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Paul Weston, a political candidate in Britain, was arrested and charged with racism and hate crimes for reading a quote from Winston Churchill about Islam. We must start resisting this kind of fascism.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. srilalitha

    well a put a name to this kind of behaviour of muslims and bring a law saying how unfair is islam and say that country should be gaurded against it who ever wants to live in ur country should not say or want sharia laws etc if they want … it will be treated as against the country and will be punishable …

  2. cjk

    @John Islam:Well I as someone who believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of God agrees with you.
    It is prophesied that Satan (Allah) will indeed be allowed to completely take control of this world via his two agents, the Beast (Al Madhi) and his cohort known as the False Prophet (Issa). Yes the cross will be broken and all will be forced to bow to Allah (Satan) on pain of death.
    See John the only problem is that all who submit to this evil wickedness will end up in a resurrected body burning in a Lake of Fire with the profit Moe, Allah, the Beast, and the False Prophet for eternity.
    Repent and turn to true goodness and not that of some evil god who has a murderous pedophile as his profit.

  3. John Islam

    To all Muslim ..

    I have said a gaim and again..
    We muslim will win and what The truth seeker had said
    from PIg grabeil Nd the likes of all muslim haters
    like Bill will and shall be dealth with…

    I convert cos I saw it coming and lete reminds
    all you kafirs that when we muslim
    are victorius.. you kafird will pay dearly ..
    i mean very desrly for we muslim are serving
    evil yo brring evil humanity.. for you who say we are evil shall be good… in good amd evil… wr musllim e il in your eyes shall win…

    do your logical reasoning….
    i have said before.. we muslim won the wat not because we do it by ourselves..
    we done it because of YOUR kafir stupidity called
    leftist and demicrates … your media. your hollywood.. your top linerals school..
    your own who support us muslim…

    i have said enough… islam will win and there is
    NOthing .. nothing … nothing .. can do…. I just hope BIll is alive to see all the actrocities he watn about shall before right in front his dying us … we muslim promised usa.. islam will deatryoed in fact is alrwady happening..
    USA… inahiallal.. there is no hod but allah and mohamed the righnteous humans ever walk tje earth shall rule world…


    Hi Dr. Bill W.,

    Islamofacists are using their war strategies with the combination of Stealth(civilization), Defensive and Offensive Jihads against the non-Muslim capitalists, socialists, communists, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu, Bahai etc through Deception and Manipulations of the majority of the non-muslims’ ignorance of Islamic doctrines to conquer and dominate the Non-Muslims through the inside and outside tactics to subjugate the non-Muslims so that Sharia Laws are allowed and imposed on the non-Muslims communities and countries.

    In the case of UK, Europe and USA, the Islamofacists are using the Divide and Rule techniques by pretending to team up with the non-Muslim socialists/communists to defeat the non-muslim capitalists in the first stage, then the leftists are obligated to allow Sharia laws to be introduced and welcome more muslims to immigrate into UK, Europe and USA as leftist’s supporters without knowing that the Evil Islamofacists have other plans.

    Once inside, the Evil Islamofacists leaders and advisors in the name of their Arab Pagan Moon God command muslims to multiply rapidly to outnumber the leftists in the shortest period.

    Then stage 2, Defensive Jihads are activated and the leftists still obligate to them as they are supposed to be leftists supporters. The leftists submit to the Islamofacists-partner’s demand eg more mosques and Islamic centres are built to accomodate their propaganda of their political and military doctrines.

    Islam are taught in schools and universities to brain-wash the non-muslim children and the young to submit to Islam and become their jihadists to work for them to destroy the non-Muslims in their own homes and ground.

    These Evil Islamofacists also condemn the non-Muslims practices as haram ( forbidden-fifty, shits etc ) so as to divide the children and their parents.

    When their numbers are sufficiently large enough and Sharia laws are used in UK, Europe and USA. plus they are recruited in the Military, Police, Parliament and Judiciary system. The 3rd stage of OFFENSIVE JIHADS shall be activated, Islamofacists forming many military camps and cells in UK, Europe and USA join forces with Islamofacists in Middle -East and the Islamic Caliphate, call for Offensive Jihads against the non-Muslims in UK, Europe and USA,. At this stage, what can the non-Muslim leftists do as they are outnumbered and so addicted to the Islamofacists’ support to win the election? Clearly, the leftists shall submit or forced conversion or beheaded as sacrifice to the Arab Pagan Moon god like the Christians in Lebanon to the Islamic Terrorists / Islamofacists.

    ( Christian population in Lebanon was reduced and destroyed from 70% majority to 25% minority by the Islamofacists in a short period after the Lebanese welcome the muslims to migrate to Lebanon.

    Now the Christians become terrorised Dhimmis and Slaves in their own country by the Evil Islamofacists- from Brigitte Gabriel )


  5. I support Mr. Westons right to express his opinions about any subject. I do not believe in political correctness. I believe in absolute correctness. Paul Weston has the right to express his opinions about any subject. I denoiunce his arrest.

    G. R. Scharoubim

  6. Kingsley Beattie

    I am amazed, and very angry, that the politicians in the UK, have enacted laws that require/allow the police to arrest persons who comment on any ideology; be it Marxism, Socialism, Christianity, Islam or Darwinism. The fact that Paul Weston simply quoted Winston Churchill, makes the attack on “ideas” both laughable and disgusting.

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