There Are No More Jihadists

John Brennan, Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counter-terrorism, has come forth and enlightened the world with the news that there are no “jihadists“.

Mr. Brennan/Obama says that jihad is an inner struggle and inner purification-a purely spiritual process, and when we call them jihadists, they obtain a religious legitimacy they don’t deserve. He goes further to say that we are actually at war with al Qaeda and its “extremist” allies.

And who is Brennan’s source for the “truth”? Obama. Hmmm. Obama? Since when is Obama an expert on the foundation of Islam? We have had another president, Bush, make his own declarations about what Islam is and he has no more basis to be a foundation of Islam than Obama. Democrats and Republicans are joined at the ideological hip when it comes to Islam, for both are profoundly ignorant about its political doctrine and history. One is dumb, the other is dumber — and you can argue over which is what.

No matter what Brennan/Obama says, the only foundation of Islam is the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. (The Sunna is composed of the Sira, Mohammed’s biography, and the Hadith, his traditions.) If we wanted to know what a jihadist is, why not go to the Koran, Sira and Hadith? Why listen to second-hand hearsay from a politician when you can listen to Allah and Mohammed? Who would you trust, Brennan/Obama or Mohammed? The answer from 1.2 billion Muslims is-trust Mohammed.

What does Mohammed say about jihad? Is it inner struggle or killing kafirs? All three texts have much to say about jihad. In the Hadith by Bukhari approximately 20% of the text is about jihad. Actually, the Hadith is a textbook about the tactics of jihad. Do we find jihad as the inner struggle in the Hadith? Yes, but we also find jihad as the killing of kafirs. Do some simple math and you will discover that around 97% of the text concerning jihad is about the killing of kafirs and 3% is the jihad of inner struggle, the so-called greater jihad.

The Sira, Mohammed’s biography by Ishaq, devotes a lot of attention to jihad. About 70% of the Sira is about jihad. But there is not a single mention of the inner struggle jihad, only killing kafirs.

The Koran calls jihad “fighting in Allah’s cause” and the jihad is about the killing of kafirs.

Having two kinds of jihad is a part of Islamic dualism. Islam is built on two principles, submission and duality. Dualism is its great strength. It allows Islam to hold two contradictory views at the same time. So while jihadists are killing kafirs, Islam is proclaiming itself to be peaceful. Then ignorant kafirs argue about which is the true nature, completely missing the point that Islamic reasoning allows such contradictions to be true for both sides.

There is a clash here between reasoning systems. Brennan/Obama are about authoritarian reasoning. Brennan/Obama are right because they have power, and they assert their power of truth by declaration. They are right because they are powerful.

The other system of reasoning is critical thinking, also called scientific thinking . Notice how different the two systems are. One of them depends upon acceptance of authority, the other depends upon data that anyone can go and check out for them selves.

Obama gave his vision of Official Islam in Cairo. Official Islam is based upon his authority, but Official Islam is not to be found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. Obama declared there were no jihadists in his speech in Cairo and called them extremists. How can a Muslim be an extremist if he doing what Mohammed did? Mohammed defines Islam. Mohammed was a jihadist who killed many kafirs, hence, being a jihadist is an Islamic doctrinal model, not an extremist position.

What difference does the name make? It just depends on what you want — scientific truth or fantasy. Official Islam is a fantasy and a deliberate fraud. Official Islam is a Big Lie.

Bill Warner
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