The Most Persecuted People

In today’s politics the biggest victim groups are Christians. Nearly everybody, including Christians, ignore the suffering.

Christians are endlessly divided and had rather fight among themselves than oppose Islam. In my inbox I have rants against all religions.

Then you have the atheists who say all religions are bad. They have compassion for the black and brown people in the US, but not the brown and black Christians in Islamic lands.

Why are we losers? We are fools who do not see that Islam has always taken down Kafirs one group at a time. We fight against each other instead of political Islam which will annihilate all of us.

All Kafirs, not just Christians, are endlessly divided and will be destroyed one group at a time. All peoples, even atheists, should take a moral position on the persecution of Christians.

So, if you hate a particular religion or group, just wait. You enemy will be destroyed, but then so will you.

Here is an interview of a Coptic Christian.

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  1. Revd Robert West

    Thank you for that interesting and informative interview. The powers-that-be in our Education system in England, if you can call it that, are doing all they can to promote this false ‘Religion of Peace’ and ‘Abrahamic Families’ view of Mohammedanism. But not everyone is fooled in the schools, not even among the children: they have access to the internet and the news media, which cannot help but portray the violent side of Islam and its more sordid ‘child exploitation’ side too, to do with children being raped – both from their own Moslem communities and from ours too. I hope that more Churchmen will speak out soon; otherwise we will all very much regret it.

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