Totalitarian Islam

Totalitarianism is a political doctrine that seeks to control all aspects of a society, its economy, its laws and government, its culture.

Islam is a complete way of life, a total civilization, not just a religion. It is also a culture and a political system of Sharia laws which establish its supremacy. There is no aspect of personal and public life that is not included in the Sharia.

Not just Muslims but all people must submit to the Sharia. The very name, Islam, means to submit, submit to Mohammed and the Koran in all things: religious, political and cultural.

Mohammed practiced totalitarianism. All people around him had to submit to his demands. After Arabia submitted, Mohammed left Arabia and began his mission to have Sharia rule the world.

Both the Koran and Mohammed command the terror of jihad on non-Muslims or Kafirs until Islam dominates. After Mohammed died, the caliphs killed all apostates and conquered all the Middle East and northern Africa.

After Islam enters a society, over time, the society becomes totally Islamic. This is totalitarianism.

Тоталитарный Ислам
Тоталитаризм — это политическая идеология, которая стремится контролировать все аспекты общества: его экономику, законы и правительство, его культуру.
Ислам – это полный образ жизни, полная цивилизация, а не просто религия. Это также культура и политическая система законов шариата, которые устанавливают свое превосходство. Нет ни одного аспекта личной и общественной жизни, который бы не был включен в шариат.
Шариату должны подчиняться не только мусульмане, но и все люди. Само название, Ислам, означает покорность — покорность Мухаммеаду и Корану во всех вещах: религиозных, политических и культурных.
Мохаммад практиковал тоталитаризм. Все люди вокруг него должны были покоряться его требованиям. После покорения Аравии, Мохаммад покинул Аравию и приступил к миссии, чтобы шариат правил миром.
Коран и Мохаммад повелели вести террор джихада против не мусульман или Кафиров до тех пор, пока Ислам не завоюет весь мир. После того, как Мухаммад умер, халифы убили всех вероотступников и завоевали весь Ближний Восток и Северную Африку.
После того как Ислам устанавливался в обществе, оно с течением времени превращалось в полностью исламское. Это и есть тоталитаризм.

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  1. Duncan Thorburn

    I’ve been studying Islam for over six years now, after studying Religion all my life. Islam is NOT a Religion, it’s a murderous Cult that thinks murdering your way to Paradise is acceptable.

    Obviously it’s Totalitarian, as are ALL Cults are, they cannot exist without threats of hideous murders of anyone free enough to see their evil intent. This is why such societies that have huge Muslim numbers, seek a Dictator, just like Muhammad. How sad that the Arab Spring resulted in death of those nation states. Until Islam is seen as it is, we will repeat the mistakes others have made throughout it’s murderous 1,400 years of existence.

    Muhammad was a Mass Murderer of the very Median Jews, who saved his life from the Meccans. Muhammad was a Paedophile, having Sex with Aisha his first cousins aged 6, him 50. He later married her aged 9, within a week of her menstrual cycle starting, now he had another “hole” to enjoy. Aisha was barren possibly caused from intercourse from such a young age. Muhammad earned his money from being a Sex Slave Maker, Owner, Trader and User of Sex Slaves. He had 11 wives, while he called on everyone else to have a limit of 4. How can you get this through without a Totalitarian dogma?

  2. Revd Robert West

    I would agree that Mohammedanism is a Totalitarian system and that any constitutional form of Government has a pre-emptive right of self-defence against such a creeping form of takeover: the kind of thing that we are now witnessing in many Western and liberal democratic societies, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Poland and so forth. Surely no one who upholds the totalitarian sharia can take an oath of loyalty, in good conscience, to any non-sharia state: and so we should really insist on any Mohammedan swearing to forsake the sharia, in order to hold public office; but then would he be a consistent Mohammedan?

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  5. iccdoc

    Islam is a totalitarian political system that demands total submission to Isalm and the Sharia by all citizens. The system is enforced by voluntary conversion of infidels (non-believers) to the religion of Islam. Refusal to convert and obey the Islamic system is punishable by the penalty of paying the dhimmi (an additional yearly tax on Christians) or death. Executions are usually public and involve beheading or hanging or throwing the person off of a high place like a high building. Executions provide an opportunity to show to the public what happens to people who refuse to submit to the Islamic system. Islam teaches that the whole world belongs to Islam and that all unbelievers are simply occupying land that rightfully belongs to Muslims — It is theirs for the taking. They accomplish this by waging war against infidels. If it is obvious that they cannot take over a territory or country by war, they use the practice of “migration for the cause of Islam” (the hajj). That is, they migrate to the country (or countries) that they want to take over, settle there and have families, and grow into large numbers. Once they have attained a certain “critical mass” or population, they begin campaigns of intimidation, persecution, and terrorist activities against infidels and moderate Muslims. Through this process, they eventually chase off or kill or convert all the “occupiers” of property that they consider to be rightfully theirs (this can be any country on earth). In the case of the Western countries, like the United States and the democratic countries of Europe, all they have to do is grow their own population of Muslims or immigrate to such an extent that they can form a formidable challenge to the democratic system. Once they become a relevant voting block, they can simply vote for Muslims (“politically correct” Muslims recommended by certain influential Imams) for all elected positions in government. They can then vote for Sharia law to be the law of the land. They can also vote to transform any constitution of any country to become Sharia-compliant. They will also then move on to the control of the military. They will insist on the confiscation of all weapons in the hands of the citizenry. Anyone refusing to submit to their takeover will be dealt with as explained earlier in this paragraph. This is what some have referred to as a “fundamental transformation.”

    • iccdoc

      Sorry, I stated in the above reply that the migration for the cause of Islam is the Hajj. I meant to write “Hijrah”.

  6. N.Hq

    If you are seeking the truth you should not just confine yourself within anti-Islamic lectures or websites like these.

    You should also learn from the other side of the coin, from a Muslim’s perspective.

    I would suggest you should also see lectures from Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Ismail Menk and read the Quran to understand the Islamic teachings. And if you have any question go to

    We will all know what is truth and what is not when we die. Do as much research as you can while you are still alive.

    I’m not here to defend Islam, thats upto Allah.

    Seek the truth with a pure heart. May Allah bless you.

    • iccdoc

      N.Hq. The facts are not on your side, N.Hq. I have done the research, you obviously have not and refuse to do so.

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  8. JohnH

    Actually, quite a few Muslim leaders talk regularly about jobs for youth, technology, economy, and the environment. I know a number personally. To claim otherwise reveals simple hatred.

  9. JohnH

    What Dr. Bill says about Islam in the second paragraph can just as easily be said about other religions, including Judaism and Christianity.

    Most people who actually practice Islam would disagree with Dr. Bill’s third paragraph. Muslims must submit to God, not to these other things.

    The Koran and Muhammad said all sorts of things, just as the Bible and Jesus also said many different things. Few actual Muslims believe that Islam teaches Dr. Bill’s version of jihad.

    Dr. Bill’s last two paragraphs are flatly wrong. Many Christians and Jews lived peacefully under Islamic caliphs. Many, many societies in history have harbored Islam without becoming anything close to “totally Islamic.”

    • Salger

      “What Dr. Bill says about Islam in the second paragraph can just as easily be said about other religions, including Judaism and Christianity.”

      I don’t see the Buddhists mass migrating then pushing Shariah Law.

      ” Most people who actually practice Islam would disagree with Dr. Bill’s third paragraph. Muslims must submit to God, not to these other things.”

      Go look at the Muslim majority lands.

      “The Koran and Muhammad said all sorts of things, just as the Bible and Jesus also said many different things. Few actual Muslims believe that Islam teaches Dr. Bill’s version of jihad.”

      Tell me what ISIS does that Muhammed wouldn’t.

      “Dr. Bill’s last two paragraphs are flatly wrong. Many Christians and Jews lived peacefully under Islamic caliphs.”

      Myth. There are plenty of recorded of examples of massacres directed at non-Muslims, taxation of non-Muslims, requirements to kill converts away from Islam, and threats of violence to non-Muslims if they don’t comply with orders to aid hunting infidels. The Quran calls for violence against non-Muslims repeatedly, which goes in line with Muslim majority lands hostility to non-Muslim majority lands.

      “Many, many societies in history have harbored Islam without becoming anything close to “totally Islamic.””

      Thanks to keeping their populations of Muzzies from getting too large and/or working to keep them in check.

  10. docdonny59

    Yes, you are correct. The quran was not written by man, but by Satan himself.

  11. N.Hq

    This is misconception about Islam. If you go and read the holy Quran by yourself and try to understand you will be amazed. This can’t be a book written by a man.

    • romit

      Read the book of mormon, and you might say the same thing. But the book of mormon is a more intelligible read compared to the koran. Both were written ‘by men’ and have no divine import. I’ve read the koran and it is a mess. There are bits of truth taken from christianity and judaism which are then morphed into what christians call heresy. It most certainly was a human contstruction. In the koran Jesus is regarded as a prophet, and so he is- true statement. But not ‘just’ a prophet-false statement from the koran. After a long line of the only prophets that matter, the jewish prophets, God took on human flesh and became a man. As christian scripture says, he is the image of the invisible God, and, all divinity resides in him bodily. Go and read the christian scriptures yourself, learn about what jesus said and did, and i challenge you to then compare his life to mohammed. Compare for yourself the life of the sinless one who preached love for enemies, healed the sick and possessed, raised the dead, and himself died for the sins of humanity, for muslims and kafirs alike, even for mohammed. Compare the life of this jesus to the man mohammed, who killed and enslaved his enemies, taught his followers not to turn the other cheek but rather to cut off their heads if necessary, to injure, and fight against them, and i ask you, which one came from God. It’s a no-brainer. But don’t take just my word for it, ‘go and read the new testament by yourself and try to understand and you will be amazed.’

      • N.Hq

        All Muslims believe that Jesus(PBUH) was a messenger of god (but not god’s son), so was Moses, so was Noah, Abraham, Adam….. All of them were messengers of god. There are many more whose name are unKnown.

        They all spread the same message that Allah is one. The books that were sent upon the messengers before Muhammad (PBUH) were for a specific time and specific nation. The Bible is the manipulated version of Inzeel this is not the real book which was sent upon Jesus (PBUH) .

        Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger and Quran is the final message. If you want to understand what I was talking about you will have to know arabic. Because Quran is in Arabic language. Otherwise for a better understanding in english I would suggest you to follow the lectures of Nouman Ali Khan.

        May Allah bless you.

        • Eric

          So N.hq, Allah can only communicate his ‘truths’ in Arabic? Not very powerful or intelligent of him, huh. Besides why would anyone want to follow a god who claims to be the best of deceivers S. 3:54 cf 8:30.

  12. TmKa

    “You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.” – Author Anne Lemott

    If there is any credence in this quote from Anne Lemott, we can “safely assume” that Mohammed “created” Allah and Islam in his own image.

    In short we can safely assume that Islam and Islam’s god are simply alter egos of Mohammed. In a certain sense then Mohamned is still with us.

    What is the image of Mohammed that Islam and Allah were created in? We can safely assume that of a psychopath.

    Clearly recognizable psychopaths (aka sociopaths) occur at a rate of 1 in 25 persons in modern society however occur more frequently in males than females and in the conditions of medieval Arabia maybe more often. The salient feature of Psychopaths, in terms of psychology and human relationships is a lack of conscience, lack of anxiety and ability to lie unflinchingly for decades if necessary.

    In terms of civics however the salient feature is obsession with prevailing and domination over others in some cases to the point of sadism as a fetish. This is perhaps a result, in part, of projection: knowing how they are creates a fear of being dominated by some one like themselves. (See pulp fiction & Goodfellows).

    In the case of Mohammed we have all kinds of evidence that suggest psychopathy. The most outstanding is the Genocide of a Jewish tribe in Medina in the very presence of himself & his 9 year old wife, while enslaving the children and women and taking and therefore raping one of the women as his sex slave. But there are others such as the assassination of a mother of several children because she made negative comments regarding Mohammed.

    But in terms of civics the salient evidence that Mohammed is a psychopath is the obsession with domination and its counterpart submission – so much so that he named his religion after it.

    As a psychopath Mohammed would have been obsessed with trying to figure out how to engineer his way into domination of the world surrounding him. He realized he could orchestrate this at an early pount through Islam. That is to say the purpose of Islam was to achieve a political revolution from the very beginning. The proof is in the history of Islam and the passages in that history concerning the attempted compromise between Mohammed and the elders by Mohammed’s uncle. Mohammed spills the beans and admits that if the Meccans jooin Islam it will unite the Arabs and allow them to prevail or gain dominion over the non-Arabs.

    Psychopathy explains the motivation, the means and the characteristics of Islam.

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