How Not to Talk About Jihad

CAIR, Council of American Islamic Relations, has issued guide lines on how not to talk about jihad. Do not blame all Muslims for terrorism, but there is no need to blame any Muslims. The blame is the Islamic jihad doctrine. But there is something that all Muslims share – the same doctrine, the same Koran and the same Sunna of Mohammed.

The second recommendation was to not call terrorists jihadists. I agree. A Black Lives Terrorist is not a jihadist. However, if you are killing Kafirs while shouting “Allahu akbar”, then you are not a terrorist, but a jihadist.

Everything CAIR said is true. Don’t blame all Muslims, blame Islam and don’t call a jihadist a terrorist.

Как не говорить о джихаде
CAIR, Совет по американо-исламским отношениям, выпустил руководство, как не надо говорить о джихаде. Не обвиняйте всех мусульман в терроризме, но и каждого мусульманина нет никакой нужды обвинять. Виной является идеология исламского джихада. Однако есть одно общее для всех мусульман — единая идеология, единый Коран и единая Сунна Мухаммеда.
Вторая рекомендация — не называть джихадистов террористами. Согласен. Террорист из “Блэк лайвз мэттерс” не является джихадистом. Однако, если вы убиваете кафиров под возглас “Аллаху Акбар”, то вы уже не террорист, а джихадист.
Все сказанное CAIR, верно. Не вините всех мусульман, вините Ислам и не называйте джихадистов террористами.

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  1. CarlosDavid

    Jesus a man of peace who instructed his followers to shun the path of history and separate the sacred from the profane. His kingdom was not of this world: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s. Mohammed summoned his followers to make the world a place for God, which meant conquering Caesar himself.

    Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian who was executed for treason in 1966, is recognized as the intellectual father of the Islamic jihad. His brother Mohammed was a teacher of its leader Osama Bin Laden and his texts are read by would-be martyrs in madrassas across the Muslim world. The hope that consumed Sayyid Qutb’s life was to establish the rule of Islam throughout the heathen nations and the Islamic umma, to make the world a holy place.

    Sayyid Qutb regarded Christianity as a threat to this Islamic redemption. He condemned Christians for their separation of the sacred from the profane, God’s world from Ceasar’s. He called this division a “hideous schizophrenia,” which reflected the very corruption he set out to correct. Islam’s task was “to unite the world and the faith.” It was what Jewish mystics called “tikkun olam,” a mission to repair the world by bringing about the rule of God’s law on earth.

    Qutb wrote this prescription in one of his most famous texts, which he called SOCIAL JUSTICE In Islam. The mission of Islam, he explained, was “to unite heaven and earth in a single system.” To make the world one.

    The Leftist prophet was Karl Marx, who was himself descended from a long line of rabbis. Marx disdained the religion of his ancestors, regarding them as the comforting myths of weak-minded men. But the icon he chose for his secular faith was a mythical figure all the same. His hero was Prometheus, the pagan who stole fire from the gods and brought a piece of heaven to earth.

    Marx’s revolutionary message to humanity was this: You shall be as gods.

    Marx thought that there were no unanswerable questions or unattainable powers that determined human fate. Marx was so confident of this truth that he summed up his conclusion in a single sentence: “All mysteries, which lead to mysticism, find their rational solution in human practice.” Marx’s revelation was this: The fire is not in heaven; it is in you. Human beings could achieve their liberation by worshiping themselves instead of gods. This was a flattery so great that it changed the world.

    These words stand Marx’s proclamation on its proverbial head and show how pathetically human his prophecy was. Having dismissed religion and fantastic dreams, he succumbed to them himself. Having claimed that the world could not be saved by religion, he insisted it would be saved by abolishing religion. In place of the old redemption through the grace of God, the revolutionary offers a secular salvation. In place of the Final Judgment and a world made holy through divine intervention, the revolutionary promises Social Justice, a world redeemed through the actions of man.

    Like Islamic radicals pursuing their goal of God’s law on earth, Marx drew a line between the House of Faith and the House of War, between those who were chosen for the progressive mission and the reactionaries whose removal was necessary to transform the world. Bill Ayers concluded to an FBI undercover agent who infiltrated the Weatherman that when the New left finally was able to overthrow the US government at least 25 million capitalists would have to be executed.

    Marx’s call to revolution is this: Give up the dream of a paradise in heaven in order to create a heaven on earth. In the book he mockingly called The Holy Family, he declared, “The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness.”

    The psychologist Sigmund Freud regarded religion as an illusion without a future. But, like all revolutionaries Freud could not live without his own reservoir of belief, which was science. Progress was his human faith.

    Whether they are secularists or religious zealots like Mohammed Atta, those who believe we can become masters of our fates think they know more than all those that have come before them, they’re the masterminds, the intellectually enlightened. But in their search for truth where do they imagine they have gone that he did not go before them? What do they think they know more than Pascal did? Their bravado is only a mask for the inevitable defeat that is our common lot, an inverse mirror of their human need. Leftists and Islamists both despise Christianity and know it has to be overthrown for their ideologies to advance, Marxist theorists turned into Cultural Marxists. Leftists version of Utopia differs from the Islamic Doctrine of making the earth God like by fully submitting every human being to Islam, but both think man can act as God in achieving their goals, which always ends in totalitarian disaster.

    Most of these ideas come from an essay written by Former New Leftist David Horowitz called “The End of Time.”

  2. tovlogos

    It seems so difficult to look reality in the face, these days.
    “..there is something that all Muslims share – the same doctrine, the same Koran and the same Sunna of Mohammed.”
    This statement is a fact. Does anyone actually think that if ISIS were successful in establishing a caliphate in the US; so called Moderate Muslims would protest?
    ISIS can justify everything they do by the doctrine virtually all Muslims hold dearly — IS is doing noting Mohammad didn’t do.
    Sorting out Islamic vocabulary, by CAIR of all people, changes nothing; and will improve nothing. What’s going now has always gone on with Muslims for 1400 years — they have two primary targets — Jews and Christians. Sure they will murder any and everyone, but the defeat of Judeo-Christianity is the biggest prize.
    The more they embrace Islamic doctrine, the more unreasonable they become. Even moderate Muslims think all of you are infidels. When a Muslim converts to Christianity; or leaves Islam (at the risk of his death) he will have an opportunity to snap out of the trap that binds him.

  3. samcginty

    Thank you, Dr. Warner for your continued research and enlightenment. I will share this video on social media.

  4. dick_silk

    The first thing that struck me is the Sharia-like attempt to govern / suppress / subjugate / kill freedom of speech.

    The key to understanding anything Islamic is to apply this equation: R=|-1/X| (Reality = the absolute result of Satan over man.) Anyone with BASIC computer coding or math skills will recognize this command. This is the equation of “submission to Allah.”

  5. anti-statist

    Simple but tremendous truths Dr. Warner. Thank you for this video presentation.

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