The Submission of Civilizations

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Imposition of Islamic culture, on-going and relentless
Iran’s plan to destroy the tomb of King Cyrus.
The last vestige of Buddhist culture is attacked in the Swat Valley.
The taking over of a meditation room at a college.
Turning hospital beds towards Mecca in the UK.

The Submission of Civilizations

The links above document four destructions of kafir civilization:

  • The final destruction of Buddhist culture in Afghanistan
  • The final steps of destruction of the ancient Persian culture
  • The beginning Islamization of American colleges
  • The beginning of cultural destruction of British culture in the hospitals

All four events show how Islam does not come to live in peace, but to annihilate the kafir culture. But these events are the “what” of Islam.

The question is “why” do they do these things?
Political Islam does not have any need for creative thought in the matter of making other cultures submit to Islamic politics. Modern technology aside, every strategic and tactical move by Islam comes from its political doctrine found in the Trilogy of Koran, Sira and Hadith. The Trilogy lays out case studies in how to operate against kafir cultures.

Here is one of those cases worth studying:
This scene comes from the battle of Badr (Mohammed and the Unbelievers). Islam had won its first military battle against the kafirs. Their bodies were being dumped into a well:

As the bodies were dragged to the well, one of the Muslims saw the body of his father thrown in. He said, “My father was a virtuous, wise, kind, and cultured man. I had hoped he would become a Muslim, but he died a kafir. His abode is Hell-fire forever.”

The Apostle of Allah leaned over and shouted at the bodies, “O people of the well, have you found what Allah promised to be true?” The Muslims were puzzled by his question. “Are you speaking to dead people?” they asked. Mohammed explained that the dead could understand him.

The kafir was a virtuous, wise, kind and cultured man. He was from a culture that was very tolerant of other religions and philosophies. His Muslim son who replaced him had the Koran as his guide for wisdom, dualistic ethics as his virtue, jihad replaced kindness and kafir hatred replaced tolerance. The new Arab replaced the old Arab.

Why was he killed? He found “…what Allah promised to be true…” And what did Allah promise? Death to those who defend their kafir culture. And death to the kafir culture.

So the “why” of destroying kafir cultures is because Mohammed did it. Destruction of kafir culture is Sunna (in the way of Mohammed). Islam is pure mono-culture. Isn’t it ironic how multi-culturalists love a mono-culture that destroys all other cultures?

Since it is Sunna to destroy kafir culture, Muslims never have any guilt about the death and destruction. As an example, Europeans feel bad about colonialism. They write books about that subject. There is no such thing as an Islamic book that looks with any regret about the death of Persian culture, or any other. Muslims only feel pride about the annihilation of Greek Christian culture in what was Anatolia, now Turkey. The only regret in Turkey is that 0.3% of the population are still Christians. And after the last Christian is gone, then the final destruction of all Greek and Christian buildings, art and literature will start. In the end, not one element of kafir culture must remain. Even the names of places have to be destroyed.

Islam is a separate civilization from ours. It is a complete way of life that includes details down to how to wipe after a bowel movement and tie your shoes. But it is not the dualism of separation that makes Islam so dangerous to us. Not only does Islam have a different way of doing everything in life, but also Islam’s way must make the smallest detail other cultures submit. And, as at Badr, submission means annihilation.

In America today, we manifest our tolerance by giving Islam just one more small destruction of our culture. We feel that then, Islam will be happy and content as neighbors. But the way of Islam is the way of Mohammed. Only 100% is enough.

We are like a father who is faced with hungry wolves and who decides that if he just keeps giving the wolves one more of his children, the wolves will finally become vegetarians.

First the little things, then the final things. By the way, you have admire Islam. It has taken 1200 years to finish off Persian culture and Buddhist culture in Afghanistan, but they never stop until the job is done–absolutely annihilated without a trace.

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  1. Tim

    Clearly Islam is means death to western culture. We need to wake up to this.

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