The Self-Taught Revolution

When jihad came to US on 9/11, we knew almost nothing about Islam. Our teachers, law enforcement, media, and military knew nothing about Islamic doctrine, except at the National Geographic level.

Those who were supposed to be the educational pillars of our civilization, the professors and intellectuals, told us that Islam was the religion of peace and that we were the problem. The classical scholars were apologists for Islam.

Then a revolution happened. Self-taught scholars began to write books and blogs. This new knowledge had a novel feature: their books were written for the common man to read. Previous scholarship from the academy was written for other tenured professors to read.
There was another new feature of the self-taught scholarship—it was about the foundations of Islam—the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. Academic scholarship about Islam is based on opinions from complex experts that make watching paint dry seem exciting.

This is a second self-taught revolution that is comparable to the first self-taught scholarship that gave us classical physics and chemistry. Newton did not learn calculus and classical mechanics at school. No, he created the concepts. He was self-taught. All discoveries and creations are self-taught. No one taught Benjamin Franklin that lightning was electricity, he was self-taught by doing experiments.

So the intellectual push back against political Islam did not come from professionals, but self-taught amateurs. Another analogy about these self-taught scholars is that they are like intellectual guerilla fighters.

Today, if Trump understood the self-taught revolution against Sharia, he would harness the talent that has withstood the onslaught of the Muslim Brotherhood, without any support from government. Think of what could happen if people such as Robert Spencer and other warrior scholars were given access to federal law enforcement, military, State Department, and intelligence agencies.

Самодеятельная революция
Когда 9/11 джихад пришел в Соединенные Штаты, мы почти ничего не знали об Исламе. Наши преподаватели, сотрудники правоохранительных органов, средства массовой информации и военные ничего не знали об исламской доктрине, кроме как на уровне National Geographic. Те, которые предположительно должны были быть просвещенными столпами нашей цивилизации, профессора и представители интеллигенции, сказали нам, что Ислам — это религия мира, а проблема в нас. Ученые-классики стали апологетами Ислама. Потом произошла революция. Ученые-самоучки стали писать книги и блоги. Это новое знание имело некую особенность: их книги были написаны для обычного человека. Предшествующие эрудиты писали для штатных профессоров. Была еще одна новая особенность ученых-самоучек: она касалась основ Ислама — Корана и Сунны Мухаммеда. Академическая наука об Исламе основана на мнениях комплексных экспертов, которые приходят в восторг от вида сохнущей краски. Это вторая самодеятельная революция, которая сравнима с первыми учеными-самоучками, которые дали нам классическую физику и химию. Ньютон не изучал в школе интегральное исчисление и классическую механику. Нет, он создавал концепции. Он был самоучкой. Все открытия и творения пришли от самоучек. Никто не учил Бенджамина Франклина, что молния — это электричество, он сам до этого дошел путем экспериментов. Таким образом, интеллектуальная негативная реакция на политический Ислам исходила не от профессионалов, а от самоучек-любителей. Другая аналогия об этих ученых-самоучках состоит в том, что они похожи на интеллектуальных партизан. Сегодня, если бы Трамп понимал самодеятельную революцию против шариата, он бы использовал талант, который выдержал натиск Мусульманских братьев, без какой-либо поддержки со стороны правительства. Подумайте о том, что бы случилось, если бы такие люди, как Роберт Спенсер и другие ученые-воины, получили доступ к федеральным правоохранительным органам, армии, Государственному департаменту и разведывательным службам.

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  1. Gods Warrior

    Dr. Warner: here’s a new term for you — Nonislamophobia – a new quick demolition of the critics.

    Islamophobia is the natural and necessary reaction to the outrageous Nonislamophobia found and glorified in the scriptures that have orchestrated hundreds of millions of murders, and even more rapes, robberies and enslavements over the last fourteen hundred years.

    If you want to defeat Islamophobia, remove all Nonislamophobia from the scriptures. Or we will do it for you. We will not allow that hate speech (in writing no less) to exist in any house of worship – for as we see, the weak-minded are susceptible to such monstrous suggestions, some even find murder/rape/robbery/slavery to be an enjoyable lifestyle.

    We will see a rock, and it will say to us: “Come, there is a Nonislamophobe hiding behind me. Come and cut off his head!”

    The “Tears of Jihad” are blatantly obvious. Educate our naive government before it’s too late. Make the Nonislamophobes into dhimmis before they will make us all dhimmis (and they will, because that is sharia, that is their only reason for being here, for existing, their only concept of spiritual life, their martyrdom dream).

    Do we really want our great-great-great-grand-children to believe that God instructs them to murder/rape/enslave/rob to demonstrate their love for Him? Is this what we want to pass on to the world – an empty seething black heart filled with evil and hatred?

  2. Aingel

    The other scenario is those we entrusted with guarding over our civilisation conspire(d) to infect Islam into (it). It can’t be the case, abrogation, the historic record, or the famous underhandedness of islamic states was until “9/11” unknown. And any attacked nation I going to industriously know its enemy; especially an adversary who believes it is .. Our action now is very much from the rearguard. Time for the Long Bows ..

  3. Garry

    We surely appreciate your insights Dr. Warner. Thank you.

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