The Victims of Islam

When Islam oppresses others, there is a complaint by Muslims that they are the ones who are the real victims. This is because of the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. Islam is never wrong.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Patricia

    Thank God for you Dr. Warner! I read the Koran last year and I came to the conclusion: “What religion of peace?” It doesn’t exist in Islam. The only other hatefilled book that tops it is Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Then the Muslims are whining that people are critical of Islam and want to shut us up when we ask, say, “what’s this about killing Jews and Christians and being the worst of creatures?” Anyone with half a brain can read the Koran and know its a hodge-podge of 7th century backward illiteracy – mangling up a few names from the Torah, Gospels and some stories from Zoroasterism, then claiming them for ‘original’ from the Angel Gabriel – so ‘let’s just make up my own version – using ME! Mohammed!’ Bah! What drivel! What a hash!

  2. Bradamante

    I’m totally with you on everything. The hard part is how to make contact with others. I know we all have to be careful lest Islamic nutcases come knocking at the door, but I wish there were some way we could make contact with one another more easily. I’m going to start trying to recruit allies at my local church, but if I had a buddy in my area — rather than just allies online — I think it would be a lot easier.

  3. Lidia

    Hi Bill,
    The victims of Islam are the thousands of innocent Christians who are tortured, beheaded, blown up, raped, butchered and executed. Today it’s called the Christian Holocaust. Innocent Muslims are also being murdered. Jihadists are carrying around people’s heads like they are trophies and they like to video record beheadings. They think they are tough but it only shows that they are sick and evil people. How can a human being do this to another human being? Are these jihadists even human? Are they demon-possessed? Doesn’t this remind us of the Nazis in WW2? I thought the Holocaust was never suppose to happen again. Where is the media? This should be on the news all day.
    Shame on the U.S. and European governments, NATO and the media (CNN especially). You will all go down in history for being the biggest failures/losers of world peace. The good people of the world are finding out the truth every day. Justice will be served! Because this world belongs to God!
    Pray for the innocent people in Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, and all other people who are suffering from Islamic terrorists. Pray to the almighty Creator of the human race!


    Victimisation of Islam is the War strategy used by the Islamofacists to declare wars and conquer you, your communities and other non-muslim countries through their combined Stealth, Defensive and offensive Jihads.

    Therefore, you have to organise yourselves and unite with other non-muslim Warriors to fight and destroy these evil Islamofacists so as to protect your loved ones in this free world.

  5. democracyistheanswer

    According to Canon Mark Durie, the Islamic culture is created by Islamic political ideology which is created by Islamic THEOLOGY.

    The Islamic culture of VICTIMHOOD is deeply embedded in the Islamic mentality: “Tamaskan, tatamakan”. (Show a victim’s face and you will win.)

    Every Arab knows this proverb which encapsulates the Islamic theology of victimhood which comes straight from Mohammed.

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