Sharia and the Virtue of Hate

If you present inconvenient facts about Islam, you will be called bad names, like hater. But it turns out that hate can be more virtuous than the silence of “tolerance”.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

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  1. Wilks John

    Dear John Muslim,

    stop what you’re doin,
    dont make Bill, Truth Seeker and other repeat this thing otherwise your head will fueled and…

    im just sayin…


  2. Wilks John

    Dear John Muslim,

    stop what are you doin,
    dont try to make Bill, Truth Seeker and other else keep doin this otherwise your head is full of stress and fueled..and boom…

    just a warning from me.


  3. Shalom Sam

    Why have you not commented on the post by John Islam? Is your silence not the usual godless left wing hypocrisy called political correctness?
    The mistake people like you make is that by courting islam you think you will be favored in the unlikely event of an islamic takeover. Now you proudly proclaim not having a religion. But in an islamic takeover, you will have no hesitation accepting the filthy creed when the alternative is death.


    To John Islam,



  5. John Islam

    To The Losers Truth Seeker..

    You should know all virtually all converts becomes
    arab by races when they convert and changed their name to arabic.

    Its just like a black man and non whites that when they embrace christianity or western culture.. their name is changed.

    Go ask Cat Stevens aka Yusoff Islam and milions
    of white convert.. the reason they all embrace arab culture and islam because they found truth called which hate kafir and they wish to have no more connection of their kafir ways..
    So to banish all traces of kafir and who you were once before is to be arabised like we have arabised the Malays.. the pakistan the afghan the turks the abanians the stan countries the moors. the indonesians. … the bosnains.. the chechens.. the blacks of africa.. etc… even the chinese will be arabised.. go and learn from Hussien Ye.. the greatest chinese arabs of all time.

    you should know they we arabs are a caucasiod races as thus it is natural that whites and arabs are interchageable as a races… only one way that is to arabised all white people to arab.

    In essence .. Islam is bringing white people to be arab and live according to Islam and discard all western thing we called BOKO Harem


    Hi John Islam, the Islamic Demon,

    You had confirmed to us that you are not a white American or European but an Arab Islamofacist who try to deceive us as usual as you are the imitator and follower of your Allah who is the grand master of deceivers and schemers as stated in your Arabic Koran.

    The TRUTH shall be exposed that you are one of the Demons controlled and programmed by LUCIFER and you shall have not place to hide.

    Hitler Nazis, the Japanese Shinto Emperor God and his gangsters plus your Muslim Brotherhood’s demons did the same in World War 2 and they were all defeated.

    Now you and your Islamofacists / Demons want to repeat it by re-established your Islamic Caliphate of 57 OIC countries to rule the World.

    You may use your Petro-Money to bribe and corrupt some weak fools in UN, US and Europe but we know your oil supply is running low and need to conquer others’ land to survive but not us who want a better world for the human races

    We are the REAL GOD WARRIORS to fight and get rid of the DEMONS!


    To the Non-Muslim Worldwide,


    and fight These Islamofacist / Islamic Demons for yourself, your loved ones, your family, your countries and our beautiful World.

  7. John Islam

    Dedicated to The Truth Seeker.
    so that you may knkw what is in store for you and all kafirs alike

  8. John Islam

    It can be confirmed that without any doubt that the so called THE TRUTH SEEKER is nothing
    but a hate mongrel racist.. bigots., islamophobic.. etc.. and join the likes of BIll Warner.. pamala geller. david woods. sam samoun.. robert spencer.. gert wildeers.. brigette gabriel.. pat robertson.. terry jones.. al rasooli.. walid shoebat..
    pat condell.. alan west… all christian aplogist.. all comservatives replublicans…and these those affiliated with non confomist to islamic supremacy I have this to say… Your time is up .. give up the fight.. lay down your arms and convert to Islam.

    Never has the world be so promisimg that Islam
    will triump over all people all faith. all customs all language all lifestyles.. all culture… we muslim
    will wipe out all non islalmic culture when we reach a critical 3 bliion and the kafir shall tremble in fear worldwide… Our last assault is a genuine that offers all kafir a once off chances..

    we have already ensure that the whole world food production is to be HALAL… what we are doing is giving all you kafir a chance to be a muslim cos all food will be HALAL wordwide.. what we are doing is considere the greatest mercy compassionate religion called islam bestow for kafir that you have NO MORE excuse not to be a muslim…why is it you keep in refusing islam and turns away from allah… I am wrtiting to all
    of you kfir to convert becasue we muslim already employed 20 millions muslim to slaughtet animals the halal way… which is also a traniimg for the 20 million muslim to prepare the slaughter of kafir the way animals are slauhter and pray to allah the meat for grace…if you see all the beheading we have done.. it is in occordance to same method we slaughter animal for halal way..
    though i am aghast at looking at halal slaughter.. but for the sake of allah it is ok… all food industries will buy a Halal certificate amd the money we collect from all over the world will be daily about 1 trillion which we will fianance jihate worldwide.. built mosque to preach hate against kafir and to encourage all ppl
    to convert to islam through buying politicians.. liberals.. to do taqiyah.. our cause
    is noble and we shall bring himanity to arab civilization and chaimpion all races to be arab..
    we muslim derseve this victory and I can see it coming… so convert and be a muslim

    John Islam has spoken and please support Halal worldwidr

  9. Call Me Mom

    Since there have been some requests for verification of the statisics quoted on inbreeding, I decided to do a search. Here are some of the links I found.
    This one lays out the case very clearly and provides links to their sources at the bottom of the post.

    From a professional journal:

    wiki islam provides links to their sources as well:

    From an article in the Daily Mail UK: “While British Pakistanis account for three per cent of the births in this country, they are responsible for 33 per cent of the 15,000 to 20,000 children born each year with genetic defects.

    The vast majority of problems are caused by recessive gene disorders, according to London’s Genetic Interest Group, which advises affected families.”

    Read more:

    I hope that helps.


    To John Islam,

    If you are a white folk as claim, you must have accepted bribery in term of finance and women from the islamofacists to betray your family and country.

    You even believe and desire the fault promise of 72 virgins after your death.
    Even 4 Muslim wives plus temporary marriages are not good enough for you.
    You are a GREEDY & SICK FOOL !

    By the way, we know the Koran command every Muslims to jihad until the world have adopted Islam or submitted to the power of Arab Muslim Imperialism, colonization and slavery. You are the TRAITOR to your own country! Hell is waiting for you.

  11. OrdinaryGuy

    Hmm–interesting idea. Good point — the evil of Islam should be confronted directly. However the answer is always something like “well the Bible says that too” – or words to that effect.

    So other than being dramatic – I’m not sure if much more than loud argument will be the result of such confrontational debating style.

    Anyways – Bill – how about an interview with or guest article from Maajid Nawaz – of the Quilliam Foundation?

    Here is someone who speaks against the doctrines of Political Islam and he speaks directly to Muslims. He was a former radical himself.

    It would be a great contribution to this site to hear what this man is doing – given sufficient support others will join him. My position has always been that change will occur once Muslims gain the courage to confront their leaders and begin to really push for it.

    (PS: John Islam – your posts are a constant source of amusement. Good luck with convincing anyone – Muslims included – that Islam is a religion of anything other than violence.)


    To John Islam, the Sick n Dangerous Islamofacist or the Islamic Demon,

    You have been programmed to be a Sick Islamofacist with Hatred and willing to rape, kill, enslave, murder others and believe your Allah, the Arab Pagan Moon God which was one of the 360 Arab pagan Gods can forgive all your evil sins and promise you the paradise with 72 fat and ugly virgin women waiting for you. So if the Muslim woman jihad and blow herself up, she can also claim her 72 fat and virgin men like you in Paradise.


    Hi Dr. Bill Warner,

    You are a great Hero and I suggest that to stop these sick and mad Islamofacists been programmed and manufactured in your non-Muslims countries. As these Sick and dangerous Islamofacists are also your No. 1 ENEMY, ban Islam in your countries, arrest and deport all Islamofacists.

    Close down all the Mosques( factories of Islamacists), Islamic Banks( Jihadists’ Finance )and Halal foods production( toxic to your communities) and for those who want to stay, serve them pork meals.

    Cleanse them out of your countries if you want to have peace, success and prosperity in your countries.

    These Islamofacists are the cancers to your communities and shall only bring destruction to your countries.



  13. John Islam

    To the most Stupid person call THE TRUTH SEEKER.. I mean Sick Ko

    You have again and again showed your stupidy with the likes of BIll Warner and all anti Islam bigots here. You are the biggest fools ever lived.

    Are you still shell up in yout cozy home cos you seems to not have waken up just like most americans and of course Bill Warner too.

    Let me get this straights sicko…
    I am a well travelled man all over the wall and have been to all 4 corners of the world and seen it all. I seen what nobody here has seen and has firsthand contact with ordinary folks. Most non muslim kafir does not know what is in store for them in the coming decades because thanks to our USA and western Europe whi champion Islam worlwide.. we thanks all the liberals policians who has support the Palestinians issues against Isreal and christian worldwide.. we muslim are happy that your own people.. yes your own people liberals and democrates and now john kerry amd obama is isolating isreal to its fate by us muslim who will galdy do what all the white man has failed to do.. This is Allah miracles that enable us msulim to wipe the isreal off the face of this earth.
    you sicko is light years behind us in planning the ultimate demise of isreal and christian worldwide.

    You al know that western Europe is a gone and lost xtians civilisations.. finish.. get over with it.
    we muslim invade you through democracy and wr
    will rule you all through shariah law… there will come a time when the only entertainment you see is the friday beheading of kafir who refuse to convert…you seeker of truth has so much hate for muslim but your hate is not as much hate as as muslim guided by our allah who allowed us the given riight to hate kafir.. we muslim can preach hate call free speech because you fear allah and allah is powerful.. our hate speech is divine speech as what the koran says so… your hate speech is downrighy evil which seems logical to us muslim that we must have gag on anyone who spoke bad about islam.. only Muslim have the right to condemm and execute any kafir who disobey koran and becaue koran is the word of god… we muslim are victoriiois in europe and you can bet your last coin that USA will be islamised in your life time..

    John Islam has spoken and please convert.
    I convert because I saw the winning side of Islam
    and I want my 72 virginms in paradise.
    how can a man refuse..?


    To the Non-muslims who may be Capitalists, Socialists,Communinists, Jews, Christians,Taoists, Buddhists, Hindu, Bahai , Aethists , etc,


    ISLAM means in arabic as Submission, Surrender and obedience 100% to Allah.
    The Arabs label and call you Kafirs that mean pigs. The Arabs had created Allah, the Pagan Moon God and claimed the Arabs were the chosen people and the rest of the world must submit to them as Supremacy. Otherwise, they shall jihad against you as commanded in the Koran to subjugate the non-Muslims as second/third class people as slaves to serve them.
    The arabs created the Shariah laws which is a comprehensive, totalitarian and Supremacist Islamic Politico-Military-Legal program with brutally repressive characters of treatment against women,minorities,gays, apostates etc and to impose it globally.
    Shariah is fundamentally about POWER and not Faith.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Islamic Organization in the World and was formed in 1928 after the Islamic Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War 1 and disbanded in 1924.

    The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to achieve Shariah’s triumph worldwide and reestablish the CALIPHATE ( Islamic Empire comprising 57 OIC countries) to rule globally.

    Their Credo as follow:
    Allah is their objective,
    Prophet Mohammed is their leader,
    The Koran is their laws,
    Jihad is their ways,
    Dying in the way of Allah is their highest aspirations.”

    There are 3 types of Jihads: Stealth(Civilization),

    The Koran says Muslims must not make friends with non-Muslims but pretend to be their friends so that the Muslims can lie and cheat the non-Muslims so as to defeat and conquer the non-Muslims globally.



    Hi Dr Bill W,

    We all now know the evil Islamic doctrines were created by the Arabic founder , Mohamed to rob, enslave, rape , kill ,deceive , conquer and cause sufferings to non-followers of Islam so that the Arabs profited brutally and deceitfully.

    We must expose this evil doctrines to the world and fight them hard with the appropriate strategies in order to win the wars against these Islamic demons.


    To John Islam, the Islamofacist / Islamic Demon,

    In World War 1, 1914-1918, your Islamic Ottoman Empire was defeated and disbanded in 1924.

    In World War 2, the evil collaboration of your Muslim Brotherhood and Hitler Nazis were also defeated in 1944.

    In the coming World War 3, your evil Islamofacists will also be defeated as no evil demons will triumph against the good non-muslims.

  17. John Islam

    Inshi allah and praised to Solitair..

    Its a pity you ain’t a muslim even though you are against Bill Warner.

    Because you declared you are not a muslim , these means that when we MUSLIM conqured the world. You as a kafir shall be extinguished without any remorse.

    But for this artcle you wrote, You are still useful to us muslim whereby we used you to tratiror yourself aganist your own. But when we muslim are victories , no kafir such as you and all the liberals, democrates, muslim aplogist,etc….have but 1 choice…
    Convert or negotiations.

    So Solitair , you can be like John Walker, Richard Ried, Sean Stone, CAT Stevens, Jihad Jane, millions if white muslim convert is now waging jihad for allah sake… CAOME TO ISLAM Solitair..unlimited bounty and 72 virgins are yours…

    May Allah convert you before you die a kafir. I really wish you to be a Muslim and join hate against Kafir.

    Let me quoate the glorius koran so that you may know the truth

    Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them(kafir) wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful.

    John Islam has spoken…

  18. Solitair

    Hi Sir,

    I have followed your videos and read lots of your material. My concern is that you fuel hate, in every step you take – no matter what direction you go in.

    You Bill Warner is the aggressor. You install fear in the hearts and the minds of peaceful people… you declare war on the innocent.

    I am NOT a Muslim, I have no religion. My resentment for you is based solely on the fact that you are an aggressor, out to harm millions of people.

    You are the new Nazi…

    Solitair –

  19. Prof. Bill, and all, hi!

    Someone asked for stats sources. Well, I don’t have them, but the birth trends of muslms are not a secret.

    I found a video from 2010 regarding overpopulation in UK. It’s worth seeing. They say that muslim population grows 10 times faster than the rest.

    That is serious. And that was on 2010. I have no doubt they have x-folded that trend in the meantime.

    So, it is not paranoia at all.


  20. Dear Prof. Bill, and friends.

    I’ve found a video of a guy who bravely exposes the islam “Stockholm sydrome” we’re in, and which Bill also has shown us.

    The guy is from Britain.

    This is the video:

    It’s nice to see echoes to our ideas from Europe!


    Hi Dr Bill,

    As we all know that Islam is an evil doctrine created by the barbaric Arabs to produce and program Islamofacists/ Islamic demons / gangsters to deceive, hate , kill , subjudicate and declare wars against non-Muslims .

    Therefore, We have to fight and exterminate them without mercy if we want to win the war.

  22. onisac

    I believe more people including Christians would speak out if they had protection, as in security.

    The way it is now we’d be crazy to stand up for what we believed in.


  23. Larry Silverstein



    There is a problem with WOMEN in the West! Many of them have no standards & will mate with anything! Have you ever read about the ones who propose marriage to SERIAL KILLERS? And what about the ones who convert to the Cult of Death. These women are enemies to their own sex!

    “They will surely be in AGREEMENT that to solve the inbreeding amongst the Muslim populations is to START marrying NON -MUSLIM woman.
    Overtime , the scarcity of the kafir woman would be so few that the KAFIR man has no one to marry but to marry a Muslim woman and thus reduce
    the population of the KAFIR. Worst still, countries with huge populations such as middle east and PAKISTAN, etc…will have to RAPE or force convert
    the kafir woman because YOU have awoken them that inbreeding is wrong. You just gives the MUSLIM an inpetus to impose SHARIA law where rape
    is not a crime against a Kafir. Because of hign demand for such kafir woman , RAPE will be the ultimate tool to solve the inbreeding problem.”

    Your whole letter is a farce!
    The Germans built the Turks army!
    The English & Americans built the Oil Refinaries for Saudi Arabia. On & on it goes. The kafir has no morals when it comes to money!

    Mecca & Madina need to be nuked!
    The Japs had the same attitude as the Mohammedans until they were nuked & then their Sun God disappeared! The same would happen if Mecca & Medina were nuked!

  24. Patricia

    Well said, Dr. Warner, well said! Being a woman, knowing all those women under the curse of Islam that are beaten is greatly saddening. The 50% lesser ‘value’ of women alone make me hate Islam. That it is in a so-called ‘holy book’ of the Koran is very disturbing indeed. Then add in the in-breeding is shocking. I read the Koran, took me about a week. I found nothing about a religion of peace – only hate the Jew, hate the Kafir, hate the Christian if they don’t agree with Islam, beat women who don’t agree – mothers, sisters, wives, dauthers – makes no difference. Anyone who has read the Koran and believes it, and thinks it is of any social benefit whatsoever is indeed one of the ‘lower intelligent’.

  25. Prof. Bill,

    Thinking about what mr. James C .Hamilton just wrote, I thought: well, western genes will create smart babies, and therefore they won’t follow stupid and absurd Islamic ideas!

    But then I remembered Deepak Chopra, New Age, Justin Bieber, … Oh my God, and my hope on western genes dropped down in a second. 🙁

    If we add to this picture the idea of “we scientists reject Christianity” sent all the time by media, as recently in such an important TV series as COSMOS; then humanity is really in extremely high risk of being taken by “the religion of peace”!

    Suddenly, I feel so lonely!

    Thanks for your … Everything!

  26. Free Speech

    JCH, I think you’ve bought into fear and the belief that what we do or say or don’t do or say causes Muslim behavior. Muslims subscribe to an insanity all their own regardless of us and what they do is based completely on them.

    And, don’t take this too personally, JCH, but you write just like a Muslim, so I’m not so sure that you’re actually James C. Hamilton. Oh, I’ve read thousands of posts by Muslims …

    Bill, we are fighting the liberal politically correct/ multi-cultural agenda just as much as Islam.The delusion perpetrated on the youngsters for the past forty years by public schools is just as big a hurdle as Islam. Somehow, we have to address that also. Most who cling to the liberal agenda simply do not have the critical thinking skills to deal with what you are saying. They only have the knee-jerk liberal response. I’m not so sure, Bill, that this young generation of libtards have any, and I emphasize “any” understanding of the words “virtuous”, “honorable”, “righteous”, etc. The job is not big, it’s monstrous.

  27. James C .Hamilton


    I must admit you got it wrong this time about Sharia and the Virtue of Hate …I mean Big Time….
    I was alerted by a friend ..a very concern non-muslim which he says you ( Bill ) had just unleash something either intentionally,
    foolishly, or mistakenly underestimate what the consequences will be.

    Let me be brief why your Sharia and the Virtue of Hate maybe a curse upon the kafir woman in the near future.
    You have awoken the muslim that inbreeeding is wrong. We the west and also orientals such as the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thais.etc
    have never praticed inbreeding. In fact no Non -Muslim society has an epedemic inbreeding which you have subcribed in your video Sharia and the Virtue of Hate.

    Lets have this hypothesis, you are an academic and you can do the same too…
    Here’s the deal…

    Assuming a influential ISLAMIC scholar came upn your video Sharia and the Virtue of Hate and also many intellectual Muslim starts to debate this Inbreeding
    issue. It does not take a ROCKET scientist to solve the inbreeding problem face the Muslim populations.
    Do you know what will their solution be….?

    They will surely be in AGREEMENT that to solve the inbreeding amongst the Muslim populations is to START marrying NON -MUSLIM woman.
    Overtime , the scarcity of the kafir woman would be so few that the KAFIR man has no one to marry but to marry a Muslim woman and thus reduce
    the population of the KAFIR. Worst still, countries with huge populations such as middle east and PAKISTAN, etc…will have to RAPE or force convert
    the kafir woman because YOU have awoken them that inbreeding is wrong. You just gives the MUSLIM an inpetus to impose SHARIA law where rape
    is not a crime against a Kafir. Because of hign demand for such kafir woman , RAPE will be the ultimate tool to solve the inbreeding problem.

    You surely do not know the ART of War. When your enemy do stupids things, you let them be and as you mentioned inbreeding causes an IQ to drop significantly
    and this can be confirmed as a scientifric facts. But you have awoken the MUSLIM.
    What you did was to pave the way for future RAPE against kafir woman because all MUSLIM man now reaslised they cannot marry their own.
    They will have to RAPE a kafir woman to reverse the effects.

    I think I am not going to say much here. You get the point. My friend alert me because a muslim told him that since inbreeding retards the intellect,
    we muslim have no choice but to ” find ” kafir for reproduction of muslim people. Do you know what he meant ? and I am sure I do.

    You will also realised that all MUSLIM man from pakistan to middle east has sytematically either by charm or full deciet has been marrying our own
    white woman only to be discarded when she produced enough Muslim babies. That purpose was to denied the kafir man a chance to reprocreate within his
    own race and thus causing our numbers to dwine.

    I urge you to removed this video Sharia and the Virtue of Hate t once because you do not know what you have unleashed.
    Its not too late BILL. Don’t think for once seconds you can ignor this. If the MUSLIM get a hold on your video…the damaged you done will dwarft all attempt
    by the likes of yourself o defeat the MUSLIM menace that has plague humanity.

    Yours Truthfully.
    A proud KAFIR , will die a KAFIR

  28. Magnus Nielsen

    Powerful stuff, Bill!

    It would be more powerful still, if we could have more information about the sources of the statistics quoted.

  29. Mac Driscoll

    Is the “Hatred”, re inbreeding, obtain in writing one of your publications?


  30. Cassie Box

    Q&A Skype session or anything to answer my questions. In return I will make people aware of your work and websites whatever you want xx

  31. Cassie Box

    Hi, I am a blogger of many different subjects and I have not published them yet I am working on a few pending interviews for my conclusions on Politics, Science and economics and Religion. One subject in particular is Sharia and I am in heavy debate with Muslim men and other sources. I was wondering if there could be anyway I could draft questions to be answerd or maybe a

  32. Lucy Overstreet

    Bill, I join you in being a hater of Islam!!!

  33. Prof. Bill.

    Brilliant as usual. Thanks.

    Some sarcasm follows: inbreeding is actually “good” for Islam, bcause the more low-IQ people they get, the more their absurd politcal religion will grow… in numbers, at least!

    Nobody with a normal brain would ever follow that stuff.

    I hate Islam.


  34. Brian Cox

    I saw Dr. Warner speak on Islam in Union City, TN about 18 months ago and was extremely moved by what he had to say. I often share his emails & links with others as I think that all Christians should be concerned with what is going on not only around the world but here at home as well.

  35. Sam McGinty

    …good post! Thanks for your research. I’ll spread the word.

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