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Obama-the House Negro

The media has been atwitter with Al-Qaida’s Ayman al-Zawahri’s insult of Obama by calling him the house Negro. What he actually said was abeed al-beit. Abeed is not just a slave, but a black slave. Islam’s refined doctrine of slavery includes over 40 words for slaves, including the slave’s race. If you were white, you would be a mamluk, a white slave.

Mohammed and his wife owned black slaves, along with every other kind of slave, including sex slaves. Mohammed’s favorite sexual partner at one time was a white slave, Mary, a Coptic Christian.

Zawahri’s insult was pure Islam. The Koran is filled with insults and curses by Allah. Insults and curses are part of Islamic logic. Kafir (non-Muslim) logic advances an argument by analogy, syllogisms, cause and effect–scientific logic. Islamic logic is based upon making you submit to Islam. Therefore repeated force, threats and insults are all part of the logic of simply overpowering the other. This is similar to a thug using brute force and yelling to “persuade” the vicitm.

The Koran instructs Muslims on how to use insults and curses against kafirs:

74:16 No, I [Allah] say. He is an enemy of Our revelations. I will impose a dreadful punishment on him because he plotted and planned.
74:19 Damn him! How he planned. Again, Damn him! How he planned.

And here we have the Koran insulting Jews by calling them apes (a favorite insult by Muslims about Jews):

7:156 But when they [the Jews] persisted in what they had been forbidden, We said to them, “Be as apes, despised and loathed.”

Here we have Mohammed repeating the insult when he attacked the Bin Qurayza Jews of Medina:

Ishaq note 684: Mohammed called upon his troops, and they headed for the Jews. Mohammed rode up to the forts and called out, “You brothers of apes, has Allah disgraced you and brought His vengeance upon you?”

Mohammed and Allah repeatedly insulted others who didn’t agree with Mohammed. The worst insult is kafir. Most Korans translate this word as unbeliever, but that is a neutral term. The Koran goes further to say that Allah hates kafirs and plots against them. Over half of the Koran is written about kafirs and it is uniformly negative. Kafirs may be murdered, tortured, enslave, raped, robbed, insulted and deceived with impunity.

Zawahri’s insult of Obama is an insult by a person. However, it is not a person, but Allah, the creator of the universe and the sole deity that says that I am a kafir. That is not a personal insult, but a universal, omnipotent, sacred insult. Kafirs are lower than animals.

So when a Muslim comes home from work and says to his wife that he met a nice kafir today, the insult is so deeply ingrained, that he does not even think about it. After all, both Mohammed and Allah say that those who do not believe in Mohammed are kafirs, “the lowest of the low.”

But what is interesting is how Zawahri’s insult does not rub off on Islam. After all, Zawahri is called a radical Muslim, not a “real” Muslim. Therefore, what he says does not trouble people about Islam. Zawahri is not a radical Muslim, but one who follows the Islam of Medina, the violent Islam. He is a moderate Muslim of the Medinan sort, a 100% Muslim.

What if a white Christian Republican said the same thing? The media would not be atwitter, but in full outrage. This would be headline, long-lasting news. Not only would the white Christian speaker be condemned, but all white people and all Christians. Not only would the speaker have personal guilt, but also every group he was a member of would share in corporate guilt. But no Muslims will be condemned because of Zawahri’s slur. Muslims do not share in corporate guilt.

Another oddity is that some Obama supporters may think that since he has been insulted by a Muslim it proves that he is not in the Islamic camp. Such thinking ignores the fact that the person most apt to insult a Muslim is another Muslim. In the same way, a Muslim is much more apt to be killed by another Muslim than by a kafir. Once you get into the insult, curse and kill business, it is hard to limit it to kafirs.

There is some good news for Obama’s supporters. He may have been called “house Negro” (and actually the N-word is a better translation for abeed than Negro) but at least he was not called Hussein.

Bill Warner


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4 Responses

  1. Democracyistheanswer

    Dear Mr. Tekbali,

    You have referred to one of the most repulsive of stories in Islam, the story of Maria the Copt, sex slave of the alleged prophet and how he deceived his wives.

    Mohammed’s affair with this woman caused great grief and scandal in his small community, so Allah was hurriedly pressed into service to reveal that sex with a slave was neither adultery nor a sin and that the prophet could break the rules he had set for others to follow. Mohammed reportedly moved Maria farther away so that he could continue to cheat out of sight. A repulsive story of infidelity and self-serving.

    While some Islamic accounts claim Maria became Mohammed’s wife, and thus a “Mother of the Believers” (Arabic: Ummahat-al-Mu’mineen), other sources such as Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya talk about her being only a concubine.

    As with most things in Islam, there are two distinctly different answers. Everyone may choose one, the other or neither. Islamic traditions have proven unreliable about almost every fact that could be established.

    You have stated mere speculation as fact”a common Islamic technique to bypass serious scholarship.

  2. Democracyistheanswer

    Dear Mr. Tekbali,

    You underestimate the scholarship of people who write and read this forum. It is well known to those who study political Islam that ‘abd’ is a common Arab racial slur referring to black Africans”the equivalent to the ‘n’ word in English.

    This is a fact and is not open to your opinion.

    The racial slur ‘abd’ is currently attached not only to past and present slaves, but to any black people in general.

    In the Sudan, the US State Department found that Janjaweed raiders commonly used racial epithets such as, “Kill the slaves; Kill the slaves!” and “We have orders to kill all the blacks.”

    The Royal African Society says that “the character of Arab racial supremacism is manifest in a racist vocabulary and in sexual violence. The term ‘abid’, to refer to all Darfurians, was adopted by Arab supremacists to refer to non-Arab Darfurians. ‘Abid’ has been used especially during rapes of non-Arab women by the Arab fighters who called the girls such Arabic slurs as “zurga” (black) and “abid.”

    A victim reported: ‘They said, ‘You are abid, abid, abid. You cannot stay here.’ They said, ‘We’ll kill all the men in the village and we’ll leave the women in the village like slaves to help us do everything we want.'”

    Blacks in Iraq have a long history of suffering racism from Arabs. The lighter-skinned children called black children ‘abid’, which means slave. Black Iraqis consider it a serious insult.

    One black Iraqi reported: “Discrimination exists in our community.When I hear ‘Abid’ (slave), the first thing that comes to mind is a black man or black woman.”

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali has said, “They called Haweya (Ali’s sister) and me ‘abid’, which means, ‘slaves’. Being called a slave – the racial prejudice this term conveyed – was a big part of what I hated in Saudi Arabia”.

    Mr. Tekbali, You have reduced the credibilty of yourself and Moslems by trying to deceive us on this matter”one easily researched and verified.

    Dr. Warner is correct.

  3. Democracyistheanswer

    Logic is the way to defeat Islam. Sigmund Freud said that logic may seem weak, but in the end it receives a hearing after repeated rebuffs. The CSPI is doing a remarkable job of exposing the fallacious intellectual structure of Islam. Dualism and submission are the two underpinnings of this imperialistic utopian movement. Once most people are aware of these twin doctrines, the effect on Islam will be devastating, people will see the doctrine is laughable, the entire world atmosphere will shift and the collapse of Islam will not be far off. Nothing survives being laughed at.

    Understanding Islam’s permanent, relentless scheme to force the world to submit is what will destroy the dhimmi attitude of much of the media and politicians, but they will only act when the general populace is well-informed about dualism and submission.

    At the moment, only CPSI and a few European artists are exposing the supremacist doctrines of political Islam.

  4. Conrad C. Gabbard

    Mr. Warner,

    There may be a more reliable way of “killing” the lynchpin of Islam than depending on the eternally bickering sects within Christianity. An accurate, well-made film depiction of Mohammed’s known life, with Arabic, English, French (or more) subtitles directly from your Trilogy could do it. One man has laid the foundation and demonstrated the competence with “The Passion of the Christ” and “Apocalypto”: Mel Gibson. It seems movie-makers love trilogies.

    The response from his attorney to my certified letter of October 29, 2007 suggesting he consider making such a movie indicates he may already be considering, or working on such an effort (“Mr. Gibson has not seen, and knows nothing of your Mohammed project letter”). Note: “Mohammed project” was not mentioned in my letter. Lawyers!!!

    As Americans, and the rest of the world are increasingly visually oriented, investigating a possible project of your own/CSPI’s to emulate the video/audio, college-level courses offered by The Learning Company at would seem a reasonable approach, as Mel Gibson would make a wonderful “professor”/narrator for A Christian’s Self-Study Course on Islam. Perhaps he’ll work cheap, or maybe you can help each other. I believe he’d at least read the book. Gibson can be contacted through:

    Producer/Director Mel Gibson
    c/o ICON Productions Inc.
    808 Wilshire Blvd., Fl 4
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    I sincerely wish you well.

    Conrad C. Gabbard
    Tucson, AZ

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