The Islamic Destruction of Heritage and Culture



The Islamic destruction of Iraq’s and the world’s heritage by burning ancient manuscripts, stealing art and demolishing Assyrian architecture is ongoing. These acts are not criminal violence, but acts of jihad that were first demonstrated by Mohammed. Earlier they broke into museums and sold valuable treasures for the money and then burned manuscripts. Why? It’s Islamic. When we invaded Iraq and Saddam Hussein fell, the same thing happened. When the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt they soon broke into museums, stole treasures and destroyed artifacts. The Taliban brought in artillery guns to blow up the Bamiyan Buddhas, huge statues, that were thousands of years old. Pure Islam. When the Muslims invaded India they came upon the largest wooden temple in the world.  The commanders said burn it. Pure Islam. Islam invaded the Buddhist area of India and burned the world’s largest library. Islamic destruction of heritage has been going on for 1400 years.

Allah hates the Kafir and all Kafir civilizations which are  jahiliyyah (ignorance). This is not the last destruction we will see. As Islam enters every new territory, its purpose is not just take over the government, but to annihilate the civilization. Destroying the heritage of the culture helps to destroy the civilization. That is what is going on under Islamic state now

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  2. HMantour

    The Arab (Aka muslims) are desert dwelling people who never had anything at all. Not a single mention in history of any significance. They did not build or invent anything. When they had power they went on a destruction spree to cover their insignificant civilization. They are still doing it till now. Every civilization in history is far superior to the best of Islamic years. They had ZIL, they stole other people civilization, tried to wipe their identity (and claimed it their own), enslaved, destroyed, burned and killed because that is all they ever knew in the desert.

  3. manyuka

    why you invaded iraq? those stupid who destroy history is your legacy. centuries ago when spain fell you burned all books in andalusia was at the peak of sciences while you guys living in darkness of middle age. so far not much changed right? you are still in darkness

    • bmynars

      Do yourself a favor and go through Political Islam YouTube channel: What you are referring to is one of the “golden age” myths you are referring to. It is factual and not based on emotions.

      • HMantour

        He even calls himself./herself, “Manyuka”. As in a bitch, a whore etc … they really believe Islam had a golden age. Every single person who is from the ME knows that Islam is still living in ignorance, Look at every muslim country in the world right now, that is 1400 years later and countless wealth. What do you see?

        • manyuka

          my nickname is a kind of joke, do you know what does manyuka mean in arabic??. when we look at muslim countries we see distorted islam and tyrant kings,rulers,imperialism, pressure on public with sharia laws however those islam countries are more advanced than your loser western countries as culture and civilization. you cant beat superior turkish-islam civilization ok?

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