Refuting Counter-Terrorism Dhimmitude

After the Mumbai jihad a friend received a letter from someone who works in counter-terrorism. The friend is an apologist for Islam. The counter-terrorism friend poses their dhimmitude (apologies) so skillfully that it is worth countering their arguments. The argument … Read More

The First Dhimmis

Mohammed and the Unbelievers The First Dhimmis CHAPTER 21 [Ed.: A dhimmi is a kafir who is a second-class citizen in an Islamic country. There are many legal restrictions on dhimmis, such as not being able to testify against a … Read More

The Dhimmi

Dhimmi and Dhimmitude After Mohammed had destroyed the three tribes of Jews in Medina, he attacked the Jews of Khaybar, a hundred miles away. After they surrendered, he made them dhimmis. A dhimmi was a non-Muslim who agreed to resist … Read More

The Esposito School

Chief of the Dhimmis Sun Tsu speaks of two kinds of enemies in The Art of War. There is the “far enemy” and the “near enemy”. Islam defines itself to be the far enemy of all kafirs (unbelievers). The near … Read More

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