My mission is to educate the world about the doctrine and history of Political Islam. I deal with facts, not opinions. My experts are Allah and Mohammed. Everything I say and write can be verified. –Dr. Bill Warner

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Areas of Expertise

“History of Jihad: Why We Are Afraid”
“Islam’s Impact on Christianity”
“What is Political Islam and Why Should We Care?”
“Hijra, Islamic Immigration and Its Implications”
“What Islamic Sharia Law Means for the Non-Muslim”
“Is Sharia compatible with Western principles?”

Suggested Topics

• The CSPII Method
• What is Political Islam?
• The Dangers of Sharia
• Why We Are Afraid
• True Nature of Islam
• Why Muslims Kill for Islam
• Jihad vs the Crusades
• Winning the Infowar with Precise Words
• Objective Islam, Subjective Islam
• The Evil of Good Deeds
• What is Civilizational War?
• Islam Coexists?
• Political Islam, a Totalitarian Doctrine