Politically Correct Jihad

Only a day after the November 13 jihad attacks in Paris we see the usual politically correct responses. Ironically Obama and Kerry had pronounced Islamic State “contained” and its “days are numbered” earlier in the day.

Merkel of Germany says that the proper response to jihad is tolerance and European values.

The politicians do not use the word jihad, but terror and terror networks.

The left of center press says that the rhetoric of the right causes terror and that poor Muslims will suffer from being associated with terror. They should be worried about being associated with jihad.

The professors still teach Islam without jihad. The press will not offend Muslims. Police do not study the doctrine of jihad. Politicians cry out for more Muslim refugees.
We are losing a civilizational war because of political correctness. To win we must start using the language of Islam. We must start conversations that about the ideology and doctrine of political Islam.


Политкорректный Джихад
Уже на следующий день после джихадистского нападения 13 ноября в Париже, мы увидели обычные политкорректные ответы. По иронии судьбы, Обама и Керрри объявили исламское государство «разбитым», сказав в тот же день, что «дни его сочтены».
Меркель из Германии говорит, что адекватным ответом на джихад является терпимость и европейские ценности. Политики не используют слово «джихад», а только «террор» и «террористические сети».
Левые из прессцентра говорят, что риторика правых способствует террору, и что бедные мусульмане страдают от того, что их связывают с терроризмом. Они переживают, что их связывают с джихадом.
Профессора по-прежнему преподают Ислам без джихада. Пресса не хочет оскорблять мусульман. Полиция не изучает идеологию джихада. Политики взывают к принятию еще больше мусульманских беженцев. Мы проигрываем войну цивилизаций из-за политической корректности. Чтобы выиграть, мы должны начать с использования языка Ислама. Мы должны начать разговор об идеологии и доктрине политического Ислама.

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  1. isslam500

    Dear Mr Warner, how is it possible that an extreme fascist political system like islam is still allowed to be taught in the education of children under the pretext of being a religion? And this in the name of freedom of religion? Would we also allow Nazism to be taught as a religion? Isn’t it high time that children are only informed about islam in the same way as they are informed about other ideologies like communism or socialism without elevating this fascist ideology to the status of a religion which allows it to have a higher autority? Wouldn’t this be a very efficient measure to counterattack this evil ideology?

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  4. Judy

    I like your optimism Jaylinnstrom however are you aware of how many radical Muslims there are….take a look at this short video…….trying to get people to pay attention to the truth about Islam is like talking to a tree. We can’t even get the churches to pay attention. I hav little hpe that it will get better.. We are holding local meetings to try to educate the public on political Islam, but oo many could care less. See the video on the myth about the numbers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7TAAw3oQvg

  5. zinnrg

    Lets all get one thing understood. This war is now lost no matter what we do. Since the Western EU states will do nothing to protect their own countries, just where would we get any backup.
    We have no internal defenses, we have no external shield against missiles. In order to help those that actually ask for help we will need both Russia and China for back up.
    For those saying that we need to act now, now has come and gone, the enemies propaganda has convinced the average citizen that these attacks are, as we’re told, done by a small group of radicals, so good luck getting them to stand up and be counted.
    What amazes me is that these radicals still insist on these unnecessary attacks. I can’t for the life of me understand why they don’t let time do it’s job, and it will, due to their population growth.
    We now have a town, Hamtramck , MI. 22.000 pop, that just gave the Muslims a one seat majority on their 5 seat council, and brag about it. Dearborn, MI. has no go zones and the Sheriff will do nothing. Many boards of education in the South are pushing to have Islam taught in schools, there is some resistance to this though.
    I’ve tried to tell people but all I get is a blank stare and either, you’re just paranoid, or a bigot. They wont even watch the You Tube videos. So just how does one get through to people who are either clueless, brainwashed, ignorant, or just plain stupid?
    America has a built in system of avoidance, IE; WW I, AND WW II, avoid at all costs getting involved in those affairs on the other side of the world, until it’s to late. The Hawks in congress are of no help since the re-enforce the mindset of John and Mary Doe by getting us into no win situations.
    Unless we, as a people are willing to Kill each and every Muslim man, woman, and yes, child, this will not end until all of Western Civilizations are eradicated. You can’t win against this Hydra, you must take measures, yes Nuclear, before they do. It’s our only option. Remove their ability to get money, make money, remove their enablers, Iran, show the world we don’t give a damn about them., and will use any means necessary at our disposal to protect our selves. Then perhaps Russia and China will also do something.
    There can be no conscious when doing this. We started this with Korea, drawing political imaginary lines of which We can’t cross. You win wars by winning the hearts and minds of those you fight for, or by totally removing the will to fight in the Enemy.
    Perhaps if Trump is the person he projects and we may have a sympathetic ear, only time will tell, until then our resident Muslim in charge still has a year to dig us into a deeper hole.
    Oh, and praying is of no use people.

    • Jaylinnstrom

      You have to remember followers of ‘radical Islam’ – those who hold firmly unto political islam are a minority. Most muslims are cultural muslim and only a very, very small portion become violent terrorists. There is far easier way than ‘Kill each and every Muslim man, woman, and yes, child’ to win this war. That is a ridiculous idea. To win this war, we just need to educate all people – non muslims and muslims – about Mohammed and his ideology of Political Islam. Once muslims realize what an evil dude Mohammed was, many will simply leave Islam. Once non muslims recognize the intensely political nature of Islam, they will stop being so confused.

  6. Jaylinnstrom

    Liberals shout tolerance and focus on not offending any muslims. They seem to think that Jihadi muslims are like angry dogs that need to be mollified. ‘Give him some dog biscuits ( welfare and jobs) and coddle him ( give in to their demands). He will come around and start acting nice to us.’ The problem is that Jihadis are far smarter than an angry dog. They can play right along with this liberal game. They will play along until they get a chance to chop off the liberal head. So what is the liberal going to say when that happens?? Cry Mommy?

    When are these college educated liberals going to admit that they have no understanding of Islam and that they are in a mental fog of fear and confusion??

  7. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner for taking the time to present this sobering video.

  8. eric.johnson48

    Thank you for you fine and diligent work. Keep it up. Until each and every madrasas teaching jihad is destroyed, we will remain at war.

    Eric Johnson
    Holland, MI

  9. Judy

    Here is what needs to happen………..Muslim faith needs to be reclassified as a Terror Org or Political Group and lose First Amendment religious protection.

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