Sacred Deception — Taqiyya

I’d like to talk to you about what I find a fascinating topic that is the topic of Islamic ethics, but in particular, a part of Islamic ethics which is called sacred deception or Taqiyya.

Let me give you a few ethical rules that come from the Hadith:

  • a Muslim does not cheat another Muslim in business
  • a Muslim doesn’t kill another Muslim
  • a Muslim doesn’t touch another Muslim’s wife and
  • a Muslim doesn’t lie to another Muslim

You notice something here? That’s right. You and I are left out because you see Islam is not a symmetric ethical system. The golden rule is symmetric. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is, there’s a balance here; the other and yourself are seen as equal. But in Islam if you’re a Kafir, you’re never equal to the Muslim. Islam does not have a golden rule. The Kafir is always inferior.

Now then, let’s talk about lying and deception. First let’s start with the fact that Allah has 99 names and one of those 99 names is he is the best of deceivers.

But Allah is also the best of plotters and schemers so given that, it isn’t too surprising that we find in the

Koran 16:106 “Those who disbelieve in Allah after having believed, who open up their hearts to disbelief will feel the wrath of Allah and have a terrible punishment.”

In other words, apostates can be killed or otherwise punished. But it goes further. “But there is no punishment for anyone who is compelled to deny Allah in words but whose heart is faithful.” So in other words, a Muslim can lie about Islam if it serves Islam. And one of the ways he can serve Islam is that the Muslim is not discriminated against.

Here we have another in

Koran 3:28: “Believers should not take Kafirs (unbelievers) as friends in preference to other believers. Who ever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah.” (In other words, if you’re a real friend [to a Kafir], you’re no longer friend of Allah). “ . . . unless you but guard yourself against them [Kafirs], taking precautions.”

What this is interpreted to mean is that a Muslim can act friendly but he’s not actually the friend. That’s what is wrong. In other words, a Muslim may never give preference to a Kafir over a Muslim. There are, by the way, no less than 12 verses which say that a Muslim is not the friend of the Kafir.

Now let’s turn to the Hadith.
“Mohammed: ‘Who will kill Ka’b bin Ashraf who has offended Allah and his prophet?’
A Muslim: ‘I will Mohammed. Would you have me do so?’
‘In order to kill him, I will need to deceive him. May I do that?’
Mohammed: ‘Yes.’”
So, the Muslim deceived Ka’b bin Ashraf and he did kill him.

What is this? This is the Sunna of Mohammed; it is possible to lie to the Kafir as long as it advances Islam. This is the nature of Taqiyya.

Now there is another way in which a Muslim can lie. There’s a hadith, a fairly well-known hadith, in which there are three reasons for Muslims to lie. One is jihad, that is the struggle against the Kafir. So a Muslim can lie to you anytime he needs to advance Islam

The other is a Muslim a lie to another Muslim if it will make the situation better. And a husband and wife may lie to each other as long as it smooths the relationships in the household.

So deception is part of Islam. Allah is a deceiver. Mohammed was a deceiver, and therefore, every Muslim can be a deceiver. It is so special that it has a name, Taqiyya. So the next time you’re hearing something about Islam that just doesn’t sound right, and it comes from the mouth of a Muslim, you’re right. It’s not right. It’s a lie. It is Taqiyyah.

Thank you

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  2. HM69

    a Muslim does not cheat another Muslim in business – LOL – this happens across the middle-east ALL the time!

    a Muslim doesn’t kill another Muslim – muslim on muslim violence kills more muslims than bombs and wars by the west / non-muslims. Even at present, wars in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia etc – muslims are being slaughtered by muslims. Shia vs Sunni, ethnic wars, tribal wars, just war for sake of war – its crazy how many they kill of their own religion and yet cry crocodile tears when a single one of them is killed by Israel, India, US or European!

    a Muslim doesn’t touch another Muslim’s wife – this is the biggest croc of s*** ever! Muhamud himself fancied the wife of his adopted son and forced him to divorce her so he could marry her! He even created a koranic verse to absolve him of any guilt for doing this !! Its amazing how often a koranic verse appears very soon after mohamud has done something reprehensible!!! S. 33:37

    a Muslim doesn’t lie to another Muslim – another LOL – this is what muslims have been doing to each other since the beginning of their history and they have killed and butchered each other countless times by lying to each other.

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  5. Vinni

    O man, this is a most funny website, I have ever seen.

  6. Martin Vink

    Sue Islam instead of complaining!

    Islam and its institutions threaten our Constitution and Democracy.
    Islam threatens nearly all our standards, if not all. It threatens our inalienable rights, especially the inalienable rights of women.

    Islam has misrepresented itself as a religion for financial advantage and status. It can therefore be sued for false and misleading conduct – a general provision in most legislation.

    Islam should be made to pay back all charitable donations and all tax consideration it has obtained through deception.

    Under the Constitution there is an assumption of “One Nation Under God”. The nature of God is explained in various documents and in various references by the Founding Fathers and Presidents. It is not a loose, amorphous definition.
    Our God is a God who demands a set of ethics based on the Ten Commandments. Alternatively, our ethics are contrary to the values of Islam.
    Specifically, a religion needs to have values that are consistent with the notion of morality, decency and equality for all.
    The Koran, the teachings and the fruits of Islam are objectionable to our culture or laws. Alternatively, democratic values should not include the acceptance of the seeds of its own destruction. Islam seeks to destroy democracy and supplant it with theocracy. Democracy seeks to separate a government from religions. Islam seeks to destroy all religions except Islam and merge Islam with Government.

  7. Dengolt Eskindrawit

    እብድ አልያም ፍፁም ደንቆሮ መሆን ከዚህ በላይ የተቀመጠውን አመክንዮ ላለመቀበል ብቸኛዎቹ ቅድመ ሁኔታዎች ናቸው::

  8. Doug McMinn

    these videos should be compulsory viewing for all westerners especially schools. The moderate Muslim is the danger for the west because we are lead to believe the moderates count for something. They count for nothing but camoflage for the radicals to grow under their cloak. West beware.

  9. Richard

    Aha! In blogging my latest piece about Catholic & Orthodox leaders in Jerusalem wanting to abide by the ‘Pact of Omar’ I wanted to give my readers links for further reading, including your commendable site (which already features in my home page listing). Lo and behold I find you too writing on this doctrinal nonsense at the time I’m drafting

  10. Curtis

    If Allah is the best of deceivers, then he is also the father of lies. And jesus told the disciples that Satan was the father of lies from the beginning.

    • Bobfincher

      Totally agree with you brother in Christ; I read and re – read the info I have concerning the lies in the Koran and the mistrurths therein it the problem we have is letting them know they are wrong. 9

    • Tmka

      In a strictly theological sense this, I think, is a huge can of worms. (Disclosure, I’m catholic background, culturally thoroughly Catholic but intellectually in a constant waiver to agnostic and back).

      If you go full force theological, you can ask the question, “who was the angel that presented himself to Mohammed? Even Mohammed’s initial impression was it was a demon. Supposedly his wife, who didn’t experience the revelation, assured him it wasn’t. Perhaps this is the Islamic version of Eve handing Adam an apple? Would Satan have any problems lying about who he was? Was Mohammed’s night journey really Satan’s temptation of Mohammed, the way he tempted Jesus promising him the world? Is Satan still trying to deliver?

      One of the “taqiyyas” Muslim’s love to do is to tell you they believe what you (Christians) believe. The “Our Father” is what they believe. But they don’t believe the same thing. Muslims believe God is Great. Christians believe God is Love.

      In the book “The People of the Lie: The Hope of Curing Human Evil” by M.Scott Peck, M.D. Peck makes a couple of keen observations on the nature of evil. 1) We are at our worst when we are least accountable for our actions. 2) A characteristic of evil is control – that is the desire to control others (while quite often – and maybe even a result of – an inability to control oneself). There then are two kinds of “love” controlling (the bad kind) and empowering (the good kind).

      (I tell this from memory after reading the book 24 years ago, so forgive me if I’m off a bit) Peck uses a parable that he got from the Mormons. At the beginning of creation God the Father asked Jesus and Satan what he ought to do with these humans. Satan says they are craven scoundrels: assign an enforcing angel to each one, and have them wack the person everytime they stray from virtue. Jesus says, “why not just give them total freedom and then you will know the ones who freely make their way to you.” God the Father goes with Jesus’s plan, and a result, Satan has been trying to undermine the project of creation ever since. Now theologically, if you can hang with this, something else happens with Christ’s death and resurrection. As a non-theologian I can’t grasp the true theological implications, but it appears that it was a massive defeat for Satan. Perhaps because it allows Humans to come flooding into heaven at a higher level than Satan (presumably because he has no free will). Because of his actions Satan gets thrown into time-out (jail) for 500 years or presumably 533(ish). Mohammed is born 570. At this point, perhaps because of the loss he incurrs from Christ crucifiction and ressurection (again the implications I don’t fully understand) Satan perhaps is no longer trying to deny God: He’s not fighting a rear guard action of where he’s just trying to deny Jesus, his death, his resurrection, his sacrifice i.e. the love of God as manifested in the incarnation of Jesus. In Islam God is not denied, but Jesus’ death and Resurrection, the manifestation of the love of God is rejected. Theologically, Islam appears to be the manifestation of the regime the Mormon parable suggest Satan recommended – Islam provides rightful guidance, it tells you how to eat, sleep, think, pray, it is a surrendering of one’s free will for rightful guidance. It’s as if Satan went ahead with his own plan while at the same time trying to dis the manifestation of God’s love, his sacrifice.

      Lah was originally the Arabic God of the Moon. Which is just a reflection of pure light coming from the Sun. Theologically speaking, that might be a pretty good metaphore for what Islam is, an imperfect reflecting of the pure light, but not a source of pure light. The religion of Lah, is the religion of the moon, the religion of Christ is the religion of the son (pun intended), a source of pure light. Muslims then are children of a lessor religion, a religion of the moon. Christians are children of a greater religion, the religion of the son (pun intended). In a sense, Zoroasterian religions belief in the eternal struggle between good and evil, a religion Islam largely destroyed, is manifested in the juxtapositioning of Christianity and Islam.

      The tolerance of deception, dishonesty, not to mention the killing, extortion, and politics is in keeping with this basic theme, it would seem to me. A real God doesn’t need to have humans kill each other, probably doesn’t even need humans period. But if he loves humans and his creation, he’s not going to like some undoing it by killing. If he gave us magnificent minds and free will, he’s not really going to want us to surrender it as if to throw out the most magnificent thing he created and the greatest gift he empowered humans with.

      Anyway, I really dislike it when Muslims say they believe the same thing we believe. On the other hand, maybe Islam is the true religion. Or was it Mormons? or I just don’t know.

  11. bobfincher

    I thank you for these articles because we all need to be aware of this threat. In the UK we are being slowly brainwashed into believing that Islam is not a threat but people like you, Jay Smith, James R White, Robert Spencer and Ravi Zacharias are educating us all. Being a firm believer in Christ, I want to reach out to the muslims I work with and show them the god they worship is not the one true God. Thank you!

  12. Don Westcott

    Thank you, Dr. Warner, for your continual education of people regarding the man-made philosophy called islam. Jehovah is not allah. Once islam’s corrupt views are understood, it can be defeated in every area of life, faster if enough lethargy is lifted from Christians. I trust in Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus to preserve His Remnant on earth for His Purposes. You have said that your information is not based on religion, but the Lord is still using you to promote Truth. May the real God of Life bless and keep everyone promoting Love and Truth, as weapons against Satanic islam and its followers of destruction!

  13. Carlos

    Dear Dr. Warner

    Thank you as always for your clear comments. I have learned a lot about Islam following your videos and writings, among other brave persons out there. (too few unfortunately).
    I wanted to add the following.
    Allah is not only a hater of unbelievers, we Kaffirs, I think, but also a hater of muslims in the end. I would say it hates all muslims and not muslims with the exception of Mohammed.
    Within the Islam tradition, Mohammed is just a man and should not be worshipped, but that is not quite right, since Allah itself praises Mohammed, with the effect of being a very special “human being”. I believe this is one of the reasons for the success of this perverse ideology.
    In other words, Allah hates everybody except Mohammed, who is te model of all possible perversions, a mass murderer, phsyco, pedophile, slaver, misogynist, etc. Allah loves this one person and hates all the rest, including muslims.
    Part of that rest, us non believers, looks at this astonished, and the other part, believers, looks for Allah approval. Allah” dont hate me, what should I do for you to love me? BE LIKE MOHAMMED.

  14. Col ASP vinod

    Dear Dr Warner, Thank you for all your continuing effort in educating so many on the false fronts put up by Islam. This is truly yeoman service on your part to anyone who has the inclination to listen. God bless you and you ministry.

  15. Andrew Endres

    Bill, thank you very much for the update, I definitely want to continue to receive your information.

    I need all the help I can get, trying to convince individuals, that Islam is not a religion as they think of their religion, and it for sure is not a religion of PEACE.
    I am going to forward you an article that I received, which I think is one of the best articles I’ve ever seen.

    THE ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA ” by Publius Huldah,

    Peace & God Bless, (NOT ALLAH) Andrew

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