West Point and the Grand Lie

Recently the West Point Military Academy denied retired LTG Jerry Boykin, a candid speaker about Islam, a chance to be at a prayer breakfast at West Point. The usual suspects not only didn’t want any discussion that might involve Islam, they didn’t even want someone who had spoken about it in the past.

U.S. Army doctrine “instructs Army leaders to respect [emphasis added] the Muslim culture as a part of counterinsurgency operations,” VoteVets said in a letter to West Point Superintendent Lieutenant General David Huntoon. Boykin’s past remarks “threaten our relationship with Muslims around the world, and thereby, our troops serving in harm’s way,” said VoteVets, which represents veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is not the first time that our military has rejected someone who knows about the doctrine and history of Islam from speaking. The first causality was Steve Coughlin in 2008 under George Bush. Steve is an expert on Sharia and Islamic war doctrine who worked at the Pentagon. He was terminated after a complaint by a Muslim.

For an illustration of the “know nothing about Islam” doctrine see General Stanley McChrystal’s Afghanistan war strategy that made no mention of Islamic war doctrine.

At least our military is consistent over time. They know nothing about Islamic war doctrine. They see nothing. They hear nothing. They think nothing. They speak nothing. And they will not listen to anyone who does, not even one meeting.

It is odd that an organization devoted to war, fighting and conflict cannot even stage a discussion, much less a debate, about what part Islamic doctrine plays in Islamic war. But, no, our military commanders have taken up the position that there is only one view of Islam, that which pleases Islam, that of a dhimmi, and that any position that is not submissive to Islam is bigotry. [An editorial observation: the higher you go in rank, the more PC the officer becomes. The lower ranks are much more enlightened about Islam.]

Our military fully subscribes to the Grand Lie of Islam—there is only one valid view of Islam, that which pleases Muslims.

But, there are three views of Islam, not one. Take the example of the day that Mohammed murdered 800 male Jews in Medina, after he sold off the women for slaves and adopted the Jewish children into Muslim families. What was the nature of this event? There are three views:

• For Muslims this was a day of absolute good as Islam triumphed over the evil Jews who had denied the prophet-hood of Mohammed.
• For Kafirs (non-Muslims) this was an act of evil.
• Then there is the view of the apologist for Islam—let’s not be judgmental. That was then, and this is now. Christians have done worse.

Our military has adopted the view of the apologist, the Grand Lie. To be fair, they have been pushed into the PC camp by their civilian bosses. It is just that somehow, you hope that men, who can fight a war that goes “bang”, could also fight a war of ideas that goes “think”. Whatever happened to: “Know the enemy”?

Instead we have a military doctrine of “respect” for Islam. How about trading in respect for full knowledge of the jihad doctrine and civilizational war? Who has ever heard of the military (or police) ever using any knowledge found in Koran about war? The Koran of Medina devotes 24% to jihad, 9% overall. The Sira (Mohammed’s biography) devotes 67% of its text to jihad and 21% of Bukhari’s Hadith is devoted to jihad. Nearly a third of the Trilogy is about jihad.

You think that the Taliban and al Qaeda don’t read Koran, Sira and Hadith? General SK Malik of the Pakistani army wrote a book, The Quranic Concept of War, that is REQUIRED reading of ALL general staff officers in Pakistan. A favorite quote: “Whatever the form or type of strategy directed against the enemy, it must, in order to be effective, be capable of striking terror into the hearts of the enemy.”

Hello, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, DEA, DHS and the rest, the clue phone is ringing, pick it up. Stop respecting Islam by code and really respect Islam and study its doctrine of war. Read the Sira first. Read the jihad hadiths next. Finally, read the Koran of Medina. Meditate on civilizational war. Then invite LTG Jerry Boykin back to speak.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Ron Carnine

    It amazes me how foolish our police and military leaders have become. Take for instance David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. If they had listened, they would of heard David preaching again and again from the Book of Revelation. He focused repeatedly on how the Bible teaches everything is going up in flames. They had Bible teachers and ministers to offer advice. They either didn’t listen or had the wrong advisers. The FBI, ATF and others acted if they hadn’t anticipated that the whole thing would go up in flames. They should have known. The same is true of Islam. In fact the danger is greater. Know your enemy. Study it and learn its history. Find out about Mohammed’s life. It’s all there, it’s not even hidden. Thanks for a great article.

  2. Kevin Bjornson

    You are right to call for reform in military thinking, among the politically correct higher ranks. If Col. Allen West became president, we may hope that he corrects that.

    However Boykin does not have the intellect to handle such matters, involving theology, philosophy, psychology, history, etc., in short, the humanistic tradition. For he is not a humanist or even a scholar; he’s a Christian fundamentalist preacher who uses his military credentials and counter-jihadism to push his own weird religion.

    How can the west expect to be taken seriously, intellectually, with this fellow as the herald of a new Christian Crusade? How can we get our European allies on board, and revive their humanistic (Greco-Roman) roots, when this clown would place his middle eastern mysticism at the spearhead of counter-Jihadism?

    The whole event should be called off, or the focus changed from “all religions are OK and should work together” to “let’s protect human life and liberty by countering savage mysticism”.

  3. Charles Neff

    LTG Boykin represents everything wrong with Christianity in this country. He is a true warrior who has done many great things for this country, but he also has a history of equating the GWOT to a holy war against Islam. We are not fighting a holy war; this is an asymmetric struggle against a network of killers who attempt to pervert Islam into justifying mass murder. They can point to comments by people like LTG Boykin, including comments he made on active duty in uniform, as justification for their actions. In case you think I’m an apologist, you should know I’m a USMA grad, 25+ years career officer, and served in Korea, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. I have no sympathies for anyone who wants to use any religion as a pretext to kill another human being.

    Also, your history of the bloodshed by Muslims could be countered point by point with examples from Christian history. In fact, I’d argue we are even better at it, because we are better at harnessing the technology of killing with theology.

    Finally, to Mr Bjornson’s comments of 2/6/12 – Allen West is a war criminal who was nearly court-martialed for violating the Geneva Convention rules against mistreatment of prisoners. The fact he now holds national elected office is an embarrassment to us all.

    Thank you.

  4. Democracyistheanswer

    Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

    Fighting without thinking is an exercise in futility.

  5. Paul Trombley

    “This is not the first time that our military has rejected someone who knows about the doctrine and history of Islam from speaking…An editorial observation: the higher you go in rank, the more PC the officer becomes.”

    C’mon, Bill. Please stop being so naive about the American military. West Point, like the other service branches’ academies, is a political organization that exists to train the commanders of thuggish rabble, i.e. the enlisted personnel.

    The means of financing West Point and the rest of the armed forces include (i) a shady banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System, (ii) a type of extortion called taxation, and (iii) massive government borrowing, to avoid having to present taxpaying suckers with the bill today for the great expenses and obligations being incurred and acquired today. And have you ever noticed how young West Point’s students and graduates are when they swear that oath to uphold and to defend a constitution. If they’ve read it at all, surely they do not understand it even half as a well as a 3rd year law school student. (This remark is not intended to flatter 3rd year law school students.)

    It’s not sane to expect West Point’s senior officers to care much about truth. Like politics, their culture is rigged against it, just as it’s rigged against liberty and justice.

  6. Free the Frog

    I don’t know much about West Point, the military, or the politics of war… But I am learning about the truths not being taught in schools or discussed in public. The whole idea of ‘political correctness’ seems to have gained momentum since 9/11, and the media, public debates/discussions, and even our judges and the judicial system seem to act in complete compliance to the will of jihadists. I’m ordering the literature here, because I believe it sheds factual light. Learning is good. Truth is right. BS opinions are questionable. The future is, unfortunately, in the hands of the unlearned.

  7. noergler

    It’s kind of surprising to see a venerable institution like West Point giving in to the haters.

    “What began as a crusade for civility (political correctness) has soured into a cause of conflict and even censorship.” – Pres. George H.W. Bush

    P.S.: I took the liberty to link to your website.

  8. adfe

    this is actually very interesting

  9. The great American journalist Walter Lippman had a warning for US leaders. He said that, “the tendency to transform our mundane and secular matters into religious and moral dogmas is an old and bad habit of the human race.”

    It is a habit that has resurfaced with a vengeance under the Bush administration. In the post-9/11 world however, it is Islam that emerges as the new “evil empire” for the religious right.

    After Spt. 11, If you have listened to the media, you would have regularly heard Muhammad denounced as the anti-Christ. You would have heard the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan depicted as a clash of religion and civilization, and you would have heard American soldiers described as a Christian army doing God’s work. Franklin Graham, denounced Islam as “a very wicked and evil religion.”

    The comments of the Religious Right and Bush’s own declarations about a godly mission seemed to confirm the fear of many Muslims that the US was indeed fighting a religious war. Those fears stoked the fires of radical Islam, and by all accounts brought in a flood of new recruits to the cause of Jihad. They also had a deeply damaging impact on Washington’s effort to enlist moderate Muslim support for its actions in the Middle East.
    Military support of the war

    Another striking example is the case of General Jerry Boykin. Boykin would appear in uniform at Evangelical churches preaching that America was at war with Satan. In one of more than dozen sermons, he said the US would prevail over the Muslim because “my God is bigger than his” and jihadists will be defeated” if we come to them in the name of Jesus. ” And for good measure, Boykin added that Bush had been appointed by God, suggesting that the president has a divine mandate to wield the sword in the Middle East.

    Evangelicals also supported the war against Islam. Opinion polls showed it was the 60 million Evangelicals who were among the strongest supporters of Bush’s administration, providing a moral and religious blessing for both the war on terror and the Iraq intervention. The support was partly based on dispensational premillennialism which sees the world spiraling towards apocalypse.

    Opinion polls showed that a huge number of Evangelicals saw the attacks on the World Trade Center as the fulfilement of biblical prophecy. 9/11 was a sign of the approaching of Final Judgment as well as punishment for the secularism and immorality of US society.

    Evangelicals also believe that the war in Iraq was predicted in the Bible! The theologian Michael Lerner says the fundamentalism of many American Evangelicals “fits neatly with a politics of militarism, xenophobic nationalism, and support for US domination over other countries.”

    In fact, Muslims are the victims of the distorted political and religious fabric of the United States.

    Muslims are not the enemy. they are rather allies of the United States. Taking into consideration the Arab spring, the new relations with the US must be based on mutual respect, and equal footing. That’s what Obama is doing inspite of all the rejections he is facing. A man of high credibility, a man we trust. Now we can see the ugly face of America turning slightly to show the good face.

    We want to see understanding and consideration and not enmity and dissention Bill Warner.

  10. Charles Neff, Kevin Brojonston

    Thanks for your logic and high consideration.

    I had enough reading the scum of hypocrite applauders visiting this site.

  11. Bill Warner claims that Muhammad murdered 800 male Jews in Medina, but as usual he didn’t say why?

    Muhammad arrived in Medina in 622 believing the Jewish tribes would welcome him. Contrary to expectation, his relations with several of the Jewish tribes in Medina were uneasy almost from the start. In fact, Muhammad had been invited to Medina to arbitrate a bloody civil war between the two tribes, Khazraj and Aws.

    At Muhammad’s insistence, Medina’s pagan, Muslim and Jewish clans signed a pact to protect each other, and also to protect Medina aginst any invasion from the Arab pagans of Makka.

    Jewish leaders, uncomfortable with the changing political situation in Medina, went against Muhammad, hoping to restore the tense, sometimes bloody-but predictable-balance of power among the tribes.

    Individuals from among these clans plotted to take Muhammad’s life at least twice, and once they came within a bite of poisoning him. Two of the Jewish tribes–the Banu Nadir and the Banu Qaynuqa–were eventually exiled for falling short on their agreed upon commitments and for the consequent danger they posed to the nascent Muslim community.

    During this period, the Meccans were actively trying to dislodge Muhammad militarily, twice marching large armies to Medina. Muhammad was nearly killed in the first engagement, on the plains of Uhud just outside of Medina. In their second and final military push against Medina, now known as the Battle of the Trench, the Meccans recruited allies from northwestern Arabia to join the fight, including the assistance of the two exiled Jewish tribes. In addition, they sent envoys to the largest Jewish tribe still in Medina, the Banu Qurayza, hoping to win their support. The Banu Qurayza’s crucial location on the south side of Medina would allow the Meccans to attack Muhammad from two sides.

    The Banu Qurayza were hesitant to join the Meccan alliance, but when a substantial Meccan army arrived, they agreed.

    Learning of their intention to defect and realizing the grave danger this posed, Muhammad initiated diplomatic efforts to keep the Banu Qurayza on his side and to abide by the issues of the pact they signed. But the Banu Qurayza signaled their readiness to act against him.

    Not long after, cold, heavy rains set in, and the Meccans gave up the fight and marched home, to the horror and dismay of the Banu Qurayza.

    Due to of Banu Qurayza’s treason, the Muslims were about to face the threat of total extermination, and needed to send a message to all those groups in Medina that might try to betray their society in the future.

    The Muslims now commenced a 25-day siege against the Banu Qurazya’s fortress. Finally, both sides agreed to arbitration. A former ally of the Banu Qurayza, an Arab chief named Sa’d ibn Muadh, now a Muslim, was chosen as judge. Sa’d, one of the few casualties of battle, would soon die of his wounds. If the earlier tribal relations had been in force, he would have certainly spared the Banu Qurayza. His fellow chiefs urged him to pardon these former allies, but he refused. In his view, the Banu Qurayza had attacked the new social order and failed to honor their agreement to protect the town. He ruled that all the men should be killed. 

  12. Bill Warner says: “Take the example of the day that Mohammed murdered 800 male Jews in Medina, after he sold off the women for slaves and adopted the Jewish children into Muslim families. What was the nature of this event? There are three views:

    • For Muslims this was a day of absolute good as Islam triumphed over the evil Jews who had denied the prophet-hood of Mohammed.
    • For Kafirs (non-Muslims) this was an act of evil.
    • Then there is the view of the apologist for Islam”let’s not be judgmental. That was then, and this is now. Christians have done worse.

    My answer to Bill Warner is:

    1- Again and again, due to Bill Warner’s ignorance of the Arabic language, he thinks that the word Kafir means non-Muslims! No, no and no. The word Kafir in Arabic means a disbeliever, an unbeliever, infidel, ungodly, atheism, ungoliness. It doesn’t mean at all the Jews or the Christians, because those in the Koran are called “People of the Book” – those who received the Torah of Moses or the Gospel of Jesus.
    Accordingly, all the Koranic verses urging the Prophet and the believers to fight Kafirs, address in fact the Arab pagans of Makka who persecuted the Prophet and his followers for 11 years before he migrated to Madina, and further followed him to Madina to kill him and his followers.

    2- selling off the women for slaves and adopting children into Muslim families, was the norm in ancient civilizations (Greek, Roman etc) and also continued until the time of the Prophet. Women after the demolishing of their husbands and their children will certainly get a decent life in Muslim houses. It was utmost mercy and not oppressive.

    3- The Jews were killed not because they were jews. The Koran honors Moses as a great Prophet and the authentic Torah as a divine Book. The Jews were killed because of their treachery, treason, and perfidy. They were dishonest and unfaithful and were accused of high treason.

    4- It breaks Bill Warner’s heart to see that Muslims killed 800 Jews. In this regard I would like to draw his attention that I have before me now 311 verses from the Bible indicating severe violence!
    Considering the narrow space here, I will simply mention only one verse that will prove my point, because in this one verse, no less than three thousand people were killed by the sword at the command of Biblical Moses.

    We read:

    Exodus 32:27-29
    Then he (Moses) said to them, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor.’ “The Levites did as Moses commanded, and that day about three thousand of the people died. Then Moses said, “You have been set apart to the LORD today, for you were against your own sons and brothers, and he has blessed you this day.”(NIV).

    It is a well known fact that the total number of deaths that took place in all wars fought during the time of Prophet Muhammad was 1018. The Biblical quotation given above shows clearly that in only one incidence 3000 people were killed.

    Muslims were told in the Koran that the Old Testament and the New Testament were corrupted. Now we have the Talmud, a body of oral exposition, reduced to writing in different schools of doctors and learned men. We have also the Pentate which is a small portion of the Old teatament. It was compiled and edited from older sources by Ezra. As for the Gospel of jesus, Christian scholars themselves admit that the Gospels now existing contain only 25% of Jesus words, while the rest is that of the authors (Peter, John, Luke, Paul etc”).
    However, if the violent verses that now do exist in the Old and New Testaments were correct, Robert Spencer must obey and submit and not to dispu with opposing arguments. If he disputes and opposes, he will be rejecting what Allah had decreed to Moses and the other Prophets of the Children of Israel, thus blaspheming against Allah.
    But Bill Warner doesn’t mind rejecting the verses of the Koran because his ignorance took him to believe that the Koran is not a divine Book – a matter that will take him by the nose to Hell Fire.

  13. Sorry, Robert spencer was mentioned in the above article by mistake, but he is no different than Bill Warner.

    Correction: It is meant by the word pentate “Pentateuch”.

  14. Bill Warner

    Haven’t you known that Allah has written in the Koran that He has ordained that He and His Messengers are the victors over His enemies?

    Stop fighting your Creator, because all your efforts will never prosper. You will only bring upon your head the wrath of Allah.

    instead of your narrow thinking and idle talk against Islam and Muslims, why don’t you write for a change in the following items:

    Zionist aggression against Arab rights in Jerusalem?

    Political Christianity in America and its impact on Islam and the Arab world ?

    Show me your cognizance if you have any!

    Be a match that I can deal with.

  15. the morons burn the Koran, bely it and slander the seal of the Prophets. They set themselve enemies to their Creator by relating to Him falsehood. They have forgotten that they shall assemble themselves unto Allah on the Day of Judgment, and they will be repremanded by the witnesses – the angels, the Apostles, and the men of piety who shall say, “These are the ones who lied against their lord”. No doubt the curse of Allah is on them.

    they made it their aim to pervert the truth and crook the path of rectitude to their own ends. These are not in the position ever to escape Allah’s punishment. Their punishment shall be doubled.

    They could not bear to hear the preachers of the truth because of their severe aversion inspite of the fact that they had the sense of hearing and sight.! These are they who have lost their own souls, and their invented false deities will vanish from them. It is no wonder that great losers shall they be in the Hereafter.

    Allah says in His last revelation to the world:

    And who does greater evil than he who forges against Allah a lie? Those shall be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, “Those are they who lied against their Lord”. Surely the curse of Allah rest upon the evildoers who bar from Allah’s way, desiring to make it crooked; they disbelieve in the world to come; they are unable to frustrate Him on earth and they have no protectors apart from Allah. For them the chastisement shall be doubled; they could not hear, neither did they see.
    Those are they that have lost their souls, and that they forged has gone astray from them; they without doubt will be the greatest losers in the world to come (Hud 18-22).

  16. How will the attackers of Islam react when the angels of death besiege them all about to disembody their souls, and descend violently upon them striking their faces abd their backs, and say to them, “Now you shall face the torment of the Fire which is laid upon the damned.”

    If thou couldst see the angels take the unbelievers, beating their faces and their backs, “Taste the chastisement of the burning – that, for what your hands have forwarded, and for that Allah is never unjust unto His servants.” (Al-Anfal, 50).

    They think that they are drowning the voice of Allah. In fact they are piling misery for themselves in the future. For Allah’s voice can never be silenced. nothing that they can do, however outrageous, will escape its fit punishment. And to reject Allah’s signs is to shut the very door to His Grace and Mercy. Allah shall make them taste a severe torment, and shall requite them the worst of what they used to do,

    So We shall let the unbelievers taste a terrible chastisement, and shall recompense them with the worst of their working. That is the recompense of Allah’s enemies – the fire, wherein they shall have the abode of eternity as a recompense, for that they denied our signs (Fussilat 27, 28).

    The believers are those who when Allah is mentioned feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear his signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put all their trust in their Lord. For them are grades of dignity with their Lord, and forgiveness and a generous provision (Paradise).

    Those only are believers who, when Allah is mentioned their hearts quake, and when His signs are recited to them, it increases them in faith, and in their Lord they put their trust., those who perform the prayer, and expend of what We have provided them, those in truth are the believers; they have degrees with their Lord, and forgiveness, and generous provision (Al-Anfal 2-4).

    Instead of attacking Islam, the complete and perfect religion, thus compiling over their heads sins over sins, they should march forth to win a paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth prepared for the pious.

    And vie with one another, hastening to forgiveness from your lord, and to a Garden whose breadth is as the heavens and earth, prepared for the godfearing (Al-Imran, 133).

  17. Richard

    Dr Mohsen El Guindi “Haven’t you known that Allah has written in the Koran that He has ordained that He and His Messengers are the victors over His enemies?”

    Dr Mohsen El Guindi, it is obvious to all but complete morons that Muhammad wrote the Quran. His history, his thoughts, his likes, his prejudices the quarrels of his wives are stamped all over it.

    It is obvious he invented Allah and created Allah in his own image – that of a self-centered megalomaniac.

    Even his Uncle did not believe Muhammad in his own time. It was only with force and violence that Islam was spread. Instead of yapping on about Islam, the Quran, Muhammad why don’t you read The Emperors New Clothes and open your eyes to the non-existent claims of Islam?

    This powerless Allah needs brainwashed Muhammad clones, manufactured by the Islamic indoctrination machine, to enforce its ideology through violence and threats as you are doing.

  18. Steffen Larsen

    Pheeew …..the good Doctor’s threats are becoming more and more tiresome.

    I doubt that “Muhammad” ever existed, and certainly not as presented by Islam. More likely it is all a conglomerate of tales about a celebrated warlord mixed up with transformed sectarian Christian texts, the latter consisting of misinterpreted and faulty translations from whatever language the half-ignorant editors of the Quran had before them written in an alphabet of such ineptness as the ancient Arabic script.

  19. Richard, use your head before you talk. Don’t be like a parrot repeating what you heard from the hate mongers.

    1- Muhammad was illiterate, and it was impossible that he wrote the Koran. The koran – this vast knowledge of the past, the present and the future – was the miracle of Muhammad to the world. Allah sent Gabriel, the angel of inspiration to Muhammad who with Allah’s will and help filled Muhammad’s heart with the Koran.

    2- Muhammad didn’t invent Allah. In the Aramaic language of Jesus God is called Allaha, very similar to Allah in Arabic. Jesus when calling God used to say, “O Allaha.” He never said “O, God.” If you trace back the origin of the word ‘God’, you will find it derived from the word ‘Gad’, an idol worshipped by the ancient pagans.

    3- We Muslims don’t read books about Islam published by westerners hating Islam and are far away from the true esence of the religion. We read the Koran and the authentic Sunnah and books of our credible juresprudents. Even the latter, we differ with them if they deviate from the widely accepted principles of the Koran and the Sunna of the prophet.

    4- Islam wasn’t spread by the sword. The Jews and the Christians of the conquered nations were left to practise their religion peacefully. But it was the task of Muslims to deliver the Message to the world without compulsion. People are free to believe or not to believe, and in the end to Allah is the return of all for accountability. On the day of resurrectionn no one will stand before Allah and says, O, Lord, I haven’t received the Message of Islam. I just followed our fathers of yore.” Muslims have done their job, they delivered the Message of islam to the whole world since Muhammad until today, and until the Day of Resurrection, and it is up to people to reconsider.

    If islam has spread by the sword, how about Islam in Indonisia, Phillipine, Tailand, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, USA, France, England etc. No Muslim troops went there.

    5- No one must claim that I am forcing Islam by threat and force. I am here to warn the hate mongers like you that Allah and not I who threats people like you. I am here to show the ignorants what is in store for them because of all the hatred they showed to Islam. I am just forwarding Allah’s verses directed to the enemies of Islam. If you don’t like them, show me your courage when you stand before the powerless Allah as you arrogantly claims, on the Day of Resurrection to dispute with Him about his verses and signs.

    Listen to the threat of the Koran addressed to you and people like you:

    Say: Shall We tell you who will be the greatest losers in their works? Those whose striving goes astray in the present life, while they think that they are working good deeds. Those are they that disbelieve in the signs of their Lord and the encounter with Him; their works have failed, and on the Day of Resurrection We shall not assign to them any weight. That is their recompense – Hell – for that they were unbelievers and took My signs and my Messengers in mockery (Al-Kahf 103-106).

  20. Steffen Larson

    your shallow comment doesn’t deserve an answer. But I will take the toil to answer back, maybe you will understand.

    In the Quran Allah informs us that He revealed a number of books, including the pages of Prophet Abraham, the Psalms of Prophet David, the Torah of Prophet Moses, the Injeel (Gospel) of Prophet Jesus, and finally, the Quran of Prophet Muhammad. Of these revealed texts only the Quran remains intact in its original form. All of the others (as complete books) have been lost, their remains have survived only as fragments or tampered with in some way so as to make their authenticity doubtful. Further, we know from respected scholars that although some fragments of the Psalms, the Torah, and the Injeel (the teachings of Prophet Jesus) may be found in the Bible, comprised of the Old and New Testaments, the Bible can not rightfully be called “The Word of God.” Why is this so?

    As one publisher (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois) stated: ‘The Bible may look like one book, but it is actually sixty-six books in one. Thirty-nine books make up what we call the Old Testament, and twenty-seven make up the New Testament. It is possible that more than forty writers were used by God to write all sixty-six books.’ (Quoted from the “Holy Bible” – New Living Translation, Gift & Award Edition, l997, p. vii)

    So if the Bible is neither narrated by God nor written by Him, and, as such, is not ‘the word of God,’ then what is it? By any objective criteria, the Bible is a book containing a compilation of stories, legends, folk tales, folk lore, myths, sagas, narratives, poetry, fragments of scriptures, letters (esp. in New Testament), visions, dreams, accounts of events from doubtful sources (not eye witnesses), editors or scribes’ notes, as well as human errors.

    So the Torah and the Injil (Gospel) mentioned in the Qur’an most certainly cannot be the “Old Testament”, the “Pentateuch” or the “New Testament” as we have today, but the original Torah and Gospel as was revealed to both Moses (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh).

    If you doubt the authenticity of the Koran, I draw your attention to the following points:

    1- The fact that Muhammad could neither read nor write (Q.29:48) is well known and uncontested by even his non-Muslim contemporaries and present day historians. He had no schooling or teacher of any kind. He had never been known to compose oral poetry or prose. The Qur’an, with its all-embracing laws and freedom from all inconsistencies, has its greatness acknowledged even by non-Muslim scholars. Its contents treat social, economic, political and religious legislation, history, views of the universe, living things, thought, human transactions, war, peace, marriage, worship, business, and everything relating to life – with no contradicting principles. The Qur’an has never been edited or revised as it was never in need of any revision or correction. How were such vast subject areas expounded upon with such precision by a 7th century Arab with no formal education or even the ability to read what scant material there may have been in his environment on such topics? Where and when has history ever produced an illiterate and uneducated author of such a scripture?

    2- Muhammad’s sincerity, truthfulness and integrity were so well known that he was even nicknamed “Al-Ameen” (The Trustworthy) by his pre-Islamic community. Not a single lie is recorded against him, and many modern Western orientalists have themselves admitted that contrary to any deliberate deception, that the Prophet had a profoundly sincere conviction that it was revealed to him by God Himself is undeniable.

    3- If his integrity had been in question, and he was supposed to have been motivated by the desire for personal glory to produce the Qur’an, why then would he disclaim authorship and instead claim it was from God, especially when the pagan Makkans had conceded that no one could produce such a scripture (Q.2:23-24, 17:88, etc.), but only marvel at it? His enemies even offered him kingship over Makka and any riches he desired if only he would stop reciting. If it was true that he desired his personal glory and leadership, why would he decline the offer when it was presented to him and instead prefer a life of humility, simplicity, persecution, sanctions, and even hostile attack by those who felt threatened by the Message of the One God?

    4- In addition, how reasonable is it to believe that unlettered Muhammad would author the Qur’an for personal benefit and then within the Qur’an correct and reprove himself? For example:

    “He frowned and turned away when the blind man came to him” (Q.80:1-2),

    “And you did fear men, though God is more deserving that you should fear Him” (Q.33:37).

    See also Q.18:23-24, etc. Why would he embarrass himself when he could simply omit or favorably modify such verses in the Qur’an? They were certainly not to his advantage if his goals were power and prestige. The existence of such verses only proves that Muhammad was indeed a truthful and sincere Messenger of God!

  21. Bill Warner, Steffen Larson, Richard and the like.

    The fools burn the Koran, and slander the Prophet. The idiots bely the Koran and insult Allah their Creator. The morons think that by disputing with opposing arguments are doing good deeds! They seek vain proofs to refute the truth and they disdain indignantly to acknowledge Allah’s signs and laugh them to scorn! Allah has set veils over their hearts lest they should understand the Koran, and in their ears deafness. If they are called to guidance, they will never be guided. If Allah were to call them to account for what they have earned, then surely he would have hastened their punishment. But they have their appointed time, beyond which they will find no escape.

    The day shall come when Allah shall gather all people to judgment leaving no one behind. they shall be ranked before Allah in rows. And the book of deeds will be placed to view and the sinful will be alarmed at its contents.

    Lets hear the Koran

    …and We muster them so that We leave not so much as one of them behind.; and they shall be presented before their Lord in ranks – ‘You have come to Us as We created you upon the first time; nay, you asserted We should not appoint for you the tryst.’ And the book shall be set in place; and thou wilt see the sinners fearful of what is in it, and saying, ‘Alas for us! How is it with this Book, that it leaves nothing behind, small or great, but it has numbered it? And they shall find all they wrought present, and thy Lord shall not wrong anyone.
    Then the evildoers will see the Fire, and think that they are about to fall into it, and will find no escape from it (Al-Kahf 47-49, 53).


    Every ugly word you utter against Islam is recorded in your book of deeds, so bear the consequences.

  22. Steffen Larsen

    The good Doctor says: “your shallow comment doesn’t deserve an answer”. And then he drones on, and on and on and on ad infinitum: that the Quran speaks the truth because the Quran (and the MUCH later Hadith) say so.

    And he ends with the usual threats from his imaginary and jealous god-prophet.

    Of course, I accept that it is impossible for him to entertain the thought that the Quran does NOT come from some sort of “revelation” from the “Allah creator” – both concepts coming without evidence except to the likes of the good Doctor – and that everything in it is NOT a scientific Miracle, but is made by ignorant man, for ignorant man, cobbled together later, perhaps even much later than the alleged events.

  23. Richard

    Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy I was taught to respect my elders and don’t mean to be impolite to you, but your gullibility is so incredible you make me laugh.

    Muhammad dictated the Quran. One of the scribes who took his dictations knew he was a fraud because Muhammad readily accepted his suggestions to modify Muhammad’s “revelations” and was duly executed.

    On the basis of the transparent, easily discernable fib that it was “impossible” for Muhammad to write the Quran you believe it is a “miracle”??!! A very feeble miracle indeed. How come all miracles ceased after Muhammad? How come Allah has lost all his powers since then?

    Tell you what. Pray to Allah that he protects his Quran and then set fire to it. If it does not burn, defying the laws of physics I will accept it’s a miracle. But if it does burn then cry out – O Allah why have you become so powerless (and prepare for the wrath of your fellow Muslims, who will probably dispatch you to your heavenly, or hellish abode).

    When I said Muhammad invented Allah – I meant he invented the character of Allah after himself. He said Allah is like this and like that and he wants you to do this and that. Like he wants you to give Muhammad 1/10 th of whatever you have plundered from others , he wants you to fight and kill the infidel and die for him, he wants Muhammad to have as many wives as he wants – all there in the eternal words of Allah as a shining beacon for all mankind.

  24. Steffen Larson and Richard

    If you burn the Koran and the Bible and the Gospel, then they will be burnt. But how about the consequences.

    Again, there is no use talking to both of you. I am done with explaining my religion to two hate mongers like you. But I am here only to talk about the terrible consequences awaiting you.

    Richard, do I make you laugh? You may sneer or redicule, or rejoice now: that will be only for a little, much will you have to weep for afterwards.
    Therefore let them laugh little, and weep much, in recompense for what they have been earning (Al-Tawba, 82).

    Do you wonder at the Koran? And you laugh to scorn and manifest contempt, instead of weeping out your eyes and your hearts. And you express disapproval, searching hard for an error to refute and reject! Allah’s divine words.You would better fall down in prostration to Allah and worship Him alone!

    Do you then marvel at this discourse, and do you laugh, and do you not weep, while you make merry? So bow yourselves before Allah, and serve Him (Al-Najm 59-62).

    Whosoever turns away from Allah and belies His Koran, for him is a life of hardship and Allah shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection.

    “But whosoever turns away from My remembrance, his shall be a life of narrowness, and on the Resurrection Day We shall raise him blind.” He shall say: ‘O my Lord, why hast thou raised me blind while I had sight (before)?’ Allah shall say: ‘Even so it is, Our signs came unto thee, and thou didst forget them; and so today thou arst forgotten.’
    So We recompense him who is prodigal and believes not in the signs of his Lord; and the chastisement of the world to come is more terrible and more enduring (Taha 124-127).

    If Allah were to call you to account for what you have earned, He would have hastened your punishment, but you have your appointed time beyond which you will find no escape.

  25. Richard

    Dear Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy, you really should get some elementary lessons in logic.

    If someone claims that he has been contacted by the alleged creator of the Universe and that he has been dictated a message that he has written down as the eternal words of that alleged being, and people ask “how do we know you are telling the truth?”, then the proof does NOT consist of saying – “One of the things I have been dictated is that I am telling the truth, and I was also dictated that if you do not believe me you will rot forever in hell.” That is truly laughable.

    There is no hate here Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy, only amusement and mirth. The hate is entirely from your side, and your kind, who have been taught to hate those that question this obvious falsehood.

    However I would like to ask you “Who killed your ‘prophet’ Muhammad?”. To get the answer please listen to this very entertaining talk here and tell me if you can answer it, (without resorting to threatening the person with hellfire, which is not really an argument).


  26. Steffen Larsen

    The good Doctor is off again with his god-prophet delusions and threats. But I am afraid he is losing it …I wonder if that nasty bump on his forehead has anything to do with it?

    Doctor, Sir, my good man: I did not burn a Quran, despite your generalising accusation. I can however mention that at the latest count to come my way, Bible destruction by Muslims is in front by a fair margin compared to Quran burnings. And when a Church or a Mosque is destroyed it is usually by the hand of Muslims: we have come to expect it, it is no longer a surprise that Muslims hate each other as much as they hate the Infidel.

    Sir: it is you who are demonstrating hate by your constant threats, and justifying them in the face of the lack of submission demanded by your god-prophet. I cannot find it in myself to hate you in any way: you have done me no harm, except by the incessant spamming you are exercising on this blog. But Sir, you are a ridiculous sight to behold when you again-again-again spew threats because we do not belief in the Quran just because the Quran claims to be the truth. The childish responses of the Quran to Unbelief rather reinforces the suspicion that Islam is anything but evident divine Truth.

  27. Larsen and Richard

    It was not I who deliberately initiated this website to attack Islam, but it was you and your like. You are not free to attack the religion of others. You are not free to attack your Creator, Allah, His last Messenger, Muhammad and the Koran, His last Testament to the world.

    It is not our concern that you believe in Islam or not, our concern is to deliver the Message of Islam to the whole world, because it is a Message of mercy, it shows the true path of rectitude. Islam is the only religion of Allah, the religion that was given to all Prophets before him, but it was oblittirated until Muhammad came for the last time to renew it.

    He has laid down for you as religion that He charged Noah with, and that We have revealed to thee, and that We charged Abraham with, Moses and jesus: ‘Perform the religion and scatter not regarding it.’ Very hateful is that for the idolaters that thou callest them to. Allah chooses unto Himself whomsoever turns penitent (Al-Shura, 13).

    You think the evil you do to Islam is of no consequences? Or do you think that Allah do not hear what you conceal or what you reveal? His appointed angels in charge of mankind are by your sides to record every single deed!

    Or do they think We hear not their secret and what they conspire together? Yes indeed, and Our messengers are present with them writing it down (Az-Zukhruf, 80).

    The evil you are doing to Islam go headlong into sin and sink deeper and deeper until your spiritual faculties are deadened. This is because you have rejected Allah’s grace. Muhammad will not be able to make the worthless who councels deaf to hear, or give direction to the blind, or guide a person as have just been destined to err from the path of rectitude.

    What, shalt thou make the deaf to hear, or shalt thou guide the blind and hom who is in manifest error? (Al-Zukhruf, 40).

    but in Hell shall the wicked bewail their lot. No relief physical or mental will be expected and in their idea of relief comes the intensity of punishment and the longer they lose hope the more they nurse despair. And in Hell they will cry, ‘O malik (keeper of Hell)! Let your Lord make an end of us.’ he will say, ‘Verily, you shall abide forever.’

    And they shall call: ‘O Malik, let thy Lord have done with us.’ He will say, ‘You will surely tarry.’
    We brought you the truth, but most of you were averse to the truth (Az-Zukhruf 77, 78).

    I am not threatening any body. I am just stating what the Koran said about the enemies of Islam in the past, in the present and in the future.
    Allah knew beforehand that His enemies will be always there in all times fighting His noble Message/Messages directed to them. So He mentioned what is in store for them. And I am here to warn of the consequences awaiting the enemies of Islam. The morons burned the Koran and defiled it in America, Guantomanoand Afghanistan! No wonder, they are the inmates of Hell.

  28. Who are the losers?

    Bill Warner and similar others spend their money to hinder men from the path of Allah, and so will they continue to spend it and in the end they will have only regrets and sighs. At length they will be overcome. In the Hereafter they will be gathered unto Hell in order that Allah may separate the impure from the pure, the wicked from the good, and put the wicked one over another, heap them together and cast them into Hell. Those it is they who are the losers.

    The unbelievers expend their wealth to bar from Allah’s way, and still they will expend it, till it is an anguish for them, then be overthrown, and the unbelievers will be mustered into Hell, that Allah may distinguish the corrupt from the good, and place the corrupt one upon another, and so keep them up all together, and put them in Hell; those are the losers (Al-Anfal 36, 37).

    You enemies of Allah, beware, the consequences are teriible.

  29. Steffen Larsen

    My dear Sir, Doctor El-Guindy:

    In almost every sentence you are asserting Islam’s claim to be the only and single Truth. And you “prove” this by quoting the Quran.
    Then you threaten us AGAIN by calling upon the punishments awaiting us, and you act offended because we do not believe in the Quran. The Quran that according to you is the only Truth, because the Quran says so. And the Quran speaks the Truth because the Muslim prophet Muhammad was an honourable man because the Quran says so.

    Yes, my good man, you HAVE told us that we are bound for the eternal hell-fire. Also it has been noted that those who do not believe, those who are against islam, those who think it nonsense: they are “enemies”. I thank you for this information.

    One of the more tiresome aspects of Islam is that Muslims tend to feel themselves superior by association. Being Allah’s servants they are above anyone else.

  30. Richard

    Dr Mohsen El-Guindy you are not the creation of any mythical “Allah” but of the indoctrination machine of Islam. Your indoctrinated mind is warped and hate filled and you do not have the intelligence to break free from its obvious lies.

    The morality of Christ, based as it is on the Golden Rule, love and forgiveness is so very much superior to your hate infested ideology, based on supremacy, domination, hate, murder and revenge.

    A threat Dr Mohsen El-Guindy is a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment or injury. When you say “You enemies of Allah, beware, the consequences are teriible” that is a threat along with all the others you have delivered in your hate-filled posts.

    To add “I am not threatening any body” is as meaningless as declaring Islam to be “a Message of mercy”, while this same Islam promises you eternal torture for not believing in it and commands people to kill their fellow human beings for not being part of its murderous cult.

  31. Richard

    Dr. Mohsen El-Guindy,

    After recently discovering the true pagan origins of the Christian love cult and its illogical man-god committing suicide in order to muster up enough love and mercy to forgive everyone’s sins, I have just decided to become a Muslim. Please see my conversion in the Jan. 2012 commentary to the Taste of Islam article. I thank you for your continued persistence in allowing me to finally find the true path.

    Read the Quran. Its truth will set you free.

  32. Richard


    What a laugh. Whoever is posing as me, for your information I am not a Christian. For me to convert to the vile murderous cult of Islam, which condemns those who leave it to death would be an act of insanity. Fortunately I am very sane.

  33. Richard

    PS I have read (some of) the Quran. Its patent lies are just obvious for all to see. Whoever is trying this on has obviously not read the Quran himself but has just accepted the lies of this murderous cult, as all followers of murderous cults do.

  34. randy63ism

    @Dr Mohsen El-Guindy: You are aware that SPAM is made from pork by-products aren’t you?

  35. randy63ism

    @Charles Neff: I am a 21+ year Army NCO, OIF veteran, and have served in Germany, and Egypt. I am currently National Guard.

    It is precisely because of attitudes such as yours that I have little to no faith in America’s senior level military and civilian leadership. One who would so casually delete Sun Tzu’s most famous dictate from their mental hard drive shall never earn my respect, and I am not alone in my thinking here. As far as LTC West is concerned, I care not a whit about that incident regarding an unlawful combatant (insurgent) who never prescribed to the Geneva and Hague Conventions to begin with.

    Your attempts at moral equivalence are extremely weak, and lest you think me a mere “apologist” for fundamentalist Christianity, I am a commited non-theist, an agnostic. I have no religious axe to grind, but I do have a responsibility towards upholding my oath to defend my country and Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Please do yourself a favor, go to rehab and kick the “Lysergic Lemonade” jones. Tea is a far more refreshing beverage to drink, and is actually good for the memory (such as your oath), It is also conducive to free thinking as well.

    Thank you.

  36. irwin daisy

    “…this is an asymmetric struggle against a network of killers who attempt to pervert Islam into justifying mass murder.”

    No one attempts to pervert Islam into justifying mass murder. ‘Mass murder’, as performed by Mohammad throughout his life is an example of which all Muslims are commanded to emulate.

    The so-called, doctor, Mohsen El-Guindy, assumes that Mohammad’s delusions are in fact the word of a merciful God. Yet, in Mohammad’s own actions, there is no mercy, only piracy, mass murder, rapine, and every other sin imaginable.

    If you want to understand Islam, you must understand the founder of Islam and his actions and sayings.

    It is even folly to think that the Quran is the written word of Allah (whoever the hell that is), passed to Mohammad by Gabriel. A companion of Mohammad, and one the original Caliphs, Uthman, burned all extant versions of the Quran at the time, and pieced (wrote) together his own, which is the current Quran in use today.

    Islam is a completely fallacious doctrine based on the psychotic ambitions of desert warlords. Inflicted on the feeble minded.

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