of excides ch22 v20
    2:book of excides ch 32 v27,28
    3:book of number’s ch 31,,,v1-19
    4:gospel of luke ch22,,,v36

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