Politics of Extinction

When faced with death we need to look at our politics. Extinction of our civilization is a death so we need to look at the politics of extinction. In a war you don’t need friends, you need allies. This distinction is important, because you have to like a friend, but you don’t need to like an ally. Under the threat of annihilation we need to see that we that all Kafirs are in the same boat. All of those threatened with extinction are Kafirs. Politics makes strange bedfellows, so atheist, Protestant, Buddhist and every other flavor of Kafir must work together to survive.

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  1. samcginty

    Thanks for another good message: We must work together as allies.

  2. RCH

    I strongly believe that Islamic terror can completely destroy the world and let me illustrate my point with a relevant example.. Let’s say that there are three brothers A, B, & C who live in a particular eco-niche and let’s picture this niche as a house and let’s the say that the house is beset with a myriad of problems and its creaking at it seams. Let’s say that the house is slowly burning from below (global warming) and things inside the house are getting affected due to this (climate change). Brothers A & B are RIGHTFULLY conducting scientific studies as to how best to save the house and are expending all their efforts in this direction. However the third brother C has his own idea of what the future is going to be. His vision is nothing but one of dominance and he is constantly plotting the extermination of A & B and prepared to even die in this regard. He does not care whether such a fight could probably destroy all the three of them and even the house which he wants to possess solely because he believes that he will achieve martyrdom and go to heaven in the event he kills and dies whilst his slain brothers will go to hell. He is also unwilling to see the fact that even if he wins, it would be a hollow victory as he would possess a house that is going to crumble and get totally destroyed anyway. Moreover, he is not interested to do scientific research himself as he rates his beliefs to be greater than science. And no matter what A & B reason, he is unwilling to budge. It is him or no one else in the house. In such a scenario what do the brothers A & B do? Do they ignore their pest of a brother and continue their scientific research or decide to simultaneously tackle him, meaning, they either reason with him to mend his ways and join them in their scientific research or even be prepared to take the tough step of eliminating him for the greater good in the event he (C) does not abandon his mad fanaticism. This, hopefully makes my POV more lucid.

  3. RCH

    Outstanding POV once again Bill…. Yes we are all allies here against Jehaad. I STRONGLY feel that one day U will be invited to talk on global platforms like TED.. (Oh how I wish it happens)

  4. RCH

    Bill, I have ALWAYS held this for a long time: Other than the twin interrelated threats of Global Warming and Climate Change, Islamic terror is the third deadly threat which has the potential to COMPLETELY wipe out humanity as we perceive it today.

  5. Bill Coleman

    In the next year, we will find out whether constitutionlists and other non islamists love constitutional freedom more than they love the freedom of not being organized.

    The future of constitutional freedom in the USA depends on the ability of an aspiring POTUS candidate to build and lead an organization of constitutionlists and other non islamists who understand the threat of Islam to constitutional freedom and therefore understand the advance of Islam in the USA can and must be stopped by political and legal constitutional means before the surrender to Islam is past the point of no return or there is a bloody civil war which constitutionlists would lose against the allies of tyranny. If the Republican Party gives constitutionlists and non Islamists of both parties something to vote for instead of simply voting against the opposition party, the Republican Party could win instead of losing after spending large sums of money tryimg to get candidates elected who have no vision for the continuation of our culture of freedom.

    Religion can not do what government can do and government can not do what religion can do unless that religion and government is one and the same within the very political religion of Islam.

    (The doctrine of Islam prevents its reformation but promotes it continuing purification by the most othorodox and the most fanatical and violent ……. all with the blessings of Allah. Islam is not a race. It is a very unreformable and very political religion designed 1400 years ago to be attractive to savages.)

    However, governments and religions, outside of Islam, can facilitate or hinder the other. Good government is achieved thru good politics. Good politics is politics that keeps people free, can only originate from and be secured by organized voters and that is achieved by a majority of voters voting for candidates who understand that the U.S. Constitution, not the U.S. Supreme Court, is the supreme law of the land.

  6. George

    This is the first time I have visited your site, Political Islam. I find it very informative and succinct, Dr. Bill – and thank you for that. What you talked about in the video is true. We Kaffirs all over the world have to start working together to eradicate this blight that is Islam – and it is not a religion in my humble opinion, but a cult. A cult that I personally refer to as the Death Cult. I wonder if there is a possibility that a website will start soon – or does it already exist – to try and pull together the many different faiths around the world in battling the Death Cult? Here in the UK one now cannot criticize Islam or Muslims as they, with their infiltrated bodies at the local and higher political levels, have made it unlawful to practice free speech. Which is a great pity, considering that the foundation of free speech, the Magna Carta, also called the Magna Carta Libertatum (Latin for “the Great Charter of the Liberties”), celebrates its 800th anniversary this summer (it was signed by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor, on 15 June 1215.) I have worked and lived in many different countries around the world, and found that most people despite their different religions and upbringing are friendly and willing to help. But after working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for over three years, I left the country with a very bad taste in my mouth. What to do? The destruction of the West will happen soon, and the way the politicians are kowtowing to the Death Cult in so many ways with their PC and MC nonsense makes it almost impossible to speak out without being branded an “Islamophobist”, and even arrested and taken to Court here in the UK for telling the truth. It’s scary.

  7. pa_flo001

    Thank you, Bill, for bringing it to the point. It seems here in Europe not many people are willing to see it this way. When you hear the feminists, the gays and other minorities here, all pro islam… it really makes you wonder. And sad.

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