Separating the Kafirs from the Muslims

When the al Shabaab jihadi group from Somalia attacked the mall in Kenya, they gathered the crowd together and asked who were Muslims and let them go. According to the media, they then started killing the non-Muslims who were left. But non-Muslims is not the word what the terrorists would have used. No, they would have called them Kafirs (actually they would have called them the Arabic plural of kafir, kuffar. Kafirs is the standard English plural form).

Why did members of al Shabaab do this? Why did they ask the Muslims to leave and keep the Kafirs and start killing them? Let’s start with the word terrorists. Members of al Shabaab are not terrorists, they are jihadists or mujahedeen. That is what they call themselves.

So what difference does it make which words we use? Non-Muslim or Kafir? Terrorists, militants, jihadists or mujahedeen? It makes all the difference in the world. You cannot think precisely with imprecise words and a Kafir is much more than non-Muslim.

The word “non-Muslim” does not imply anything, except not being a believer in Islam.

Kafir, on the other hand, has enormous implications. Kafir is the actual word that the Koran uses for a non-Muslim. Indeed, one of the many remarkable things about the Koran is that over half of its text is devoted to the Kafir. Think about that: most of the Koran is not about how to be a Muslim, but about the Kafir. Every single verse about the Kafir is not just bad, but terrible. Allah hates Kafirs and plots and schemes against them. The cruelest punishments await the Kafir in hell, but who cares about that? The real problem is what is promised to the Kafir in this life—torture, hatred, death, ridicule, rape, enslavement, political domination and deception.

It is the same with mujahedeen or jihadist as opposed to militant or terrorist. The words militant or terrorist do not tell anything about the motivation of the militant or terrorist, only that they are using violence.

Notice that the words non-Muslim and terrorist are not related to each other; they stand alone. There is no implication of one by the other. But that is not true about Kafir and jihad. Jihad is only carried out against Kafirs. Jihad implies Kafir and vice versa.

Jihad and Kafir are all part of a system of Islamic politics. Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years and garnered 150 followers. When he turned to politics and jihad, he died ruler of all of Arabia, and every Arab was a Muslim. The religion of Islam was a failure, and Islam triumphed by the use of politics and jihad, war against the Kafir.

Islamic doctrine is found in the Koran, Sunna (Mohammed) and Sharia law and divides all of humanity into Muslim and Kafir. There is no middle ground. Unfortunately, both Christian and Jewish leaders have bought into the fiction that they are all People of the Book and are brothers in religion. When you read the fine print (as none of them have done, being professionally ignorant), they are brothers in Abraham who must be politically and religiously subjugated, but that is a small detail.

If jihad, mujahedeen, and Kafir are pure Islamic doctrine, we can now understand why the media refuses to the correct words that Muslims use – it is all too horrible to contemplate. We are not just having independent terrorist events, such as the West Gate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya or the Boston Marathon bombing; we are in the middle of a civilizational war with a historic enemy — an enemy who is winning because we are in total denial.

Published as an article on American Thinker. 

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. […] Islam divides the world into Muslims and unbelievers, Kafirs. […]

  2. […] Islam divides the world into Muslims and unbelievers, kafirs. […]

  3. Rhonda

    The Bible says that we are not to invite in or give blessing to an antichrist. Those who do are cursed by God. Islam is anti anything that God is about, the epitome of anti, the antithesis of the Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, trinity, salvation… It is our responsibility to defend what God has given us… Jesus told the disciples to go and buy swords… why? Because there comes a point when one must fight for what he believes… stand up and be counted. You are either for the Lord, or against Him. You cannot sit the fence… you must choose. To sit the fence means you give approval to the antichrist and you will be numbered with those who go down to the pit.

  4. williamwallace

    we must unite against islam now and drive this filth from the free world, or our children and grandchildren will pay for our lack of action. this is not scaremongering, its fact.

  5. Femi

    Koran is a manual of terror,hatred & annihilation.It lacks tones of love, compassion & sympathy.It habours virus that inflicts lunacy on those who care to believe it. Examples are abound:Al qeada,al nusra,al shabab,boko haram,hamas, hizbollah,tuareg,etc.They want to dominate everywhere with force. The Whole world must wake up now to resist this mentality of supremacy!

  6. shafi.ahmad,dar

    islam is the religion of peace

  7. MikeNZ

    Anyone who has any common sense on reading the Koran sura by sura, thinking what it says and then writing it down in your own words on a pad.
    Will see the truth of Islam for the heart of Islam will be revealed and their fruit also.

    Then to do the same with the Sira and your education should be complete.

    Only a fool chooses to say otherwise.

  8. Democracyistheanswer

    We in the West are so used to ‘kum-bye-ya’ inclusiveness that we cannot fathom the exclusivity of Islam and the abhorrence Moslems have for Kafirs.

    When they are nice to us, no friendship is involved. It’s merely the politeness of a business relationship.

    No matter how many times media journalists listen to ‘Alle Menschen werden Brueder’ in Beethoven’s Ninth, the Muslim world does not recognize ‘humanity’ but only the ‘Islamic Nation’ they call the ‘Ummah’. Muslims also believe music is a sin.

    The media are arrogantly refusing to educate themselves and insist on interpreting Muslims in political terms, rather than through their own religious texts which provide the true explanation … just as ‘Mein Kampf’, rather than the temporary Munich Pact explained Adolf Hitler.

  9. Amit

    This is incredible footage. It really shows that we shouldn’t be thinking of war in an “us” vs “them” mentality. Instead, we should think of war as a great tragedy on all the people of the world. We should stand together, not apart. We should not just think of the people in the latest Iraq bombings, but everyone who is compelled to go to war or was harmed as a result of war. Approach each conflict as if it was a funeral with great reverence and respect. The more we go to war, the more each generation will get used to being in a state of war.

  10. Carroll

    I had to post another message …..ALL of the messages I’ve read so far are ALL correct in their opinions. Common sense outweighs the stupid thinking of those who have been “Progressed”

  11. Robert C. Laity

    Islam is anathema to freedom and liberty. Islam is the “Infidels” MORTAL enemy.

    See: “FITNA” and “What Islam is NOT”.

  12. Carroll

    “an enemy who is winning because we are in total denial” does represent the world of the “dumbed down”. Be it the U.S. or the rest of the free world. The worse part is, these decisions are made by the so-called “thinkers” who talk their way into the politicians decisions who aren’t concerned because they’ll never feel the consequences of those decisions. Both Republican and Democrat Parties and the Liberal Party are all about turning the other cheek. What’s even more scary is that these people were elected to office by U.S. citizens/sheeple. They are of the impression that our government will protect us. That hasn’t happened very well at all. Boston, as jus one example. But, they’ll talk about it for a short while and then forget all about it. The idea of allowing our enemies into our country expecting them to change their beliefs after they see how well they’ve got it here is pure insanity. American government IS complicit in the murders and carnage that’s taken place in America. For this, (as if this wasn’t enough) and a total mismanagement of money, I do NOT support them. They can change my mind by doing three things…..One….close our border with a shoot to kill order if people cross it. Two… deport ALL muslims … Three drone/bomb them out of existence everywhere in the world. Extreme measure Yes but, they’re an extremist enemy. Then, we’ll talk but, until then…..don’t ask me for anything.

  13. Charles Martel

    The American people are in denial not only about the threat of Islam but about a great many things.

    Unfortunately, education and awareness should be the keys to saving our country but with the M&M (Muslim & Marxist) president in the White House and Hillary being next in line, the future looks very bleak.

    Those who really pay attention know the answers are as follows: become energy independent, de-fund the UN, root out the Progressives from the public schools, the government, the mainstream media and academia, seal off the borders, deport illegal aliens, drastically reduce the size of the welfare rolls, entitlements and the bloated federal government and so on.

    Above all, we must eliminate political correctness from our lexicon or the only alternative will be to nuke Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  14. Patricia Spayd

    I’ve read the Koran and I agree with Dr. Warner. Also I recommend reading “Infidel”, “The Caged Virgin” and “Nomad” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She recommends we work on serving witness to Muslim women for Christianity…once they learn that Jesus’ way was kindness and love thy neighbor, not murder everyone who doesn’t agree with an illiterate 7th century barbarian. The Koran pulls a few mentions from the Torah, New Testament, Zorasterism, and legend, then in a great tradition of Charles Manson, provides a rant and a matrix of “got’cha, kill’ya” if you don’t agree or even question his murderous rantings. I was SHOCKED reading the Koran. We “Kafirs” are fools if we don’t work on spreading the words of the “The Truth, The Light and The Way.” Islam is NOT Peaceful and here is yet another example.

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