Statistical Islam, Part 6 of 9

Case 5: Jews
One of the biggest examples of ethical dualism in Islam is the Jews. The Meccan Koran is filled with stories about Moses, Noah, Adam, and other Jewish figures. The early Koran is very Jewish. The perception of the Jews completely changes in Medina. Every verse, story, and hadith is negative and anti-Jew. The Trilogy devotes a great deal of material to the Jews .

The Trilogy of Medina is even more negative about the Jews than Hitler’s Mein Kampf. What marks the biggest difference between Mein Kampf and the Trilogy is that Hitler did not write a first section in Mein Kampf detailing how much he admired the Jews. There is a contradiction about how the Koran treats Jews in Mecca and how they are treated in Medina. Due to dualistic reasoning, both attitudes about the Jews are true, at the same time.

Case 6: The Good in the Koran
In the face of these negative statistics, everyone knows of good verses in the Koran. Exactly how much material in the Koran is positive for Kafirs? There are 245 verses, 4,018 words, in the Koran that say something positive about Kafirs. This is about 2.6% of the total Koranic text . However, in every case, the verse is followed by another verse that contradicts the “good” verses. Also, except for 7 verses (58 words), the “good” verse is abrogated later in the same chapter. The other 7 verses are contradicted in later Suras.

The media emphasizes Islam’s positive verses about the People of the Book, the Jews and Christians. Even this turns out to be illusive. Christians and Jews receive the goodness of Islam only if they agree that their sacred texts are corrupt, the Koran is true, and that Mohammed is a prophet of the Christian and Jewish religion.

In the end there is no unmitigated good for Kafirs in the Koran. What good can be found in the 2.6% of the text is denied later.

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Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Democracyistheanswer

    Thank you, Dr Warner, for another fine analysis. A lot of counting went into this. Dr Samuel Johnson said, ‘Many errors may be avoided by counting.’

    Too bad Islamic apologists do not count.

    This sort of analysis is must reading for all in the intelligence communities of the free democracies. If they don’t read CSPI, they are shirking their responsibility to be informed about the subject they were hired to understand.

    That’s how important CSPI is.

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