The Jihad is Not Going Away

If you thought jihad would taper off, think again. These events–London attackFrance attackSweden arson carbeques–happened this week alone. All of these attacks are victories for Islam. When no powerful forces oppose Islam, violent jihad is relentless. Weakness is chum to jihadi sharks.

More and more, we hear less and less about these jihad events because the state and media censor this news. Or, they twist the truth into “newspeak” with words that mean nothing. The jihadis are called “terrorists” or mentally unstable and the motives are unknown.

Throughout Britain, France, Germany, and Sweden, jihadis have full reign. The only way there will be fewer attacks is when those in power recognize why the jihad is happening and understand its root cause–the Islamic doctrine. It is then, and only then, that we can make informed decisions as to what can be done to stop this horror and inhumanity. Until the motive is known, the jihad is not going away.


Джихад никуда не денется

16 августа 2018

Билл Уорнер

Если вы полагали, что джихад сойдет на нет, подумайте еще раз.

Эти события: нападение в Лондоне, нападение во Франции, поджоги в Швеции – все случились на этой неделе. Все эти нападения являются победами ислама. Когда никакие могущественные силы не выступают против ислама, жестокий джихад неумолим. Слабость — это приманка для джихадистских акул.

Все чаще и чаще мы все реже и реже слышим о событиях джихада, потому что государство и СМИ цензурируют эти новости. Или они перекручивают правду с помощью “новояза”, словами, которые ничего не значат. Джихадисты называются «террористами» или психически нестабильными, а мотивы неизвестны. По всей Британии, Франции, Германии и Швеции джихадисты чувствуют себя полновластными. Единственный способ уменьшить нападения — это, когда те, кто у власти, узнают, почему происходит джихад, и поймут его первопричину — исламскую доктрину. Именно тогда и только тогда мы сможем принять обоснованные решения по поводу того, что можно сделать, чтобы остановить этот ужас и бесчеловечность. Пока мотив не будет известен, джихад никуда не денется.

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  1. jwholiway

    Thanks Bill. We do have to educate everyone at all levels re the relentlessness of jihad in all of its manifestations. The average U.S. citizen is dangerously uninformed.
    Re the two comments above from 8/17/18:
    1. Just going on the offense with violence without a strong justifiable reason, such as being attacked violently, is something I reject. Self-defense, protection of one’s family & others when we are violently attacked is, of course, justifiable.
    2. I think there is little doubt the elites and those in control of governments and other powerful entities know what is
    happening, otherwise they would put a stop to it. The powerful & elites do not have to live with the consequences of
    the stealth jihad, but the regular people do & they are not going to put up with it. There movements in the U.K. & some
    eastern European countries against the spread of Islamic doctrine & Sharia (& effective Sharia compliance). Viktor Orban, Pres. of Hungary is leading the way & set a model on how to stop Sharia & Islamic doctrine.

    I do not think it is too late for the U.K. & some of the European countries to survive the onslaught. They do need to act now
    to turn it around. The U.S. is not as far along in process, but Islam has infiltrated all levels of government, businesses, non-profits, interfaith groups – practically every entity of any kind in the U.S. This is due to these entities (& people) allowing Islamic leaders to effective set up blasphemy laws, preventing criticizing Islam or even quoting its doctrine/texts.

    Ergo, as Bill says, we have to boldly proclaim the threat of Islamic doctrine in every venue we can to awaken the people
    to the dangers and not be cowed by political correctness or some other form of marginalization. Being called a “RacistHaterBigotIslamophobe” or any other form of dehumanization should not stop us.

  2. younghawke

    There is no other option but to strike back. No talking, discussion, enlistment of politicians, pundits, media, celebrities, law, that will work with Islamic fundamentalists and Muslim in general. Just review the activities of CAIR. A supposed stellar representative of the Muslim community in America. Yet, they are a supporter among many Imams in the USA of ISIS and jihadists. Let’s all understand once and for all that about 80% of Muslim in all Muslim countries support groups like ISIS. In Myanmar the Buddhist are doing everything possible to prevent the country from becoming a Muslim state; even violence and killing. The Muslims keep coming to Myanmar (Burma) to create a political state based upon Sharia. Ellison, the congressman from MN stated that schools in the USA should follow the Sharia way of schooling. This guy is originally from Detroit! Fanaticism has a way of ever increasing its ugly march. The only way to stp it is through tremendous violence against it. Many in France are doing just that. Over 250 brave French citizens who have killed Muslims or attacked them are now in jail. The French continue their vigilante activity although an uphill battle and perhaps late since France is the hoe of 6 million Muslim. Vigilante activity must be worldwide and global action; talking is over, Muslim do not discuss anything unless it is their way or the highway. Their history is a confirmation of their intolerance, hatred,violence, rape, torture, killing, control, indecency, and their is only one way to deal with it.

  3. zinnrg

    Oh Bill, Bill, Bill; The only way there will be fewer attacks is when those in power recognize why the jihad is happening and understand its root cause–the Islamic doctrine.

    Surely you do not mean what you just said, or could you actually believe it either.
    They have known ever since they created the EU, as per their Agenda of long ago. They know that this would happen, and want it to happen. And combine that knowledge along with the subversion of at least the last two (if not three) generations of kids to create the largest amount of Marxist followers since the overthrow of Czarist Russia.
    The EU is gone and only awaiting the announcement to the world of the new Califate.

    We too are fast approaching this due to the same irrational non-thinkers of the new left along with what’s left of the old guard of the ’60s, the CPA, the Communist Party of America. The Democrats now openly brag about it, the vast majority of our universities now openly push it, our MSM does the same. The (anti) social is more and more fully controlling the narrative to protect us from ourselves. I am so glad I an as old as I am, as I will hopefully not be witness to our downfall.

    We need to get all of our so-called conservative online pundits, including yourself, to get together, pool their resources and create their own cohesive platform as a unified front and start pushing our agenda of truth to the great/vast legions of innocent mass of simple people that are unaware of the real truth. The flyover part of the country is still in the dark and will follow the lead of Minnesota and Michigan without ever realizing they are in the center of the spider’s web.

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