Tactics for Counter Jihad

Many people are afraid of speaking out about Political Islam. But, once you understand the nature of our enemies, you need not be afraid. Actually, we have two enemies: the far enemy (Islam) and the near enemy (the apologists). You only need to deal with the apologists, such as ministers, media editors, school board members and opinion makers. The only damage you will have to contend with is being called names, such as bigot, hater and racist.

We must educate the apologists by understanding their principles and showing them how Political Islam violates their own beliefs. Once they can see this, they can become an ally.

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  1. Aingel

    Pleasure to share. Found advice, to which may be added that those who accuse dissenters of bigotry etc, are themselves guilty of a profound bigotry towards the success of Christian moralisation, which has enabled the “western world” to transcend mundane evolution and instead achieve global success in terms of nurturing humanity towards a better future. Only Islam stands in the way of harmony and fulfillment as taught in the Christian ministry ..

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  3. LilyDarcey

    Dr. Warner, may God continue to give you good health and safety as you shed light on the truth to the world about Islam. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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