Necessity and Obligation

The answer to Sharia can be more Sharia.

The Reliance of the Traveller is a desk top Sharia text of great authority. Section c6.0, Dispensation and Strictness (another name for Necessity and Obligation), reads:

c6.2 Dispensation is when what is normally forbidden is made permissible because of a necessity or need.

Also in r32.1 we find: …necessity excuses on from any rule whatever…Section c7.2 also addresses that hardship can mean that an obligatory duty does not need to be performed.

The Arabic term for necessity and obligation is called Darura.

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    Thank you Dr. Bill Warner for your work and explainations on Islam and Sharia laws invented and created by its founder, Mohammad, an Arab.

    His intentions were to conquer and invade countries of the world and subjugate others so that he could spread ARAB COLONISATION AND IMPERIALISM THROUGH JIHADS so that arabs would obtain others’ lands, properties, assets, women for their sinful desires, humans as slaves to make money without contributions to the world.

    Besides, he even labelled non-muslims as KAFIRS ie living creatures of the lowest forms like apes and pigs and commanded his followers to believe this nonsenses and demanded his followers to fight and kill the Kafirs until Allah- the Pagan Arabic Moon God is only worshiped by the peoples of the world.

    We think he was a fault messenger and evil man Like A Hitler to create Violence and wars to profit on other sufferings.


  2. WeMustResist

    Yes it is true that we need to learn the Sharia. Especially people in positions of government responsibility need to learn it. This is because:
    (1) We live in a multi-cultural society where one culture is intolerant of the others and is obliged to subdue the others.
    (2) Without learning the Sharia no government official can be sure that a demand from a Muslim is genuine, or fraudulent, or based on religion, or based on ethnic custom, or a misinterpretation of Islam.
    (3) So the government is unable to say it is fair if it bases decisions on ignorance. It has no defense to the accusation that it is persecuting some cultures because some selfish people from another culture demand that persecution, even when the culture/religion itself does not demand the persecution.

  3. Democracyistheanswer

    “DARURA” is the Arabic word for this concept.

    It is a word Westerners need to learn.

    Basically, it allows Moslems to behave in any manner they wish if Islamic supremacism is achieved.

    Allah has no morals. Allah has no principle save the imposition of slavery.

  4. Miriam

    Dear Mr. Warner,
    I have learned a lot about Islam by visiting your website and getting your mails. I immediately translate your articles to Russian and encourage others to take the time to read these translations and become informed regarding Islam.
    Thank You Very Much for the material.

  5. Bill

    The Sharia principle of Necessity and Obligation has very important implications in deciding what to do when Muslims make demands to change our society.
    The Reliance of the Traveller is a desk top summary Sharia text of great authority. Section c6.0, Dispensation and Strictness (another name for Necessity and Obligation), reads:
    c6.2 Dispensation is when what is normally forbidden is made permissible because of a necessity or need. [and continues. You can read the rest at: ]
    Also in r32.1 we find: “necessity excuses on from any rule whatever”

  6. James Stewart

    Just an inquiry about this video and the principal. I’m extremely interested in this. But there does it state this in the hadith or quar’an?

  7. Charles Martel

    For Peter Clemerson:

    The answer to your question on relative documents can be found in “The Reliance of the Traveller”, c6.2 and r32.1.

  8. Oro Paz


    As I think on Sharia law … It is really very

    similar to Jim Crow law …. From the

    Southern Confederacy…Financed by the

    Vatican, the bank of London through the

    Rothschild banking family.

    Watch the whole interview..

    Thank you

    • earthwalker84

      I can’t believe that made it through moderation.

  9. Erl Roe

    Hi Bill ,
    I look forward to your letters arriving in my email box because of the great value that they contain. We here in New Zealand are not yet experiencing the same level of anti social features of Islam here yet but no doubt it will come and so hope in the next 12 months have the reference Koran and the other translation that I have got off you and maybe some other books into the hands of every standing member of parliament after the next election this year. I may be able to have a lobbyist also helping


    Erl Roe

  10. dan


    do you know if what you outline here has been tried in america in a significant way and whether it has worked? i would imagine most muslims, if told no on anything regarding their sharia law/rights, would keep on pushing for their way.

  11. Roberto Zanconi

    Thanks for your great works Mr. Warner!

  12. Richard Black

    Mr. Warner,
    Thank you for all you do informing the public of demands of Political Islam.
    Richard Black

  13. Carroll

    Thank you Sir for seemingly being the only one who knows islam the best. Our government certainly doesn’t and certain work places don’t either. Canada seems to do back flips for the enemy within. That is the one thing I do NOT understand about our government. Why do they allow the enemy in??? They will not change and will do whatever it takes to get us to change. The exception is those of us who know what they are. They are the living descendants of Caine. I may be off a bit in this area and perhaps give them too much credit with this title but, they are inbred idiots who make demands that they should know before coming here they won’t get but, they are trying. My solution is to deport them all. I do not want the government to continue to leave the gate open and let our enemies free passage in. Okay, I’ll stop ranting but, I will not change my mind on this issue. Again, Thank You Sir.

    • earthwalker84

      Descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s son by the slave woman Hagar, and they were sent away because Isaac, the son of Sarah his true wife, was meant to inherit the covenant.

      And just for the sake of argument, Islam is the Deception spoken of that will confuse all but the chosen, in the end times because it comes from the Deceiver and not from God. If it was a true faith, it would stand for the improvement of humanity, not pander to its base desires. It would teach love of neighbors, even the unbeliever, and non-violence in every situation possible, not tyranny and not terrorism. Islam is an invention of a people jealous that they were not given their own religion, plain and simple… Just like the Nazis who wanted to be the chosen people, so the Jews had to go.

  14. Richmond


  15. vivarto

    Excellent as usual!

  16. eman

    Thank you for sharing the video.

    Religions are exactly like laws and constitutions.
    The constitution organizes the relation between the rulers and the citizens.

    Religions organize the relation between the creator and the creatures. If someone breaks the law, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the law, but it is the person who violated the law.

    Those who misinterpret Islam whether by ignorance or deliberately, they only represent themselves and do not represent the real Islam. Sharia laws are based mainly on the holy book of Islam and Prophet Mohamed’s teachings.

    There is a difference between Sharia’s provisions and Sharia’s principles.

    Sharia’s principles are the fundamental source of the holy book and Mohamed’s teachings, without applying any Muslims scholars diligence or personal theories.

    Sharia’s provisions are not the sharia itself. Sharia’s provisions are the personal theories and Muslim’s scholars personal understanding and their own theories and interpretation of Sharia.Therefore, this doctrine has multiple theories and not a single format.

    Let me give you a simple example to be able to understand the difference between Sharia’s provisions and sharia’s principles:

    In case of theft, the thief gets his hand cut.
    If principles of Islam are applied in this case of theft, Islam gave the right to Muslims society to apply the suitable punishment on the thief through the law that organizes their life. Like prison sentence. But not cutting his hand.

    The principles of Sharia’s here are the implementation of suitable law that suits the time and the place and the circumstances in the Muslim society.

    But if Sharia’s provisions are applied on this theft case, what will be implemented on the thief as punishment, will be the theories of old Muslims scholars, and the punishment then will be cutting the hand of the thief.

    This is the big difference between provisions of Islam and principles of Islam. In Egypt, we apply the principles of Islam; In Iran, they apply the provisions.

    Many Muslims don’t know the difference between Islam principles and Islam provisions.

    Islam provisions are not what God or his prophet said, it is what old Muslim scholars interpret according to their own understanding to the religion.

    I really hope that people understand well that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, and those who commit crimes under the name of Islam, they only represent themselves and they don’t represent Islam.

    Muslims who live abroad, knew that they were moving to a totally different society and civilization, they should respect others rules and civilization and not to apply their own rules. If they don’t like it or don’t accept it, they simply should move to another society…It is as simple as this.

    If a doctor kills a patient by mistake or deliberately, do you say that the faculty of medicine killed a patient, or a doctor committed a crime? I disagree with those who mix Islam with the misinterpretation of Islam.

    I’m Egyptian Muslim and I’m proud of my religion, and I’m fighting extremism and terror and I don’t misinterpret my religion and I’m trying to share the moderate knowledge I have about my religion to those who are brainwashed in our society.

    We need to help each other in spreading a message of live and let others live in peace, and not to spread hatred or force our own rules on others.

    Please remember that Extremism and terrorism are The two sides of the same coin and they don’t have any religion or a homeland.

    Thank you for listening,

    Egyptian Muslim and proud.

    • earthwalker84

      Another long-winded obfuscation of the truth by an apologist, trying to convince the “stupid kafirs” that their fears are unfounded … until the knife is at their throat. No thanks. I’ve already taken several classes at the university, and what Dr. Warner says fits ALL that I have seen. His is the missing piece of the puzzle. Listen carefully.

  17. Reijo

    Most kafir don’t want to face reality. Its just too unpleasant.

    The reality is that throughout prosperous first world Christian countries the stealth jihad (creeping sharia) is gathering pace in the face of an ignorant, misguided, political elite wedded to the curse of political correctness.

    The stupidity of wanting to appear tolerant to our newcomers and to concede to their every demand will eventually reach a tipping point resulting in an inevitable reaction.


  18. Jerry

    Best SPAM ever served up! Thanks!

  19. Kim Bruce

    Thanks, Bill.
    Re-posting this everywhere.

  20. Patricia

    Yes, thank you Dr! This is a great way to say ‘No’ to being subjugated by sharia law. Subjugate right back at them! We as a modern society can’t be taken back to 700A.D. and live like barbarians, and be directed by the barbarians.

  21. Peter

    Thank you for simplifying the response. Now if we can elect councilmen and representatives with backbone to just say “NO!” then we can get on with reversing this trend.

  22. Oro Paz


    Thank you for your help and work.

    This lets me know all religions are false

    religion…And the jesuits are the under cover

    leaders of them all.

    Oro Paz

  23. Larry Silverstein

    Shalom Bill,

    Brilliant suggestion!

    I think if we stand back & look at what Mohammedans actually believe, we will find that that they are like old Roman Catholics with their Latin, Canon Law etc & when they asked a question, they were told by their priest, “Its a mystery”!

    When Roman Catholics went to America, they did the same as the Mohammedans. Building churches, schools etc, but as they got educated & assemilated, they began to see through their Cult.

    Don’t forget, Roman Catholicism demanded that a non Catholic had to swear, when they married a Catholic, that the children had to be reared as Catholics.

    Romanism & Mohammedanism are of the same spirit!

  24. PDC

    Again…wonderful, empowering information. Thank you so much, Bill.

  25. Maureen Young

    Dr. Warner,
    Thanks for the effective response to Islamic demands for prayer and halal food, using Islamic principles of “Necessity and Obligation”. Every American needs to hear this and to understand the grave threat that Islam poses to the world.

    A couple of websites that could be of interest:

    “It isn’t Islamaphobia when they are trying to kill you!”

    Muslim Demographics a threat to Europeans and America:

    Thank you for your work and may God bless and protect you!
    Maureen Young

  26. Beth Ann Boehmler

    Dear Mr. Warner,
    I have learned a great deal about Islam simply by going to your website. I pass your messages on and encourage others to take the time to visit your website and become informed regarding Islam.

  27. Terry Burnes

    Likewise then WE MUST KNOW THE RULES for every religion….right? We then must abide in understanding all laws but inact and invorce our own. Anyone unable to prescribe to OUR laws and OUR rules must either abide or GO PUOUND SAND. Simple….do as we/ou /customs say not as yours would like.
    Common sense, go home or do as the Romans do. Seems difficult for politicians to abide by common sense.

    • earthwalker84

      This would be more convincing if presented in good spelling and grammar. But yes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” or be prepared to be seen as different, and if that bothers you, feel free to leave.

  28. Elmer Jones

    I’m very interested in the advancement of Islam in America. I find your books excellent sources of information and consult them daily. I have four of them but my question to you now concerns A Simple Koran, The Reconstructed Historical Koran, Volume 3 of The Islamic Trilogy.

    On page xii of the overview you say “Uthmann, the caliph, empowered Zaid to gather all of the known versions of the Koran and produce the Koran we know today”.

    However, on page 391 of the Epilogue you say about the Koran “This methodology was devised by the secretary Zayd under the caliph, Umar, and there were arguments about it at the time”.

    There may be something I have missed but I’m now confused about which caliph had the Koran assembled.

    I would appreciate any comments you have that can clear this up for me. I’m trying to educate people I know about the threat of Islam in America and want to be sure of my facts.

    Your books have been a valuable source of information for me.

    Elmer Jones

  29. Harold Reisman

    A very nice way of teaching. I tried to find a link to contribute to your organization but could not found one. Where is it?
    I would like to see perhaps 10 minutes of “Why the Interfaith Dialoguers are Missing the Point”.

  30. DogWithoutSlippers

    Dr. Bill.
    Once again you are the Truth-teller. Keep it up. Rick

  31. Robert Rohrer

    Great succinct common sense video!

    Thank you!

  32. wrongheifer

    I love this… Thank you!!

    NO is the answer… Relieve them of the obligation!

  33. Paul Becker

    Right on! Just say “No!”

  34. John

    Thank you Bill for another informative piece of information..


  35. Deborah Ferris

    What scripture and verse?

  36. John F. Bochowicz

    Thank you, Mr. Warner.

  37. Peter Clemerson

    I am happy to accept the main point of your talk, Bill. I have come across this point before. However, if you want someone to apply it, wouldn’t it be helpful to give quotations of the relevant documents? Where would one find in an authoritative document the principle that necessity overcomes obligation that a factory owner, or anyone else, could cite and quote?

    • earthwalker84

      A very good point. Can you give citations from Bukhari, please?

  38. Edward Wolford

    This makes perfect sense.

  39. Walt Crossley

    Thank you for all your good works and efforts to educate the world about the evils of Islam.

  40. Peter

    Mr. Warner: I have heard that the Ahmadi Muslims are very reasonable as you outline in your talk. ‘Necessity trumps Obligation’.
    However I don’t think REAL Muslims would ascribe to that principle. They would insist that it was a matter of ‘Religious Freedom’. So we are back to Square One. From Canada.

    • earthwalker84

      If Muslims insist that compliance is within their “religious freedom” then simply tell them that it’s a free country, and they are free to leave and comply with their religious duties elsewhere.

  41. Great job!

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