There are two types of reports in the media about Islam. The first is “what” Muslims do–hold a conference or blow up some people. The second type of article is about Islam and “why” Muslims do what they do or how Muslim aren’t this or that.

Pay close attention to the basis of the second story, the one that attempts to say “why” Muslims do what they do. They repeat what some Muslim “expert” says. Or it may be what a dhimmi says based upon some information by a Muslim. The report never refers to the actual doctrine of Islam, only what someone says.

All of this overlooks the fact that there is only ONE expert on Islam–Mohammed. Each and every truth about Islam is the Sunna of Mohammed (what he said and did) and the Koran. If what the Muslim says agrees with the Sunna and the Koran, then what the Muslim says is true, but redundant. If what the Muslim says disagrees with the Sunna and the Koran, then the Muslim is wrong. So who needs the Muslim’s opinion? It is either wrong or redundant.

Quoting what a Muslim says is Muslimology. Muslimology uses Muslims as the basis of Islam. This confuses cause and effect. Islam is the cause and Muslims are the effect or result. Muslims cannot change the Koran or the Sunna. That is the reason Islam can never be reformed. Muslims do not cause Islam; Islam causes Muslims.

So why do we use the experts? We have been trained to be ignorant. We don’t read the Koran, we don’t read the Sira or the Hadith. The doctrine of Islam is not taught in schools. Even professors in universities have never read the doctrine and make the most ignorant statements about Islam based upon Muslimology. They ask Professor Amed and repeat what he says. As a scholar, they have no way to judge his words, so whatever he says must be true. After all, a Muslim would never mislead a kafir, right? Well, there is the ethical rule that a Muslim may lie or deceive a kafir if it advances Islam. But your Muslim expert may tell a lie and, therefore, tell the kafir the truth. Tricky isn’t it?

There is another difficulty in trying to understand Islam through Muslimology. There are 1.5 billion Muslims. How many do you have to ask before you know what Islam is? If you asked 100 Muslims, then you would know 0.0007% of Islam. Hmmm. Muslimology is not practical.

The next time you hear: “I know this Muslim and he says that …..” That is about Muslimology, not Islam.
Here is an interesting game: read and listen to the media on Islam. Can you find even one instance where they talk about Islam, instead of Muslimology? You won’t find Islam in those cover issues of Newsweek or Time or any other main stream media source.
But if we don’t use Muslimology, what can we do? Learn about Islam through Koran, Sira, and Hadith. Know the actual doctrine. Be bold. Swim against the current of official ignorance.

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