Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

There are two critical questions for our age:

What is the true nature of Islam?

Why are we afraid to know about it?

My books have answered the first question and now my new talk answers the second question.

A few months ago a man videoed two talks that I gave in Chattanooga, TN. When he asked if he could post them on You Tube, I said sure and thought that no one would watch a 45 minute talk. Wrong! In two weeks time about 51,000 people have watched the entire talk. Now it is being subtitled in German, French, and Spanish. Who knew?

This talk ties together the rise of Islam, the annihilation of classical civilization, the Dark Ages, the Islamic Golden Age, the doctrine of jihad and the psychology of the Western mind as analogous to the abused wife, all based on two large sets of data. The idea is the result of 10 years of research and it took 6 months to prepare the content and the graphics.

For your viewing pleasure:

Why We Are Afraid



A Rational Study of Radical Islam


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  1. […] ➠ Video: “Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret,” by Dr. Bill Warnerhttps://www.politicalislam.com/why-we-are-afraid-a-1400-year-secret/ […]

  2. grimes willard w

    Great video sir, but no matter how many people watch it nothing will change. The western world is in perpetual slumber which is equivalent to rejoicing at our own death! But you have done your job. Our blood is not our your hands and t shall be counted against us.

  3. Carl B

    What a powerful eye opening video. I was born in 1969 and yet somehow I’ve always instinctively known that Islam was bad news for the western world. The anology of the smell coming up from the basement was an excellent one. I think God put this instinct into westerners to protect what was left of the Christian world. Thank you Mr. Warner for this insightful video, we must do our part in spreading it as broadly as possible. I also want to say I really appreciate the irony of your name Mr. Warner, it seems you were sent to us by providence to WARN us about the dangers of political Islam. Keep up the good work.

  4. Bill

    The teacher is absolutely right with Islam,
    I’m from Spain, the area where I live
    Manresa in Catalonia is riddled with
    Arabs. And are taking over all of Spain
    are going to invade Europe as was formerly
    and we do not realize or do not want to realize
    I am conducting a study on radicals in Catalonia and is to be afraid of radical Islamists that exist in Spain. In Spain there are about 2,000,000 Arabs, you believe that we can stop this. The teacher is doing to open our eyes, because it is happening again
    everything the professor said in his video.


    El profesor tiene toda la razón con el islam ,
    yo soy de España , la zona donde resido
    Manresa en Catalunya esta plagada de
    árabes . Y se están apoderando de toda España
    están volviendo a invadir toda Europa como sucedió antiguamente
    y no nos damos cuenta o no queremos darnos cuenta
    yo estoy realizando un estudio sobre radicales en catalunya y es para asustarse de los islamitas radicales que existen en España . En España existen cerca de 2.000.000 de árabes , ustedes creen que podremos parar esto . El profesor esta haciendo que abramos los ojos , porque esta volviendo a suceder
    todo lo que dijo el profesor en su vídeo .

  6. Ralph

    I have occasionally pondered this issue after first watching Bill’s presentation some months ago on YouTube. Below are my thoughts that are indirectly related to Bill’s topic.

    Let us consider all of the on-site rapes and all of the people who were forcibly moved to other areas during the violent conquests of Muhammad and his successors, Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, the Vikings, etc. Consider the violent acquisition of slaves, the trading of slaves, and the geographic relocation of slaves.

    I am pure Norwegian by blood backward at least three generations, but I don’t know who my ancestors were before that. Did some of my ancestors five generations backward come from the British Isles or from Asia or from Africa or from Europe or from the Middle East or from North or South America or from other various islands? Were some of my ancestors carried back to Norway from elsewhere by the Vikings or others? If so, then who were the ancestors of those people who were carried into Norway from elsewhere? What is the parentage of those people? There is great uncertainty for me when looking backward more than five generations.

    This uncertainty means that I have uncertain distant parentage and nationality. Practically speaking, that doesn’t matter for me. But some ancestors may have been brutal conquerors or murderers or rapists. Practically speaking, that doesn’t matter for me either. My genetics are what they are. I am what I am. Many people in the world have unknown or uncertain previous-generation parentage.

    This topic might be pertinent in today’s discussions about abortion, in the following way: Some people believe that abortion should be legally-permitted only after rape, and in order to save the life of a mother. If many, or most, or all of us have distant ancestors who were born after rape, then that particular argument for permitting abortion after rape would have far less validity. Many people around the world even today are born after rape.

    It is humbling to ponder that one’s ancestors may have been violent rapists or murderers. We must conclude that none of us is better than another when considering stability of parentage, if we go back far enough into our ancestries. No matter how good our own parents were, there was probably some rapist or murderer for all of us in the distant past.

    That means that we cannot fairly look down on anyone because of parentage. We are all equal in the human depravity of our ancestors if we go back far enough. That leaves no room for family pride in our genetics.

    We all operate on a level playing field.

    That knowledge should contribute to the growth of world peace, if we let it humble us.

    When considering one another, there is no distinction. We have all arisen from some kind of human depravity. We should treat one another with humility, even across national boundaries.

  7. Seamystic

    Excellent Video on Islam. I started a petition to “Ban Islam”, to be sent to the World Court, a couple of years ago.
    There was much interference and eventually taken off of the site. Thousands of names were erased on three occasions. I suspect Bribes, or the site was bought off by Islamists. Even had a Muslim Professor sending items on internet against it. A group in India suggested that there should be this petition hanging on the walls of every Hindu home etc..
    I downloaded over 6000 submissions of people on the petition.

    We must be in a state of WAR against Islam or be overtaken!

    • Vasili Kirikos

      I want to sign your petition. I am Greek by birth and reside in the USA. I will pass your petition to my Greek channels. After all THIS IS WAR!
      My people (Greeks) lived under the filth called islam for 450 years! To this day the Greeks call that period in Greek history “The Dead Hand of the turk”…. NOTHING PROGRESSED during that peroid! NOTHING!
      My great grandmother, even though she was engaged to marry my great grandfather, she was told by the filth muslim scum turk governor that she was going to be sent to Constantinople to become a member of the fag turk sultan’s harem. Fortunately for grandma the revolution in Greece broke out and my great grandfather got his chance and took it to kill as many of that filth called muslim as he could…I’m told that since the muslim scum loved to cut throats that is EXACTLY what he did ….cut their throats.
      KICK THAT FILTH THE HELL OUT…SEND THEM TO HELL WHERE THEIR GOD RESIDES. ALLAH = SATAN. Read Walid Shoebat’s book titled God’s War On Terror. Walid shows verse by verse the filth called the quran vis-a-vis the Holy Bible how islam’s god, allah parallels the anti-Christ and their god, allah is actually satan as described in the Holy Bible.

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