The Four Jihads

Whenever there is Islamic violence the media uses the word “terror” not jihad. The problem is that the jihad of murder is only one of the four jihads and it is the least of jihads. The jihad of murder will kill people, but the jihad of money, speech and writing brings us closer to Sharia. Sharia annihilates a civilization.

Civilizational jihad is found in the content of our new textbooks which praise Islam as the greatest of civilizations. These new textbooks are filled with half truths, which cannot be challenged. The jihad of textbooks will destroy the thinking of a generation.

The jihad of money has invaded our universities which reject critical thought about Islam in exchange for donations from the Saudis. The Islamisation of universities is far worse than murder.

Another jihad that is killing us is found in religious dialogues. The idea sounds wonderful, but the ignorant Jews and Christians just smile and nod their heads as they agree that Islam is so wonderful. Debate is absent by consent. And another nail is driven into the coffin of our civilization.

The jihad of murder is the very least of our problems.

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  3. adrianramage

    Defeat an ideology with a greater ideology, muslims need to be shown that they are sinners too and are alienated from God, God hates sin, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, all have violated His holy law and therefore will be judged accordingly, the price of this is eternal hell, God reached out to all humanity by becoming a man and receiving in himself the wrath of God for sin (on the cross) He rose from the dead and is alive for evermore and his name is Jesus, the saviour of mankind. Only those who will repent of their sins and turn to him will be saved from the wrath to come.
    Islam can save no-one from their sins and the wrath of a Holy and Righteous God who will render to all according to their deeds.

  4. iglinski1

    In my opinion its the jihad of “terror” (violence and murder) that enables the implementation of the other three jihads because of the fear to speak out against them.

    The “terror” also applies to Muslims who are under the threat of murder if they want to leave their religion.

    Terror is the main tool of Islam and it works.

    • brotherjim01

      This is a telling argument against the truth, Muslims say “Islam is.”

      Truth remains truth across all boundaries; races; time; space; life, death. The majority of humanity abides outside the truth, and characteristic to this, are the counterfeits to the ideology of the truth, found within the fallen human nature, again, within our majority.

      That which is antipodal to the fallen human nature, is the truth, and as practiced by the remnant alone who walk after the truth always, is exposed as truth, because in and of itself, its expressions are not self-defeating. A man will allow the woman he loves who has told him, “I no longer love you as my husband; I have found another!” to go and be with the one she loves, as this action of the man in relation to the actions of his wife, will settle the matter as to who has done wrong to the other, and if possible, will cause repentance in the life of the wife, that she will submit to her vows to her Creator, and her husband, rather than seek after her own selfish desires. Thus axiomatic to truth, is the concept of selflessly loving human nature, such that his love for his wife who is untrue to him in her marriage vows, trumps a formerly selfish nature, such that he see her desires for herself, as more important than his own.

      When an acknlowledgement from within Islam concerning receptivity of this spiritual axiom is spoken to, then a ray of the light of truth greater than that which is endemic within present-day Islam, will bring forth great change, and this ray of light, will bring the whole world to a knowledge of the beauty of great truth. Unless this change occurs, Islam will remain but a counterfeit of the prime beauty of the truth, which again, is selflessness of the human spirit.

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  8. William

    Clear minded warning, dire as they are can still be reversed!

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  10. Nils Dacke

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to partly disagree with you. In my opinion money, speech and writing are part of civilizational jihad. Another part of civilizational jihad is infiltation jihad, which successfylly is used here in Europé to infiltrate political parties and other organisations in order to gain support for Islam and counter criticism.
    Even in Sweden we have serious problems with textbooks, which give a rosy picture of Islam.
    Here and in other parts of Europé we have serious problems with demographic jihad through mass-immigration and high birth-rates among muslims.
    Of course I agree with you that these other forms of jihad are fare more dangerous than the violent one. However, I have noticed that they often use violent attacks to impose more concessions on the society.

    I have written a book on islam (unfortunately in Swedish . I have follwed your Writings and fight against Islam and strongly supports you.

    Best regards
    Nils Dacke

  11. Rapidsail

    But the duplicitous Christians and Jews are writing the textbooks aren’t they? And why and to what end do they lie? What tradition or body of ideas do they follow?

    • brotherjim01

      This is a good point; however, there is always an answer to a good point, so long a the “truth,” never to be disposed of in any argument, is not afraid to be sought after!

      Is a Muslim gang of men who rape three women among them while in Cologne as they travel across a new Country, a fair cross-sectionional action of all Muslim men? Do not simply turn away from this answer, but take a stand based upon clear reason. So too, those who write the textbooks as you have suggested – you see, I do not take this for granted as if it really happens, but rather, I choose to take a stand upon the information given, rather than simply walk away from the inference – are Christians or Jews as you suggest, but these are not good Christians, as I am a Christian, and know not of the standards of the Jews.

      Terror is found within christianity too; however, NEVER is terror found being committed by good Christian men and women! Christians who know the truth do not run away from the truth, but speak it, and too, will die for the truth if need be!

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