Why Aren’t All Muslims Jihadists?

If Islam is about jihad, why are there so many nice people who are Muslims?

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Lawrence

    There is disturbing evidence concerning some aspects of violence based on Sharia that does not directly involve Jihad of the Sword – aka warriors. Disturbing evidence that its use and support is very widespread.

    Those would be the punishments for apostates, honor killings of women, sexual slavery, slavery, rape , and stoning.

    While beheading and crucifixion seem to happen in war campaigns and thus carried out by Jihad of the Sword, the others I mentioned happen within the territory of civil society, and are performed by ordinary family members, and supported by hundreds of witnesses.

  2. Lawrence

    The issue is not if there is Jihad not of the Sword, the issue is all Jihad in support of Sharia and the Caliphate, in support of the same Sharia and the same Caliphate.

    For if so then their goals are the same and it is not a question of their tactics being different, it is a question of their support and contributions to the same goals are different.

    So we should not be concerned if there are different Muslims, the issue is do Muslims support Sharia and then are all non Muslims Kafirs.

  3. gangadhar

    Please provide the message in writings also.Spoken words are not always distinct .Intonations and pitch of the voice are not transmitted on internet properly due to electronic interferences


  4. democracyistheanswer

    No more than 1% of citizens are in the military during peacetimes. That rises to 10% during wartime. These low figures do not mean that most of the population doesn’t SUPPORT the warriors! They do in most countries! Very much!

    A small number of jihadists fight on behalf of ‘peaceful’, ‘moderate’ Moslems. The noncombatant Moslems are supporting jihad by their prayers, their words and their money.

    Talk to them quietly and they will admit that.

  5. Adam Usman Adam

    Assalamu Alaikum. Many people are not awera of the other Islamic Pillars or Fundamenal, any where you went the issue is the for both Non Muslims and few Muslims due to the lack of understanding of concept of Islam. Islam is all about Peace, Tranquility, Justice and following Rules and Regulation and remain Loyal to both Muslims and non Muslims. That is why if you observed way of life and live of those that have Proper understanding of Islam, they will Admired.

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