Peaceful Muslims, Peaceful Islam?

Many people know friendly and charming Muslims. The same people then believe that Islam could not condone jihad, since the Muslims they know are so nice.

Wake up to the fact that Muslims do not create Islam. Muslims only choose what parts of Islam they want to practice. Even if every Muslim in the world voted to not practice some part of Islam, Islam would not change. Islamic doctrine is perfect, eternal and complete and is changeless.

The other problem is that Kafirs do not know what jihad is and think that jihad is only about violence. No, jihad is the struggle to establish Sharia law. It is also a civilizational struggle that includes money, speech and the written word. The Koran, Sira and Hadith all lay out the complete form of jihad.

You must study Islam, not Muslims.

Мирные мусульмане, мирный Ислам?
Многие знакомы с дружелюбными и очаровательными мусульманами. Поэтому эти люди верят, что Ислам не может потворствовать джихаду, поскольку те мусульмане, которых они знают, такие милые.
Согласитесь с тем фактом, что мусльмане не создавали Ислам. Мусульмане только выбирали, какие части Ислама они хотят практиковать. Даже если каждый мусульманин в мире проголосует за то, чтобы не практиковать какую-то часть Ислама, Ислам от этого не изменится. Исламская доктрина является идеальной, вечной, полной и неизменяемой.
Другая проблема заключается в том, что кафиры не знают, что такое джихад, и полагают, что джихад связан только с насилием. Нет, джихад — это борьба за установление шариата. Это также цивилизационная борьба, которая включает в себя деньги и устную и письменную речь. Коран, Сира и хадисы — все в совокупности являются изложением полной формы джихада.
Вы должны изучать Ислам, а не мусульман.

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  1. lsawAlha

    Being an Christian Arab raised in a Muslim country, any Muslim is a potential Jihadi. You can NOT tell when they change.

  2. 1nicholk

    Agreed ACH. Keep out and deport all sharia law supporters from the USA. It will be a tough fight and well worthy of our efforts. Godspeed in living for Christ.

  3. Iftikhar

    “Islam and the West” or “Islam in the West”?

    Islam is, of course, a “Western” religion, sharing deep roots with Judaism and Christianity

    Muslims are also a strong presence in “the West”

    Islam is the second-largest religion in Canada, Britain, and France, and may well be the second-largest religion in the United States

    “Islam in the West” recognizes the entwined heritage of Islam and the West

    The West as we know it would not be what it is without the contribution of Muslims and Jews (and others as well)

    Are the ‘Western’ (cf. also ‘Christian’) and ‘Middle Eastern/Islamic’ worlds destined to……be in perpetual conflict with one another?…convert the ‘other’ to their way of viewing and living in the world (politically, culturally, religiously, economically, etc.)?…co-exist peacefully and even cooperatively with one another in the same world while allowing one another to retain their own unique worldviews and life ways?

    Native Brits must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. The needs and demands of the Muslim community are different from those of natives. Muslims are in Britain not to give up their cultural heritage. They must integrate in their new home country, learn new languages and apply for political representation — without forgetting their cultural heritage. It is important to learn Standard English, but their languages should not be neglected. They need Masajid and grave yards. Muslim children not only need halal meat or Eid Holidays but they need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their development period also. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. This is nothing to do with a Islamic Madrassa in Pakistan. The needs and demands of British Muslims are different from Muslims living in Pakistan.

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. The whole world belongs to Muslims. He/she must learn and be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time, he/she must learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural heritage and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. For a Muslim English is an economic language and Arabic is a religious while Urdu and other community languages are their social and emotional languages.

    • 1nicholk

      “The whole world belongs to Muslims.” Sharia well stated, which Christ Jesus will destroy along with all other false religions.

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  6. anti-statist

    Excellent video presentation Dr. Warner. Your statement that “Muslims don’t create Islam; Islam creates Muslims” is very apropos – we must never allow ourselves to lose sight of this reality!

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