Subjective Islam – Objective Islam

Some people don’t want to learn about Islam from someone who was not a Muslim, a professor or some other “approved” source of information. How can someone without a degree in Islam be an expert on it?

The question is who can we trust to tell the truth about Islam? The answer you will get by going by talking to Muslims has the advantage that if you choose the right country and the right Muslim, you will get the “right” answer. But if you ask the “wrong” Muslim (usually called an extremist or radical Muslim) you will get the answer you won’t like. Is Saudi Arabia or Turkey the right country to go to? Is a Wahabbi imam or a Islamist scholar of Islam the right person to ask? Subjective Islam is a polling problem. Who you ask determines the answer you get. Apologists for Islam ask the “expert” who gives them the answer they want—Islam is wonderful.

But there is one source of knowledge about Islam that is not subjective. If you talk to Muslims, you will find that there is one thing that they all agree on: There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger. This statement is the beginning of Islamic objective knowledge, since 100% of all Muslims believe it.

Allah is found in the Koran. When you read and understand the Koran, you find that there are 91 verses that command all Muslims to imitate Mohammed, the divine human prototype. We find out what Mohammed did and said in order to imitate him in two places – Mohammed’s biography, the Sira, and his Traditions, the Hadith. And that is all there is to know about Islamic doctrine:

  • Koran
  • Sira
  • Hadith

Objective truth: if it is in the Koran, Sira and Hadith, it is Islam. Islam is Allah and Mohammed, no exceptions. So skip asking a Muslim, going to a Muslim country or asking a professor. For objective answers, ask Mohammed and Allah. In other words, read the Koran, Sira and Hadith. The problem is that no one reads them is because they used to be difficult. Today are available because simple scientific methods have produced versions that anybody can read. For one example, see the Trilogy Project.

Statistical methods reveal that there are two Korans, Mecca and Medina, and that there are two Mohammeds. In Mecca the Koran is religious, but only a 150 people became Muslims in 13 years time. Later in Medina, Mohammed became a politician and a jihadist, and the Koran becomes jihadic and political.

There are two Islams, two sets of facts – Mecca and Medina. Preaching the religion in Mecca was a failure. But, Mohammed averaged an event of jihad every 6 weeks for the last 9 years of his life, and by the time he died, every Arab was a Muslim. So if you want peaceful Islam go to Mecca. If you want politics and violence, go to Medina. Islam is a dualistic system where peace and jihad exist side by side. Dualism allows “experts” to get what they want, a peaceful Islam in Mecca. See, there it is in the Meccan Koran—peace. Just don’t ever mention Medina and the news is good.

However, the only trustworthy experts are Mohammed and Allah, found in Islam’s texts. They will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, here is the rule to grade your experts: listen to those who quote Mohammed and Allah. And ask the expert: What else does Islam teach about this? Get the whole truth, the whole story.

Better yet, since the Koran, Sira and Hadith have been made readable by the average person, read the texts and become an expert yourself by quoting Allah and Mohammed. You will bring objective Islam to your world.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Carrie

    (Bukkari 3,49,857) Mohammed; “A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not lie”
    (Bukkari 4,52,268) Mohammed said, “Jihad is deceit”

    Jihad is getting Sharia any way possible, and Sharia does not recognize any law that is “man made” including our Constitution.
    We are sitting back and letting Sharia be enacted right now in this country by letting them dictate what books can be used in our schools, by making employers give them special treatment and telling all of us we can’t talk about their religious history, unless it’s the good version of course.

  2. N.Hq

    This site is full of falsehood.

    If you are seeking the truth you should not just confine yourself within anti-Islamic lectures or websites like these.

    You should also learn from the other side of the coin, from a Muslim’s perspective.

    I would suggest you to see lectures from Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Ismail Menk and Read The Quran along with Tafseer to understand the Islamic teachings.

    We will all know what is truth and what is not when we die. Do as much research as you can while you are still alive.

    I’m not here to defend Islam, thats upto Allah. I’m just here to call whoever is reading this comment to the truth.

    Seek the truth with a pure heart. May Allah bless you.

    • romit

      On the contrary, the information on this website is totally accurate and comes right from islam’s religious texts. “A muslim’s perspective”, yours or anyone else’s is irrelevant. The texts speak for themselves. That is the point.
      With regard to religion, there is one ‘Truth’ and that is Jesus Christ, who is the “image of the invisible God” and “the Way and the Truth and the Life”. Not mohammed, not the koran and not allah who tells the followers of mohammed to kill ‘unbelievers’. Jesus said: Love your neighbor as yourself, and forgive those who persecute you. There is no comparison between mohammed and Jesus. They are night and day. Put your faith in Jesus, not the ridiculous koran, mohammed or muslims.

  3. ironbark

    It is he that saith not Kismet
    He that knows not fate
    It is Richard
    It is Raymound
    It is Godfrey at the gate

    Very good. I am sending all these links over to Australian Liberty Alliance

  4. defenderofchrist

    Thanks dangoat. I wanted to note that before Mohammed was born their were no such thing as Muslims. The Koran states that Jesus as a prophet is to be respected not because he is a Christian or Jew but because they claim Jesus and Mary our mother to be Muslims.
    How can this be? Historical facts say Jesus was a Jew and also they say Abraham was a Muslim and they keep referring to Abraham son Ishmael not Isaac. That is where the Muslims originated from Ishmael. All supposenly Muslim. Their so called religion did not exist before Christianity and long before that the Jewish faith in the Torrah. So here comes Mohammand and he claims with p no witnesses to have gotten a message from Gabriel. But even in their faith the Koran was changed, burned and rewritten. Their has been only one so called religion that has killed to convert. Islam. And all the Muslims were practicing their faith not a bunch of Isis people that are now doing the same. Faithful Muslim are not allowed to read the Bible either because they can be killed. Why? Because the ones who have found the truth and converted to see how ridiculous and full of plagiarism and lies that are in the Koran. The Muslim on this post has been brainwashed. As a faithful Catholic I can read other faiths and what they write to refute the Lies of Christianity. Today with the Internet we can educate ourselves better than we could when people couldn’t understand what the Koran said. Now we can read it from reputable people and one women that had written a book Why they Hate by Gabriel Brigette tells her story about the problem in Lebanon when the Muslims took over.

    The reality is that Islam is not peacful, only when they are in the minority. Once they are in the majority then it’s over for non Muslims.

    God help us!

    • satch1

      Like the Marxists, it’s matter of definition of the word peace: Marxist peace means world communism. Muslim peace means a world of Muslims.
      Islam is dualistic. One set of laws for Muslims and another for kafirs.

  5. dangoat

    Use this response column to practice presentation of facts against the Islamophiles who feel justified in their clumsy prose. They will always be present, and here, in the safety of the webpage, one can practice arguments in a cool, factual manner in this – support each other. Let the Mohammedans?Muslims that post here be the grinding stone against which we sharpen our expression. Let them come; welcome their effusion, their confused postings, their name calling, their bad sophistry, their broken logic and their violent intent: it is great practice for those of us who are quick to anger. Peace, and destroy their arguments not for them, but for those that watch the conversation unfold.

  6. haidarnrcu

    for every verse put all the explanations that have been written and accepted by different Islamic schools. In this way when you talk with follower of any Islamic cult we would know in advance what his cult believe ,or else you would leave an escape route….Good luck although my doubt is huge

  7. David Critchley

    1 John 2:22-27

    1 John 2:22-27 NIV
    [22] “Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist” he denies the Father and the Son. [23] No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also. [24] See that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father. [25] And this is what he promised us—even eternal life. [26] I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray. [27] As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit”just as it has taught you, remain in him. ”

    Thank you,
    Best wishes,

  8. Islam is & always will be the truth

    Jesus is God? Jesus is son of God? that’s what I call a contradiction…
    and there are too many scientific evidences in the qur’an, i.e. ants communicating (just recently came to light scientifically), and also, our true religion acknowledges Jesus, peace be upon him, and every muslim must believe in him as a prophet, messenger of God, and believe in that he was taken up to the Heavens by the Almighty.

    Not slandering like you have been.
    Too many proofs out there, youtube ’em.


  9. Bako


    Jesus is GOD. He was resurrected from the DEAD. He is ALIVE and Reigning king of the universe. Abraham, Mohammed, Buddha are all DEAD.

    There is a ton of historical evidence.

    Your Moral Argument FAILS on MILLIONS of grounds on the BLOOD of 3 MILLIONS CHRISTIANS who died for the sake of Christ in Anatolia in 1915

    What do you don’t understand is that the WEST is NOT CHRISTIAN!!!! IT IS NOT, simply put their is general christian values that the people of the west follow, but they are not Christian! That’s insane, recent estimates puts Evangelical Christianity at 7-8% of American population!

    Head-coverings (1 Cor. 11) just proves that Mohammed stole this instruction from Paul writing to the Church of Corinth, that wives (married women) should wear a veil, while prayer or in “prophecy” a prophetic gift given to women by the HOLY SPIRIT who is God forever blessed!


    Mohammed claimed that SEMEN originated in the spine, or that the Earth was in the shape of an EGG.

    Lastly their is several CONTRADICTIONS in the Koran.


    Mohammed states “I have come to affirm what was before me, the Gospel and Law (Torah)”

    Mohammed states “The word of God cannot be changed”

    Mohammed states “The Gospel and Law have been corrupted”.

    WELL WELL WELL WOULD you look at here?

    Anyone with a inch of brain would know that a ant could discern that this is a gigantic contradiction.
    Unfortunately this isn’t a paradox, it is simply a gigantic oops I can’t disprove the Bible so I should just say it’s corrupted.

    Lastly HOW Mohammed died, disproves himself as a profit. The Hadiths tell us he screams “My Aorta is being severed” after being poisoned by the Jewish women. AND HE IS UNABLE TO DETECT THE POISON LIKE OLD TESTAMENT PROFIT ELISHA DID.

    Several times if you have read the Koran friend Mohammed states that “If i am not a prophet of God, why doesn’t he “rent” or severe my aorta?”


    I can’t waste any more time refuting your false claims. I can only invite you to read the BIBLE the REAL WORD OF GOD. AND DISCOVER HOW PERFECT IT IS! BECAUSE EVEN MOHAMMED RECOGNIZED when he stole and plagiarized it.

    JESUS CHRIST CHANGES YOU if you will invite him to reveal himself to you as the true GOD. You must first admit your a sinner, and accept his death burial and resurrection on your behalf. Then ask for the Holy Spirit, and what follows is a new life, and a new born person changed by the Word of God, Jesus!

  10. Islam is & always will be the truth

    Mark – if only you could back this up, and not go of your own whim’s. And do tally up chechnia, bosnia, kosovo, palestine, iraq, sudan, somalia, egypt, syria, palestine (and all the others’ that had so many brutal rapings, pillaging, lootings, and outright murders from the hands of the colonial west) against your claim.

  11. Mark

    Political Islam has killed more people both Muslims and nonmuslims. Than any other belief system in all of history!

  12. Islam is & always will be the truth

    Just one example of how we should interact with non-muslims. Yes, many MUSLIMS may be at fault with this, not ISLAM. Islam’s rulings always have and will remain the same, how muslims act upon them is a different issue (are all christian’s acting upon Christianity the way they should without deviation?) And in a political climate where the west is desperately trying to suppress Islam for its own benefits, I am not surprised (but still acknowledge it is wrong and against Islam) that people treat non-muslims in this manner.

    I personally smile at non-muslims, have good relations with them, as many can attest to. And no, I talk with rational proofs rather than hate-founded rhetoric. Peace =)

  13. Ron Williams

    To the very, very wordy muslim – I suspect that this is how you debate anyone who disagrees with you and your pathetic ‘religion’ face to face, no? Just keep talking and talking until your opponent gives up, waves their hands in the air and leaves.

    This does not constitute victory in a discussion. Your so-called beliefs remain as basless as before.

    The fact is there is no predominantly islamic country in which is safe to be non-muslim. There is no islamic country in which is safe to be the wrong kind of muslim.

    This is a ‘religion of peace?

    It is to laugh, monsieur…

  14. Islam is & always will be the truth

    firstly, your point is weak and non sensical – look at what is said, not the fact that it was men that wrote it up, and you will see it comes from the One and only Allah.
    secondly, how dare people cite the millions dead due to muslims, when there is are millions dead due to what capitalism believes in? And still dying to this day actually, but we should turn a blind eye to that should we? To Israel constantly defying the UN’s rules, to using chemical weapons, and displacing and killing generations of muslims (who historically helped them out), all with the massive financial aid of America?
    Thats one small example, and I really can list many many more, (and these aren’t based solely on belief, but on fact, like the rest of my comments) but won’t due to what I’ve said above, why bother with insincere people looking to jump on the mainstream view and have double standards with things like mass murder etc. Where I stand – killing innocent people is wrong – both ways. The killing from muslims defending themselves from persecution, tyranny etc etc, I agree with, and are doing so in retaliation to your countries securing their interests through any means possible, (whatever the collateral damage), but any other deaths, e.g. 9/11, etc (which some could argue is also in retaliation to your countries’ constant interferences – just go away and let the people do what they please? of course not, as that would mean the rise of political islam, which petrifies them), i disagree with and every innocent killed should not have been.
    But what’s America’s, (and the west in general), what’s their reasoning?
    Goodbye insincere, biased, unwilling, non-knowledgable person.

  15. Islam is & always will be the truth

    firstly, your point is weak and non sensical – look at what is said, not the fact that it was men that wrote it up, and you will see it comes from the One and only Allah.
    secondly, how dare people cite the millions dead due to muslims, when there is are millions dead due to what capitalism believes in? And still dying to this day actually, but we should turn a blind eye to that should we? To Israel constantly defying the UN’s rules, to using chemical weapons, and displacing and killing generations of muslims (who historically helped them out), all with the massive financial aid of America?
    Thats one small example, and I really can list many many more, (and these aren’t based solely on belief, but on fact, like the rest of my comments) but won’t due to what I’ve said above, why bother with insincere people looking to jump on the mainstream view and have double standards with things like mass murder etc. Where I stand – killing innocent people is wrong – both ways. The killing from muslims defending themselves from persecution, tyranny etc etc, I agree with, and are doing so in retaliation to your countries securing their interests through any means possible, (whatever the collateral damage), but any other deaths, e.g. 9/11, etc (which some could argue is also in retaliation to your counttres constant interferences – just go away and let the people do what they please? of course not, as that would mean the rise of political islam, which petrifies them), i disagree with and every innocent killed should not have been.
    But what’s America’s, (and the west in general), what’s their reasoning?
    Goodbye insincere, biased, unwilling, non-knowledgable person.

  16. greygandalf

    Hmmm. Let me see, Muselman. Everything you write (including your quotes). Depend on one thing, and one thing only. Belief. Just imagine a what if scenario.
    What if only one (1) word in the Koran was wrong? But that cannot be, because it is perfect. It was written by humans, therefore it is conceivable that one (1) word is wrong.
    Then it is no longer perfect. It is no longer the word of God, no longer to be believed in.
    I don’t care how many Muselmen there are who believe – if the idea is wrong, all of them are wrong. Having a multitude of people believing a wrong idea, does not make that idea right.
    And how many millions have died, all because Muselmen think that what they believe in, is true.

  17. Islam is & always will be the truth

    Haha, to patricia, very funny that as the bible (what original parts are left of it before absolute plagiarism) tells women to cover their heads too.
    So your statement is an oxymoron.

  18. Patricia Spayd

    Oh blah, blah, blah about your Koran! The horrible crimes of the West also exist in Muslim countries, you just duck your head under the camel dung and breathe! The Koran is plagiarized from the Torah, New Testament, Zoroaster the Persian, and a bit of Charles Manson style ravings thrown in. Yes, I read the Koran. As a Christian, when I can walk with my silver cross around my neck – and as a woman – with my hair and face uncovered in any muslim country, then I might might believe Islam was peaceful. However, the men with the stones in their hands would convince me otherwise. Women are covered with black cloth and dare not even peek out to even dine in public. Barbarianism = Islam

  19. Islam is & always will be the truth

    First and foremost,
    All Praise and Glory belong solely to Allah, Exalted and Glorified is He, far above what they attribute with Him…

    To Mel…
    your first message goes hand in hand with the second – both utter rubbish.
    Freemasonry and islam? ‘Gravitate towards positions of influence and power’? Seriously? Wake up and smell the coffee, of reality and not such allude delusory.

    Also, your opposing ‘war is deceit’? Lol, just research americans foreign policy to affirm this statement to you….or here’s a quick visual form –

    And stop de-contextualising sayings of the prophet….terror (cast into the hearts of the people) is a phrase often used in the Qu’ran and Hadith and come back to me when you understand the linguistic and contextual elements of what being said, rather than taking it on face value.

    I could sit here and correct each and every one of your points (e.g was there any disagreement amongst the culture and context of that time to the marriage of Aisha may Allah be pleased with her, at that age, and consummation at 9? As if there was, it would surely have been noted, and it was the father of Aisha that gave her away, and of course would not have done this if it was wrong)….cultures, era’s, and contexts my friend. How can you try to ridicule a culture 1400 years on, stripping it of all context, and i’ll give you an example – what was the age of consent in America during the 1800’s? Some 13, Some 12, some 10, and even 7 in Delaware…now should I jump on the same bandwagon? For it is the same nation we are talking about, that you worship and idolise today? This was just a few hundred years ago never mind 1400, but it is context and culture that was different. At least islam remains the same and says people can marry from the age of puberty onwards, yet your laws (of course because their man made) change with whims, desires and personal interests – e.g. wasn’t homosexuality seen as a mental illness and disease just a hundred years ago?

    Again, not going to bother defending my truthful religion to insincere and frivolous person’s like yourself. Of course you’re going to take this stance, it’s the mainstream view and what all sheep who don’t think will take. Your culture is rife with pedophilia, sexual abuse, promiscuity, drug abuse, selfishness (‘survival of the fittest mentality) and so much more, and you know what, I am the first to put my hands up and say there are middle eastern countries with cultural deformities also, and you know why? Because (as i have explained in one of my first posts above, if you care to read through) Islam on the whole, as an ideology, in it’s political form, isn’t being practised anywhere in the world right now, which also answers your question about any country that is peaceful right now, none, because it is tyrannical, puppet (via the west) rule that we see, with self interests and exploitation and not ruling for the people as true Islam did in the past – which i have commented on in previous post – about the equal, if not superior rights of the non-muslims, side by side with the muslims, so if you care to research ‘non muslim rights under the caliphate’ you will see – but of course you dont WANT to, as what’s in it for you? How will it conform to the mainstream shallow view you follow? How will it benefit your egotistical and hate filled agenda? It wont.

    “Say, ‘O My slaves who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair of the Mercy of Allah; indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.'”

    “Your duty is only to convey (the Message) and on Us is the reckoning)”
    The Noble Qur’an

    • aschere1

      Equating the US’s approach on pedophilia to Islam’s approach on pedophilia? I must have missed the part in secular US legal theory where it condones pedophilia.

  20. Mel

    To the apologist of Islam writing on this blog… say “there are hundreds of points showing the “peace, mercy, serenity and truth of (your) religion. Can you name one country or region that is ruled by Islamic law or dominated by Muslims that is at peace; where Christians and other minorities have equal rights with Muslims?

    Your so-called “prophet” himself said

    “War is deceit” (Hadith Bukari 52:269)

    …and that he “..had been made victorious through terror. (Hadith Bukhari, Vol 4 52:220)

    When Muhammad, who had at least 18 wives (one of whom was 6 years old when he married her) and countless female slave concubines, first began experiencing the “revelations” which formed the basis for the Quran, he thought he was being attacked by the Jinn (demonic spirits). It was his wife who persuaded him that he was mistaken. The entire credibility of the Quran’s Divine origin rests on the testimony of one woman who convinced Muhammad that it was the angel Gabriel, and not a demon, who was appearing to him. And the opinion of one woman means almost nothing in an Islamic court of law.

    No my Muslim friend, Islam has never been based on truth. It is a very cunning and violent deception which has wrought untold suffering and backwardness upon the world.

    The good news is that you can be free from it. You don’t have to remain its victim. You can leave it and come to the truth, and the Truth shall set you free.

  21. Mel

    Thank you Bill for your insights and analysis. It is dead on. You certainly point out “inconvenient” facts which the mainstream media and academic world refuse to acknowledge. In your video you refer to this lack of balance and truth in westernj education and culture as the “abused wife” syndrome. I see your point. But I wonder if there is something else as well. Are you familiar with the connection between radical Islam and Freemasonry? At least one US Congressman has alluded to it, and the Shriners, of course (who are Muslim) are also high level Freemasons. Similarly, many symbols in Freemasonry are the same as in Islam. Since Freemasonry is pervasive throughout Western societies and its members gravitate towards positions of influence and power, it makes sense that Freemasons would appreciate Islam’s methodology in the quest for political power and influence. If, all along, Freemasons have been in bed with the jihadists, then it makes sense that most of our history books are not telling the truth when it comes to Islam, since there is little doubt that there are enough Freemasons who are in positions of power within our education systems to ensure that American’s have the wool pulled over their eyes.

  22. Islam is & always will be the truth

    Also, in regards to the meccan/medinan period, again, you have de-contextualised the situation to slander our prophet. Why is it then that the second revelation of the Qur’an read to “…arise and warn”? And the muslims had to face brutal persecution yet resisted it and went on to profess their true belief? Yes it was less open due to them being a minority and persecuted so horrifically, yet nevertheless they did not denounce their belief, as numerous examples show (I doubt it, but if you wished to truly acknowledge that is). Also, there are numerous examples to show the peace and love of our prophet (Peace be upon him) whilst he was in Medina, a time where yes he did have a better political standing, e.g. a contractual agreement our prophet set with the Jews (before part of them betrayed and conspired) – “- The Jews who enter into this covenant shall be protected from all insults and vexations; they shall have an equal right as our own people to our assistance and good offices. The Jews of the various tribes”and all other non-Muslim residents of Medina shall form with the Muslims one composite nation

    – They shall practice their religion as freely as the Muslims.

    – The allies of the Jews shall enjoy the same security and freedom. The guilty shall be pursued and punished. The Jews shall join the Muslims in defending Medina against all enemies. The interior of Medina shall be a sacred place for all who accept this Charter. The allies of the Muslims and of the Jews shall be as respected as the principal parties of this Charter.”

    Also, upon having grown immensely (in the tens of thousands) Muslims returned to ‘the conquest of Mecca’ , where they took back their homeland, and what was our Prophet’s reaction to the people who very deeply and personally hurt, slandered, tortured and made the muslims’ lives living hell? He chose to forgive every single one of them amidst their massive fear and surrender at the sheer might of the muslims – so no, Muhammad (PBUH) wasn’t a vile man who chose violence every time he had power behind him, as this renowned example openly shows. And the non-believer, Michael H. Hart didn’t rank our prophet as number 1of the 100 most influential people, and Indian pacifist Gandhi didn’t talk so positively about him if he thought he was violent.

    with the point of having a church in mecca, I wont retaliate with ‘why hasn’t the vatican got a mosque’ as a lot of people do, as this isn’t an equal comparison, as well as, more importantly, it is not for intolerant reasons that Saudi hasn’t, but more ideological, and is put perfectly by this fellow sister:

    As someone who “reverted” to Islam and have been on both sides of the fence so to speak, Muslims should NEVER allow a church in Saudi Arabia – not because we are not tolerant – but because we do not help others in their blasphemy. What some people do not understand is that all the Prophets, peace be upon them, were Muslim. Muslim is an Arabic word that means submission to God and for sure ALL of the Prophets (from Adam to Muhammad, peace be upon them all)submitted to the one and only Creator (God) who has NO partner in his Dominion and does not resemble the creation in any way. So this is why we do NOT allow churches inside Saudia Arabia because we do not help the spread of blasphemy. Meaning that God (Allah) does NOT have a son, a daughter, a mother etc. and it is wrong for us to assist in the spreading of this belief. To believe that God (Allah) has a son, daughter, mother, etc. is blasphemy. May Allah protect us from this. Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, is an honoured Prophet in Islam and to allow a church inside Saudia Arabia does not honour him.

    There are hundred’s of points showing the peace, mercy, serenity and truth of our religion and prophet, but to those who actually want to know and see the truth, rather than jump with the majority view, and easier stance of standing on the sideline and slandering something that seems incomprehensible and barbaric in relation to your schema’s, but is, in reality, a peace and mercy to the whole of mankind. But no, I feel you do not WANT to know, want to see, you just want to see islam rebuked and slandered for no true reason, but reasons you instantly think are true, on a whim, or via conformity or opposing your own beliefs/way of life. So, please forgive me if i have said anything incorrect, and oh Allah, you are the All-seeing and All-knowing, please grant this sincere effort and try from me, and help me to convey the mercy to everyone I can, so You do not account me on the day of reckoning, where true justice will be served.
    I’ll end on the Almighty’s words –

    Surah Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers)

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
    Say: “Oh, you who disbelieve!
    “I do not worship that which you worship,
    “Nor do you worship That Which I worship.
    “Nor will I worship that which you have been worshipping,
    “Neither will you worship That Which I worship.
    “To you your religion and to me mine.”


  23. Islam is & always will be the truth

    [002.256] there is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Tāghut (idol worshipping) and believes in Allah, and then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower – its a verse in the Qu’ran.

    the first sentence of this Qu’ranic verse shows the non-compulsive nature of our religion – you must differentiate the obligation of having to make God’s word the Highest and to reach everywhere, and still giving people their rights under this Sovereignty, as has happened for many years before – “we are advised in the Quran to deal with people of the Book with special status. Their food has been made lawful to us, and marrying their women has been allowed (the Quran 5:5), and we are told “Do not argue with the people of the Book otherwise than in most kind manner…” (29:46).”

    COEXISTENCE – There are numerous examples. Even in the days of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he used to ask his wife to remember her Jewish neighbor in their meal. Once he stood up for the funeral of a Jew. He allowed Christian delegation from Najran to stay in the mosque and pray there. He forbade Muslim an-nies to destroy churches and synagogues as prohibited in the Quran (22:40). He advised Muslims to emigrate to Christian Abyssinia to enjoy the justice of Christian monarch there. He freed the daughter of Hatim, the ruler of Christian tribe Tayyi.

    With Jews we have a long history of peaceful co-existence. When Jews were being persecuted in Europe in the Middle Ages, where did they find peace and harmony? It was Muslim Spain, It is that era of Jewish history that they call the “Golden Age”. As Rabbi Minken put it, “it was Mohammedan Spain, the only land the Jew knew in centuries after their dispersion which made the genius of physician possible.” After the fall of Spain, they followed Muslims to Morocco and to Egypt where Maimonides became the personal physician of Saladin, who sent him to King Richard to treat the king. In the Ottoman Empire, Jews and Muslims lived and flourished together. Muslim scholars always respected the rights of non-Muslim minority. When the Mongol Tartar became Muslim after capturing Baghdad, he wanted to free fellow Muslims, but Ibn Taimiyyah insisted that the king, if he was a true Muslim should free non- Muslim prisoners, too.”

    so do not wrongfully cite examples of our beloved prophet, as yes, Jews were killed at the time, but for conspiring and numerously trying to kill the prophet, and many more reasons, so again, no need to de-contextualise events for your own biased purposes. Our religion demonstrates and encourages peace. I am sick of saying this to ears who do not want to hear it, so I will just respond to your points and leave you be, as I know you do not want to see the truth, but just further slander and blaspheme, regarding the true religion.

  24. objective

    Mr. Muslim:

    When islam is in the minority it is a religion, a religion of peace and no compulsion or coerscion as to religion. When it is in the majority or ascendent it becomes a political movement. In early Meccan period Mohammed told the Meccans he was merely trying to send them their God`s message to them and had no material or political asperations. In Medina he beheaded every adult Jew claiming they commited treason against him. We saw this again in Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood achieved ascendecy they introduced coercion and compulsion ignoring that democracy meant preserving the rights of minorities. There is a Mosque in the suburbs of Rome and nearly every major city in the west. I`ll believe Islam is only a peaceful religion when I see churches and synogogues and buddhist and hindu temples in the cities of Mecca and Medina. If you cannot contemplate that then every thing you say about Islam only being merely a religion of peace without compulsion is an, ahem, untruth.

  25. Islam is & always will be the truth

    hahahahahaha funny how my posts get deleted – point proven!

  26. Islam is & always will be the truth

    P.S, in regards to your name ‘islam is terror’ America, Britain, and pretty much the whole of Europe is terror, but in a clever, hidden way (brainwashing their people into not seeing it and treating them as fools, inviting them to come slander the religion that is their largest fear and threat), which doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it, but your leaders fear it will take away their financial gain, so of course they will paint it in such a bad light. Wake up.

  27. Islam is & always will be the truth

    There is no God but Allah, and He truly is the Majestic, the Wise.

    No, islam is a religion of peace for all those accepting (and not mocking, belittling or slandering it, big deal, it teaches us to defend ourselves from ridicule and slander as is happening today).
    Accepting and submitting are 2 different things, as so many people lived peacefully under islam (key point being whilst still being given the freedom to practice whichever religion they wanted). Also, the reason I give examples of the past is because the whole, comprehensive Islamic system was being practised then and is nowhere to be seen today, so with regards to your comment about minorities in muslim countries today- it isn’t valid, as it is not islam being practised there (although it may seem it to you simply by the sentiments of the masses), but it is oppressive and tyrannical rule (highly influenced and orchestrated by the West – know your history accurately), and the masses are dying due to this (especially in the countries you have mentioned: the west have long participated in the demise of these lands) and they are dying by the hundred’s in this present day, so never mind the minorities opinion on something that isn’t even true islam – of course your view on the matter will be biased when what your judging on isn’t even islam, just look into your history and you will see the treacherous attitudes of your nation.

    I’m suggesting that bloodshed and war is OK? why is islam always the scapegoat, or always being highlighted for violence…from WW2 (if not before) onwards, look into the vile actions of America, Britain and the majority of Europe to see who thinks war and bloodshed is ok. The infiltration of Iraq? With key figures now openly admitting it was nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction? Do you know how many died there, how many innocents (women raped and killed, as well as children) aside from the ‘terror threats’, Guantanamo Bay – research the amount of people let out with no charges, with no reason to even be put in there, but faced brutal torture…the list goes on, and if for one second you think this is for your nation to eradicate ‘terror threats’ and ‘national security’ and the rest of the crap they feed you, then seriously think again, U.S top general Martin Dempsey’s comments regarding Syria, and not intervening because it isn’t ‘in our interests’ prove it is not for humanitarian purposes they ruthlessly invade, but for their own ‘interests’ i.e. OIL, and so many financial gains. Seen here –
    Another interesting read for you –
    ^ and these are just mainstream media sources, wait until you research from non-biased sources (if you cared to know the real truth that is)

    I don’t suppose pleading with you guys to see the truth is going to be of any fruition, as Islam is made to be the big oppressive baddy worldwide (wonder why?), and it is easier to jump on that bandwagon, and to instantly believe the hatred towards it, and to carry on with a life dictated by one’s own whims and desires, then it is to wake up, use one’s own intellect, conduct unbiased, in-depth research, whether it be religious or historical, see the positive’s regarding islam for once, and having a non-contextualised view of its teachings, all it is doing in essence is calling out to man as a warning, of how life isn’t over upon entering your grave. I mean, do you honestly and holistically believe you were put on this earth to enjoy yourself, do what you want, and then to decompose in the grave for eternity, seriously? “Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day
    of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has
    attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.”
    (Ale-‘Imraan 3:185)

    It mercifully tells us an in-depth description of how we will be held to account for every single action we did, and then will be the time we will cry out saying, please let us go to the earth again, just so we can worship you and not be of the losers. And this may sound non-sencical and ancient to you, but from a book describing exactly how the first man was Created, affirming Jesus (May God’s Peace be upon him) and his miraculous and prophetic nature, and thousands of miracles (again, read the “scientific miracles of Islam” facebook page), then you would see it is the truth and a warning. This life is very short compared to that of the eternal afterlife, be wise, be of the winners, that is all this bigggg piece from me is about, that I wish you to be successful and prosperous, and not the miserly, painful losers.

    May God guide you to the truth, and allow you to see this is not just our “politics” to wisen up to, for He is the All-Encompassing, Ever-Able.

  28. islam is terror

    W.r.t the gentleman who has posted on islam”..islam is a religion of peace ONLY for those submitting to it. For the rest , it is worse than hell. Ask the minorities in muslim countries such as egypt, pakistan, afghanistan “.. You are suggesting that bloodshed and war etc is OK for the word of your god to prevail” and still you say islam is peaceful ? The world in now wiser to your politics thanks to initiates like this website.

  29. Islam is & always will be the truth

    P.S, yes our religion was political in its latter (Medinan) Phase, however it is not a forceful/imposing religion. It spread Islam (Yes through physical/political means) to the masses, however this was to fulfill the obligation of ensuring God’s word prevails on the land, don’t get this mixed up with forceful compulsion, as our religion clearly states there is no compulsion in religion, so under this notion of spreading Islam to all lands, it also gives member the freedom to choose their religion, as how else were there christians and Jews. These non-muslims have many rights under the state, and are protected/honoured just as muslims are, it is thew rulings and laws that are Islamic, so dont get this confused with compelling Islam onto people.

    If the west detests it so much, surely they’s let the middle east (e.g. even today, the majority of people on the ground in Egypt want Islam and not democracy) rule by what the masses want? Or would this ruin their self-benficial aims and objectives?

  30. Islam is & always will be the truth

    Why is it that this Qu’ran, the word of Almighty God, has miracle after miracle in its sayings at teachings, that could no way have been found out 1400 years ago, and the scientists are still affirming to this day? Check facebook page “The scientific miracles of Islam” and read for yourself from an unbiased perspective.

    Islam is peace, but yes it also involves war, bloodshed and more…why? For the word of God to prevail (which sounds extreme to you but if you look into it is perfection for humans, as who knows us better than our creator?) And not the man-made laws ever changing and evolving for man’s own benefit and (more often than not – financial benefit). Why is it that the middle east (MUSLIM world) cant be left to rule the way (the mass population have proved to favour) wants? Because the west are hungry for it’s oil and monetary gain, thus invade, manipulate and impose it’s way of life on it, under the notion of ‘fighting terrorism’, which is terrorism within itself, as guantanamo bay and so much more hidden truths reveal. So, if we’re talking about violence, let us acknowledge the murderous, blood-stained west which you so lovingly favour, before pointing the finger at my religion.
    I mean, you guys thought homosexuality was a mental disorder less than a century ago, age for sexual consent was 13 in many parts of America until the 1800’s, and so much more. Don’t take the moral high ground thinking you are perfection, when this is not the case.

    Go look up peace, ethical conduct, and so much more in Islam. Even a smile to a neighbour/non-muslim is sooo rewarding, and good character is of the highest status of a muslim. Go look at the history of peaceful co-existence under Political Islamic Rule, i.e Andalus (Modern day Spain, and the rights of Jews and Christians under this state). But no, you shall carry on mocking a religion that is the truth, just if you could talk the man-made goggles off, and look past your current schemas, as yes, inevitably there will be aspects you dont understand/agree with, but if you look at it holistically and not with bias, you will come to know it is a mercy for the whole of mankind, saving us from the inevitable tribulations starting from the minute our souls are removed from our bodies.

    The Quran states: “Surely, Every soul shall taste death”.
    Peace be with you, and may you acknowledge the truth.

    • winabi

      And what exactly will happen to you ‘starting from the minute our souls are removed from our bodies’ ?

  31. Democracyistheanswer

    Bill Warner’s excellent message about objective truth is hard to assimilate in our post-modern age since so many young people (and some elders) believe in ‘subjective truth’.

    Some are so subjective, they make suppositions and then ask us to argue with them on the ‘truth’ of a supposition.

    Post-moderns are so blasé about finding objectivity, they will ask ‘Why SHOULD that be true?’ rather than ‘Why IS that true?’

    Nonetheless, for the 1300 years following Mohammed, Islamic orthodoxy was well-defined and well-defended. ‘Innovation’ is a capital offense in Islam and any Muslim has the authority to carry out the death sentence on a blasphemer. That’s in Sharia law and it was confirmed by Islam’s top university.

  32. Democracyistheanswer

    Don Ruane can get Bill Warner’s abridged series of quotes from Sira, hadiths and Koran on this website at the ‘Store’ tab above.

    In answer to his concerns about Obama, while Obama attends Christian worship and self-identifies as a Christian, his policies vis-à-vis Islam are no doubt informed by the concerns of Saudi Arabia which has a large say in the price of oil. George Bush was also deferential to the concerns of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family is caught in a philosophical bind, now being the targets of the political movement (Salafism) that the House of Saud helped to invent. They are now forced to gradually dismantle Salafism otherwise they will become its eventual victims.


    Hi from the UK
    have just started as a ‘ warner ‘ Bill’s analysis is irrefutable, no one can challenge these facts. Brilliant. my countrymen are hell bent on surrender and cultural suicide. See the Dailymail website for daily updates on the situation re Moslems here. The murder of Lee Rigby has triggered huge resentment and is having effect

  34. Don Ruane

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    1: Obama was born to a Muslin father?

    2. Obama was adopted by a muslin stepfather?

    3. Obama studied in a Muslin school and the primary or only subject was the Koran

    4. Obama has been founded by the Muslin Brotherhood from the beginning.

    5. Obama is using Mohannd’s infiltration handbook to destroy the great Satan.

    Please give me the address where I can get all three books.

    Thanks Don Ruane

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