The Worst Word

The worst word in any language is the word that describes me: I’m a Kafir.

Now, Islam has a lot different words for non-Muslims and that’s one of them. Non-believer, pagan, infidel, people of the book (are other descriptions). But the word that describes all of them, because “people of the book” is only for Christians and Jews, is Kafir: K-a-f-i-r. I spelled it with a capital K. Why do I spell it with the capital K? Because Muslims get a capital M. So I get a capital K, as I’m just as good as they are.

Now the plural of Kafir is Kuffar. But I say Kafirs. Why? Because I want the word to be used in the English language and let’s use the standard English plural. The meaning at the Arabic word Kafir, and that is the Arabic word, means one who conceals. That is, in my case, “I really know that Allah wrote the Koran, and that it’s perfect, and I really know that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah, and I am just covering it up because I’m just mean that way”.

Kafir also means someone who’s not grateful. That is I’m not grateful for the bountifulness of Allah, and I’m not grateful for Muhammad. I am NOT grateful for Mohammed. Let me make that clear.

The word Kafir is used so much that I have put together some statistics about it. The Koran devotes 64% of its text to the Kafir, the unbeliever.

The Sira devotes 81% of the text to the unbeliever, the Kafir. And of the hadith: 37% is devoted to the Kafir.

Here’s the thing: Allah hates the Kafir.

Koran 40:35 “They (Kafirs) who dispute the signs (the verses of Koran) of Allah without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.”

So Allah hates me, but notice something else, Muslims hate me. As a matter fact there are 12 verses in the Koran which say that Muslims are not the friend of the Kafirs. That’s how bad a Kafir is.

And by the way, the best language in the Koran describes the torture of the Kafir in hell. I asked an Arabic speaker one time how good those verses were in Arabic. He said, “Oh Bill, they’re much better. In Arabic, you can hate better.”

Kafirs are filthy, and are to be deceived, beheaded, crucified, plotted against, terrorized, humiliated. It is the worst word in any language.

In English, we have a word that is so bad that we’re not allowed to say it in public or even think about it in private. It is so bad that we call it the N-word. We’re not allowed to say any word that terrible in public. So we’re relieved of the responsibility of ever saying “nigger” by saying N-word.

Let’s notice something about the N-word. The N-word is a personal opinion of bigotry. Whereas, with the word Kafir: Allah says I’m a Kafir; Allah says I’m filthy. So that’s the reason the word is worse than any word in any language in that it is not bigoted. Kafir is the truth of Allah. It is sacred hate.

As a matter fact, all of Islam can be seen in one sentence. The purpose of Islam is to eliminate the Kafir. Every act of jihad is against the Kafir.

Here’s what I’m telling you. Use it! Take its power away! When I deal with Muslims I always let them know I am a Kafir. I’ve had one of them say “Why would you say that about yourself? A Kafir is so dreadful.” That’s because I want them to know what they really think of me. I want them to know that I know their secret dirty words.

So don’t use any word like people of the book, or unbeliever. Use the word Kafir. Help take away its power, and help educate the world how the world sees them: the Kafir non-believer.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
Copyright © 2014 CSPI, LLC,
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  1. Thomas

    Peace says – “bad people exist in every religion”. Indeed they do, but it’s a matter of proportions. There are Christian fundamentalist nutjobs of a militant bent, but they constitute a tiny deluded minority and are not supported by the majority of true Christians. On the other hand muslims “as a whole” are despicable. It is no accident that wherever in this World there are muslims you will find constant violence and conflict. They are unable to live in peace with their non-muslim neighbours, because they are filled with hate for them. Indeed their Koran tells them it is their religious DUTY to hate them. Every other True Religion on Earth teaches Love, Compassion, and Tolerance for ALL other beings – regardless of their beliefs. It is only Islam that teaches hate, violence and intolerance towards all other non-muslim beings. Every other TRUE religion on Earth was founded by a great Spiritual Leader who lived a life of Love and Service to his fellow man. Only Islam was founded by a violent warlord who conquered and murdered others and stole their women. Islam is diametrically opposed to Advanced Western Civilization – in fact it is diametrically opposed to all that is Noble and good in the Human Spirit. The 2 cannot co-exist, and sooner or later one must eliminate the other. And I know who will be the winner of that contest – the ones with Aircraft Carriers, real Armies and Navies (unlike IS who are just a bunch of cruel bullies with AKs and RPGs always hiding behind their cowards masks), and Nuclear Arsenals. Medieval barbarity cannot be allowed to exist in the 21st Century.

  2. Brigitte

    Dear Bill Warner,
    Thanks for all your great work and the e-mail updates.

    The other day I wanted to visit Prophet of Doom where one could quickly check out verses to various themes. Suddenly, the site us gone.
    This is deplorable.
    May I ask you if you know about a mirror site, a copy of it?
    Thanks in advance for a reply and very best regards from Germany.


  3. Peace

    Using your power to spread hate instead of finding the common grounds in all three religions. Using your limited understanding of the word and it’s meaning to create a rift between Muslims and people of other faiths. The word Kafir is used to describe the one to whom the word of God was presented and he rejected it. A Christian is not a kafir because he believes in God, neither is a Jew. And Islam means submission to one God. People really need to research on their own instead of falling into the traps of those who use their energy to create chaos in this world.
    As for you Sheri, I’m sorry that you were treated badly but please understand that bad people exist in every religion and so do good.

  4. Sheri Carstensen

    Thank you for all your research. I was in the army, and I had to train with the muslims. I disliked them. Plus being a women, they treated me like crap. I really dislike them now. It makes me very angry that we are not told the truth and the real history.
    Thank you again.

  5. G. R. Scharoubim

    The word Kafir in Arabic means a non-believer. The closest thing to it in the English language would Atheist. However Muhammad reserved this characterization to those who refuse to believe in his refuse that he called Islam. Islam means surrender to the coercive power of Muhammad.

    A renegade Sadducee Jew who got his information from Jewish myths in circulation by the Yathrebite Jews who so in him an opponent to the Roman hegemony that they straggled under.

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