The Hamas Jihad against Israel

Hamas and Israel are going at it again, and we have the usual comments: “Well, Hamas started it! Well, the Israelis are harming too many Hamas!” And so it goes, back and forth. I would like to stop and take an entirely new look at the Israeli war problem and look at it from an entirely different angle.

The answer is jihad.

If we step back and look at the whole globe, it’s not just Israel that’s involved in jihad. Jihad is everywhere across the globe. That is the global perspective!

Now some people are talking; they talk about the year 1948 when Israel was formed, and that the creation of Israel in the heart of the Middle East is the problem.

The year 1948 is not the problem. The problem started in the year 622, in Medina. When Mohammed moved to Medina it was half Jewish. Two years later it was “judenrein”, cleansed of the Jews. That is when the problem started with the Jews, not in 1948 but in the year 622. So, instead of looking at this year, I’m looking at a 1400 year view of history.

Another thing, if we replaced every Jew in Israel with a Hindu and Buddhist, it wouldn’t make any difference. The jihad would still go on because, you see, the Hindu and Buddhist are Kafir. And that’s the real problem. That Jews are simply the most hated of Kafirs, but Israel is only one of them.

Who is the enemy of Hamas? You say Israel. Wrong again. The enemy of Hamas is every Kafir nation. It just happens that Israel is at the top.

So, what we need here is to stop and take a look at a new strategy based on the reality of Islam. It should go like this: all Kafir nations should be united against Hamas and all other Islamic nations which choose to harm a Kafir nation; a very big view.

Here is another thing: people talk about: “Well they need to come up with a peace treaty.” People who talk like that don’t know anything about Islam and its attitude towards treaties. No treaty in Islam is worth more than 10 years; that would violate the Sharia.

And the other problem with the treaty is that according to the sharia, as soon as Hamas become strong enough it is supposed attack again. So a treaty with an Islamic organization has no meaning.

Now then, what we need is a doctrine of war that seeks to defeat. Right now the whole attempt is, “well could we just get Hamas and Israel to tie?. No, we need to have a win. And the way to win is: don’t negotiate; use massive force and maximum punishment; and then when you punished enough, leave and tell them “If you hurt us again we’ll come back and give you more punishment.”

Now that may sound cruel, but it is based upon Islamic war doctrine. Islam is to support only one view of positiveness towards any Kafir, and that is if the Kafir can be overwhelmingly powerful they will respect them. They won’t like them, but at least they will respect them. So we need overwhelming power, and we need awareness of the fact that this is jihad, and is part of a world problem not an Israel problem.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

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  1. Musyyab yousufi

    Sir can I talh to you on Skype if u have time.i think you have introduced so many miss concepts in history and Islam.

  2. Golan

    In response to Kaye. I see that you have
    not had the opportunity to speak to African Americans. The overwhelming majority of whom have aligned themselves with the Palestinians.

  3. santokh Singh

    You have done an excellent analysis of the Muslim mentality against non-muslims. As a Sikh we have experienced this over many centuries in Northern India and had the Sikhs not stood up to the Mughals, then India would have been an Islamic state today. The muslims only have respect for others while they are in a minority. Once the numbers are in their favour, then the cloak of taqiah is dropped and the real nature of the beast is revealed.All non-muslims need to wake up to this threat and one of the ways is to restrict entry into Europe because they are breeding their way into dominance in many parts of Europe.

  4. Kevin

    The only hope for Bible-based countries is here indeed to become educated about Islam, and the do this:-

  5. Kaye

    Every single American I have had the opportunity to speak with STANDS FIRM with Israel. My family certainly will never believe a word these evil people called ‘hamas,” nor the liberal, biased media we know these people are on a mission, and are very much alive and well in America… it is indeed “beyond,” time for Americans to make the “hope and change,” through self EDUCATION, and as a wise man (American,) once said… Trust but always, always verify… that would certainly include “sources,” which are actually “TRUSTWORTHY,” unlike the evil media would have so many under or uninformed people in “our American CULTURE!”
    Prayers constantly for the PEACE of Jerusalem. Continue to educate folks, Mr. Warner, we bid you Blessings.

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