The Missing Part of the 1619 Project

The New York Times has published a racist history of the U.S. based on critical race theory. It holds that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery. Slavery made the U.S. wealthy. The U.S. original sin was racism. Our culture is built on racism and it is an unchangeable part of our society.

The 1619 Project is based on CRT, cultural Marxist critical race theory – only white racism matters and it is systemic in the U.S. It maintains that all blacks are victims (still slaves) and all white people are privileged oppressors (still masters). So there must be monetary and socialized atonement. This theory denigrates the black person as one who is unable to take responsibility for themselves and make their own success. The 1619 Project is a racist document.

What is completely missing from the 1619 Project is the fact that the entire African slave business was run by Muslims and each slave was the result of jihad.


If you’d like to know more about Islam and slavery, read The Doctrine of Slavery – An Islamic Institution.


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  1. Bernie

    Dr Warner…. Once again you have given us a great presentation to political Islam and of it’s true nature. We the Kafir are so ignorant of the Doctrine and Dogma of this man and the literature about him and what his followers had done and are still doing today. I for one am grateful that you have been willing to educate people about Islam Regardless as to how one may believe they know about it They lack much of it’s history which is the way they live today. Understanding the past of Islam gives one the better understanding of Islam today

    Thank you for everything Dr Warner. You’re a beacon to society today All the Best
    Bernie. Aust.

  2. Revd Robert West

    The 1619 Project is utter nonsense: the ‘New York Times’ should know better. Most of the ‘English Colonies’ eschewed the slave trade and slave-owning. During the Revolutionary War (1776-1783) with my country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, as it then was, the British made promises to free the slaves in order to divide the Negro slaves from their owners in the South. It was a tactical device of divide and rule. The Colonies had to unite to fight this and secure independence for the Americans. They did compromise and that was very bad, but the alternative would have been subjugation to the arbitrary rule of the British king and his unreformed and somewhat corrupt Parliament. Latterly, the Americans shed much blood between 1861-1865 to free the slaves. They did: and when they did that, is when the earlier Revolution came fully into its own.

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