The Status of Women in Islam – An Introduction, the first of four videos

According to Muslims, Islam was the first religion to give women their rights.

Actually, the Koran has three ways to treat women: they are equal to men on Judgment Day; they are elevated in status as mothers; they are subjugated in marriage. But the equality of women is tainted by the fact that they will be judged by how well they obeyed their husbands in marriage. And mothers are subjugated as wives.

Sharia courts use the Koran to achieve “justice”, a justice that makes wife beating a sacred law.

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  1. guymacher

    If the Koran is simple and easy to understand, as Mohamed claimed, wouldn’t Koranic scholars be strictly unkosher? (Yeah, I’m not playing the PC game here.)
    Also, if you study the math of the Koran’s verses of inheritance it does not add up.
    I am unsure which side this Muslim is on.

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