Whoopi and Condi, Two Peas in a Pod

On the TV show, The View, a show about women’s issues, Whoopi Goldberg blamed the kafir teacher in the Sudan for the horror show, “Mohammed Teddy Bear”. Islam was blameless. Whoopi had no outrage about a proposed public beating, imprisonment and/or being beheaded over naming a toy. Oh, no, it was the kafir’s fault. Since the beatings, imprisonment and beheadings would be “cultural” they are totally acceptable.

Whoopi revealed that she is a modern day feminist who can overlook any brutality as long as it is cultural and not by a white male. Female genital mutilation, beating your wife? No problem, it’s a cultural thing. She has all of the necessary qualifications to be a prime-time dhimmi.
The first dhimmi qualification is her support of Islam over the kafir and as an apologist for Islam. Whoopi advocates submission to Islam, accepts the duality of kafirs submitting to Islam and never questions why Islam has the right to abuse the kafir.
Whoopi goes ballistic at any suggestion that she is less than a white person, but is fully on board with the idea that a kafir is inferior to a Muslim.

The second dhimmi qualification is Whoopi’s ignorance about the doctrine and history of political Islam. Whoopi is clueless about how Muslims in Africa rounded up her ancestors and placed them in pens as wholesale merchandise for the slave trade on both coasts of Africa, as well as the Sahara. Whoopi does not know that the Arabs use the same word for either a black slave or a black African, abd. Whoopi is just another abd; take your pick of which meaning abd has for her. The Arab is the master of the African, and it would appear, the master of the African-American.

Whoopi neither knows nor cares that 120,000,000 Africans have been killed during a 1400-year Islamic jihad. And she is ignorant that the uproar over Mohammed Teddy Bear is another type of jihad to which she has submitted.

So what? Whoopi is another overpaid entertainer in an era where the ability to act or play guitar or sing makes you a political expert.
Let’s move to the next Pea in the Pod—Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, Condi to her friends.

Condi and Whoopi could not appear to be more different. Dr. Rice is just about everything that Whoopi is not. The contrasts are so great they don’t even need to be listed.

So how are they the same? Both are ignorant of the doctrine and history of political Islam. The problem is that Whoopi is dangerous only to herself, whereas Condi is dangerous to our civilization.

This is not personal about Condi. She is simply one of 300,000,000 Americans who have never been educated about the doctrine and history of Islamic politics. An added problem is that Condi is one of the elites and dhimmitude is proportional to rank. The higher your status, the more ignorant you are about Islam. The head of the FBI is positive that Islam is just another slandered religion that needs a little more understanding. It is the agent in the field who knows that “a little more understanding” is not the problem.
Condi never presents any awareness by either action or deed about the fact that Islamic treaty negotiations are always temporary. At Hudaybiya Mohammed set the ideal example for Muslims that treaties are only a tactic to stall until Islam is stronger. And let’s not discount that deceit is also a part of Mohammed’s advice on how to deal with the kafir.

In short, the current Palestinian/Israel treaty negotiations that Condi is overseeing are only another Islamic con job. Condi actually thinks that she is dealing with honest men who will keep their word.

In the end, for the Muslims at the negotiations, Dr. Rice is just another dhimmi abd. But she is in good company. The Israelis are dhimmis as well.

Whoopi may be the voice of the black street and Condi may be the voice of university elites, but in the eyes of Islam, Condi and Whoopi are just Two Peas in a Pod, dhimmi abds.

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  1. Baal

    Of course, the chance for Two Dhimmi Female Abds to find a jobs and opportunity remotely close to what Condi & Whoopi have now in the States is as good as me finding a bag with a Million dollar in the street in front of my house. I will be very happy if I find such a bag, but I probably won’t.

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