Political Islam, a Totalitarian Doctrine

Totalitarianism is a political system of absolute power where the state has no limit to its authority and regulates every aspect of public and private life.

The most common assumption about Islam is that it is a religion based on the Koran. However, the religious aspect is only a small part of Islam. It is not possible to know how to pray or do any other practice of the religion with what is found in the Koran.

Allah is found in the Koran and Mohammed is found in two texts, his biography, the Sira, which is a detailed life history and his traditions, or Hadith, are events that occurred in Mohammed’s life. The hadith is usually a few paragraphs long. A collection of his traditions (hadiths) is called the Hadith. So the Sunna is found in the Sira, his biography, and Hadith, his words and deeds.

Over 90 verses of the Koran say that Mohammed is the perfect life pattern for all Muslims. Mohammed is the perfect Muslim and all Muslims are to pattern their life after his. He is the perfect father, husband, judge, leader, warrior, businessman and politician. His life example, what he said or did, is called the Sunna of Mohammed.

Therefore, the totality of Islam is found in three books—Koran, Sira and the Hadith. Most people would be surprised to learn that the amount of words devoted to Mohammed is more than 6 times the size of the Koran, the words of Allah.

Another common assumption is that to know Islam, you must learn about it from a Muslim. This is not so. Islam is Allah and Mohammed. If you read the Koran (and it has now been made understandable) and know Mohammed, you know Islam. It is critical to understand the importance of this. Whatever is in the Koran and in the Sunna, it is Islam. If something is not based on the Koran and the Sunna, no matter who says it, is not Islam. The only Muslim who is an absolute and total authority on Islam is Mohammed. Once you know Mohammed, you know the only Muslim who matters.

This means that only those who know Mohammed and Allah can reason about Islam. A corollary is that you don’t have to be a Muslim to understand Islam. And further, since most Muslims know little about the Koran and the Sunna, their comments about Islam can be personal opinions.

So all of the doctrine is found in three books—Koran, Sira and Hadith, the Islamic Trilogy. If you read the Trilogy, something remarkable becomes obvious, you find that most of the doctrine is not about how to be a Muslim, but refers to the non-Muslim. The Arabic word for the non-Muslim is Kafir, sometimes translated as infidel or unbeliever.

In Islamic doctrine there is nothing positive about the Kafir. Allah hates Kafirs and plots against them. Muslims claim that Christians and Jews are accepted under Islam and are called people of the book. But the doctrine goes further and states that the only “real” Christians are those who accept Mohammed as the final prophet, agree that the Gospels are in error, and reject the divine nature of Jesus. The real Jews are those who accept Mohammed as the final prophet and consider the Torah corrupt. If a Christian or Jew does not accept this, then they are Kafirs. Pagans, polytheists, agnostics, atheists, and all others are Kafirs as well. It is important to note that Islam claims to be the final judge of all religions. This is part of its totalitarian nature.

It is very instructive to see what portion of each of the Trilogy texts is about the Kafir.

More than half of Islamic doctrine concerns itself with the Kafir. The Kafir is outside of the religion of Islam, and yet is part of Islamic doctrine. This doctrinal relationship is political, not religious or cultural. Political Islam is defined as the Islamic doctrine of the Kafir; the largest part of Islam is political. Only Muslims are concerned by religious Islam, but all of humanity is affected by Political Islam.

Islam is not a religion, but a complete civilization. Islam has a position or rule for every aspect of life. It is a religion, culture and political system, a complete way of life. If Islam were only a religion, it would be of no concern. As an example, Buddhism is a religion, how much media and political space is concerned about Buddhism? Buddhism makes no demands on a civilization. Islam makes demands on every facet of society.

Totalitarianism is a political system of absolute power where the state has no limit to its authority and regulates most aspects of public and private life. There are no competing political parties since they would balance and limit authority. The critical element of totalitarianism is absolute power striving to rule in as many areas of life as possible.

Totalitarianism in Islamic Doctrine

Totalitarianism is found in the very name, Islam. Islam means submission, submission to the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. We see the basis for absolute power in Mohammed’s life. After he went to Medina, he became a jihadist and attacked his neighbors. When he arrived in Medina, it was half Jewish. In two years, there were no more Jews left in Medina. They were exiled, assassinated, enslaved and executed. Mohammed attacked the pagans of Arabia and the Jews. After Arabia submitted to Islam, Mohammed turned to Syria and attacked the Christians.
In the end, Political Islam will not tolerate opposition. Here is a sample of some of the Islamic political doctrine of absolute, total power:

Koran 2:193 Fight them [Kafirs] until there is no more discord and the religion of Allah reigns absolute, …

Here are two hadiths:

Muslim 001, 0031 Mohammed: “I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that they believe I am His prophet and accept all revelations spoken through me. …

Bukhari 4, 52, 196 Mohammed: “I have been directed to fight the Kafirs until every one of them admits, ‘There is only one god and that is Allah.’

This doctrine, based on Mohammed’s life, is that jihad will be waged against the Kafirs until they submit to Islam. This theory causes relentless pressure in all areas of life over centuries. The doctrine is not in full force at all times, it waxes and wanes, but the pressure to bring the Sharia into power never vanishes. Today the power of Islam is increasing over the globe due to jihad and migration.

After it enters a society, Islam rules given enough time. The result of Islamic political doctrine is that all power – political, cultural, and religious–becomes totally Islamic. The only exceptions occur when Islam is resisted by force, such as in Spain, the Balkans and at the Gates of Vienna.

Universality of Islamic Doctrine
1. Islam applies to the most basic details of life
2. Every person and all nations must submit to Islamic doctrine.

Since Islam is a complete civilization, it has its own legal system called the Sharia. But Sharia is far more than a legal system of laws. It includes theology, law, philosophy, religious rituals and morals. The Sharia claims to be Allah’s law and must replace all other forms of government.

One of the easiest ways to see the universality of Islamic doctrine is to examine a manual of Sharia law such as The Reliance of the Traveller [sic]. The topics include (but are not limited to) theology, how to pray, funerals, taxes, business law, banking law, wills, marriage, how to be a wife/husband, how to be a mother/father, sex, divorce, criminal law, apostasy, political rule over the Kafir, jihad, the dhimmi, Christians, Jews, punishment, family law, food, ethics, sex, art, dress, use of the bathroom, how to say hello, knock on a door, a structure of government, and on and on. There are few details of life that are not included in Islamic doctrine.

Note that laws pertaining to the Kafirs are included in the Sharia. There is no one who is not included in Islamic doctrine. No one can opt out of the totalitarian Sharia.

After Mohammed died, Abu Bakr, his closest companion, became caliph. His first order was to attack and crush the Muslims who wanted to leave Islam. Everyone must submit to Islam and once a Muslim, you must remain a Muslim, or you can be punished.

The next companion of Mohammed who became caliph was Umar. His ten year rule was spent in jihad conquest of the Christian and Zoroastrian Kafirs.

The Law of Islamic Saturation

Turkey used to be called Anatolia or Asia Minor and was a Christian civilization. Today Turkey is over 95% Muslim. North Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon used to be Christian. Afghanistan was Buddhist; Pakistan and Malaysia used to be Hindu. Today they are more than 95% Muslim. Islam does not reach a balance point with the native civilization; it dominates and annihilates the indigenous culture over time.

This process of total civilizational domination is the Law of Islamic Saturation. The doctrine calls for jihad to never cease until the native population submits to the Sharia. As time goes on, the Sharia brings about submission to Islam. The doctrine is totalitarian, so the result is totalitarian.

Islam is the most successful totalitarian system in history. There are post-Communist societies and post-Nazi societies but, there are no post Islamic societies.

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  2. […] Today the power of Islam is increasing over the globe due to jihad and migration.  After it enters a society, Islam rules given enough time. The result of Islamic political doctrine is that all power – political, cultural, and religious–becomes totally Islamic. Islam is the most successful totalitarian system in history. There are post-Communist societies and post-Nazi societies but, there are no post Islamic societies.  Link […]

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  5. cody927

    I 100% agree with the last thread.
    No matter which politicians get elected they always pander to Islam. Democrats especially. Like Keith Ellison swearing in on a Qur’an with Nancy Pelosi grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Sickening. Talk about an oblivious electorate. Dearborn and Hamtramack, MI have been taken over by Muslims with “calls to prayer” on loudspeakers in the old Polish neighborhoods. Muslims move in, the man practices Sharia law with 4-5 brood mares spitting out babies like a Pez dispenser; they then collect welfare payments for each, make more babies, get bigger checks, courtesy of the taxpayer, courtesy of the politicians, who hand it over with their bleeding liberal hearts while ignoring the Christians in the Middle East getting slaughtered.
    Muslims then influence take over the police dept. and fire dept. Then run for city council and obtain majority status. They buy up houses on blocks and force out the old population. Anyone whose family has been there for generations and refuses to leave is driven out by extortion and vandalism. Christians are arrested by the Muslim-loving mayors and politicians because they’re paid off and get votes.

    This is not Europe, it is right here in the US and will only get worse. They need to be forcibly removed when they begin moving in because the idiot worthless local governments and politicians will only suck up and fork over money. Not to mention the sickening media.

    Why has no one ever thought of turning the tables and charging a jizyah on Muslims?.
    20% off the top and no more than two children. For each extra kid an extra 10%.

    The Saudis are spending hundreds of billions spreading this poison in this country. But that’s OK…we’ll allow anything for our oil addiction. Because it is never mentioned anywhere, few people are even aware of it until it attacks their area. The media never mentions it…not even so-called conservative media. As Dr. Warner has been saying, it is a process to take over and stamp out anything non-Muslim. Canada just passed M-103 giving Muslims exalted and preferential treatment over all others. Totally insane. It makes no sense other than Trudeau, et. al. are selling out for big money. Sandra Solomon, bless her heart, is a small voice crying in the wilderness. http://www.voiceofsandrasolomon.com
    I am hoping Trump would pull the reins back on this crap a little. I ain’t holdin’ my breath, though. Unlike Europe, we still have the Second Amendment…so far.

  6. mfernandez1957

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again until it becomes a reality:
    Islam should be eradicated from the face of the earth for the moral/social/religious plague that it is. Since that will never likely happen until the coming of the LORD in Judgment, the next best thing is for all civilized nations to ban Islam from their nations and to DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS, whether imported (immigrant) or homegrown (citizen).
    That is, all Muslims in any civilized nation, after having been given the opportunity to renounce forever, the religion of Islam and having origins in another nation should be deported to their country of origin (regardless of current citizen/resident status) If their country of origin is another civilized nation where Islam is banned, then they are to be shipped to the nearest Islamic nation. All homegrown Muslims, after having the same opportunity to renounce Islam, should, upon refusal, be stripped of their citizenship and deported to the nearest Islamic country. Again, Islam should be banned from all civilized nations, the Muslims in those nations offered the chance to remain if they renounce Islam and if they love Islam more than the nation where they live, they can go live in an Islamic nation, freeing the rest of the world from the moral and social perversion that is Islam. Oh, I forgot to mention, under the umbrella of all Muslims needing to renounce Islam or be deported, that includes Islamic sympathizers/promoters. The ban on Islam including, of course, any promotion or defense of it.
    Those Muslims who elect to remain Muslims and be deported should be allowed to keep all their moveable assets – cash, stocks, moveable physical property, etc. – and be allowed to sell any non-portable assets – houses, land, etc. – and take the money with them. Their deportation costs being covered by the government.
    Of those Muslims and/or Islamic apologists that remain, having taken the pledge to renounce Islam forever, upon conviction of returning to the practice/defense of Islam there should be an immediate seizure of all assets, financial or real property followed by immediate, as in within 24 hours, deportation. This deportation being covered by the sale of their seized physical assets and any financial assets they had. They are to be transported with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
    If you think these terms are harsh, think again. If you live in a Muslim country and are a Christian, Buddhist, Animist, whatever other than Muslim, you face far worse, you face anything from long-term imprisonment up to and including beheading. So I say to hell with Islam.
    Oh, and it goes without saying, we in the USA should begin with Obummer and every member of his Criminal Enterprise Regime and the Deep State he formed within the Government
    Endnote: Not all Arabs are Muslims, this is not about “race” but about good vs evil, about the moral offense that is Islam.

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