Universities of Ignorance

Salman Rushdie, the writer of The Satanic Verses, is speaking at elite universities. Mr. Rusdie is famous since he is one of the first modern intellectuals to get a death ruling (fatwa) delivered against him. His “crime” is to have expressed an intellectual idea that Muslims did not like. Every person who hears Mr. Rusdie will know about the fatwah and it gives him an aura of “danger” and attraction. He is forbidden fruit. But the audience won’t know the real reason for the fatwa. They won’t know that it is Islamic doctrine to kill intellectuals and artists, because university Islamic studies programs do not teach the doctrine of political Islam. Not even the complete Koran is studied. Instead, Koran courses use selected verses and then study comments on the verses. Islam’s doctrine of destruction of free speech is found in the Sunna (Sira and the Hadith). Every single imam, mullah and jihadist studies these texts and bases their every action and word on them. As Muslims they have no other choice. But our students study Islamic poetry, art, architecture, history (that never mentions the deaths and suffering of the kafirs), and literature. They are taught to use political science concepts to understand Islam. Since the Islamic department does not teach the Sunna, the students have to give the standard New York Times answers for why Mr. Rusdie is under a death threat. The answers: Those are extremist Muslims. That is not the real Islam. Islam is tolerant and here is a quote of one of the tolerant verses. At no point would the student ever have the thought: Everything that happens in Islam is based upon an actual doctrine.

Here is the doctrine of the Sunna: Freedom of speech is forbidden by Islam. Mohammed never let an opponent live after he came to political power. When Mohammed was in Mecca, he tolerated people arguing against him, since he was weak. The Meccan Koran is filled with the actual arguments.

But when he came to power in Medina, no more arguments were allowed. Time and time again, he sent assassins and executioners to kill poets, intellectuals and artists who spoke against Islam. When he conquered Mecca, Mohammed first prayed at the Kabah and then destroyed all religious art in Mecca. And there was a great deal of art to destroy, since Mecca was an ancient pilgrimage site for more than 360 different religions. Until Mohammed, Mecca was a center of tolerance and diversity.

After all of the art was destroyed, Mohammed issued death warrants for:

  • A critic who had insulted him
  • Apostates (a person who leaves Islam)
  • Two dancing girls who had sung a satire about him

When Mohammed died, every critic had been silenced.

So without the Sunna, the fatwa to kill Rushdie looks extreme and non-Islamic. But with the Sunna, it is Islam as usual. According to Mohammed, Rushdie should die, but the graduates from the prestigious universities will not know this. They are ignorant, but they are university certified ignorant.

These graduates will go on to advise others in government, media and business.

Question: Private schools can teach anything they wish. Why can’t taxpayers insist that state run universities teach the doctrine of political Islam and the history of the suffering of 270,000,000 dead kafirs?

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