The Worst Word in the Human Language

Political correctness, the new state religion, has a word that cannot be uttered (except by the priesthood of modern culture, rappers), the infamous n-word. Our culture has decreed that the n-word is the most derogatory word in the world. Some uber PC intellectuals are even uncomfortable with the use of the term, n-word, so maybe we should use the Orwellian term un-word, instead.

But the n-word (or the un-word) is not remotely the worst word in the human language. If I yell at someone, “You n-word” I am expressing a personal opinion and I will be called a racist, unless I am a rapper. The term has only my personal force, so it is a personal insult and a slur without an exact meaning.

There is a far worse word used by Islam throughout the Koran–kafir. If you look into any of the Korans at a bookstore, you won’t find the word “kafir”, instead you will find “unbeliever”. But this translation is wrong. The actual Arabic word is kafir and it is self-defined in the Koran by its usage. The Koran says that a kafir can be robbed, enslaved, raped, mocked, insulted, cursed, tortured, crucified, killed, and plotted against. The kafir is the lowest form of life.

The Koran reserves it finest imagery for the torture of kafirs in Hell. Allah hates the kafir. What is the terrible moral failing that attracts the hatred of Allah? Murder, rape, theft, lying? Very few of those in Hell will be there for moral failings. No, Allah’s main reason to create Hell (94% of the people in Hell are there for being kafirs) is to torture the worst people in the universe, the kafirs. And what makes a kafir? Anyone who does not think that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.

According to the Koran there are several crimes worse than mass murder and theft and they all have to do with not believing Mohammed. The absolute worst crime is apostasy, or denying that Mohammed was the prophet of Allah after becoming a Muslim. A kafir is one who never believed in Mohammed in the first place.

Since there is only evil for kafirs and people fear political Islam, most kafirs imagine that there is a third category for them in Islamic doctrine. They imagine some “safe place”exists in Islam. There are Christian and Jewish dhimmis who claim that since they are called the People of the Book in the Koran, they are safe. But read more closely, if the Christian or Jew does not believe that Mohammed is the final prophet of the Christians and the Jews, then they are kafirs too. Islam only accepts one kind of person, those who believe Mohammed.

Dhimmis suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. The power and brutality within the duality of political Islam makes dhimmis submit to Islamic power. They defend Islam even though it has a formal doctrine that states unequivocally that Allah says they are inferior beings and not really human beings.

If you don’t believe in Mohammed, there is no safe place in Islam. In the end there are only kafirs and Muslims. The dhimmis who believe in a safe place are finally absorbed into Islam over a long enough period of time. In this way all countries with Muslims finally become Islamic.

The word kafir is a powerful political tool. Approach the nice Muslim at work and ask him if you are a kafir. It all comes to a crunch at this fine razor’s edge. A kafir is hated by Allah and that establishes the separation between Islam and us.

Ask the dhimmis, the friends who apologize for and defend Islam, if they are a kafir. If they don’t know what that is, then explain it to them. Kafir makes Islam extremely personal. Kafir is far, far worse than the n-word. The n-word is only what you think while kafir is what Allah thinks. Kafir is the most negative word in the human language.

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