I was a Muslim convert for ten years, I studied Islam in Yemen, North Africa and Europe...Everything [Bill Warner] conclude[s] about Islam is 100% correct, I can testify on that.

Morten Storm

Ex-Jihadist author of Agent Storm: My Life Inside of Al Qaeda and the CIA.

Dr. Warner knows his Islam. So much so, that when he was challenged by several Muslims at the Arlington (TX) Public Library, where I’d asked him to speak in May, 2009, as part of my ACT! for America information series, he was not only able to answer, but to prove his answer using quotes from the Qur’an and the Hadith. His knowledge is deep, but his delivery is also superb. He brought his first book, The 13 Lessons, with him to sell, and I understand he did quite well with that. If I could have Dr. Warner with me at every one of my presentations, it would be like having a talking encyclopedia on hand.

Dorrie O’Brien

National Mentor ACT! for America

You are so riveting in your knowledge and experience that I couldn’t take my eyes off of you and what you were saying, and your delivery is beyond belief, as a professional it was astounding to me, and why more haven’t ppl haven’t watched this and understood it…you do things in a very calm way, you don’t yell and scream, you get your point across with history, with knowledge, with reason…

Chuck Woolery

Actor & radio show commentator

Dr. Bill Warner is a leading scholar on Islam whom I am proud to call my friend. Dr. Warner has revolutionized and simplified our knowledge of the complicated topic of Islam.

Nonie Darwish

Egyptian-American, ex-Muslim, human rights activist, author, founder of Arabs for Israel and Director of Former Muslims United

I have known and worked with Dr. Bill Warner for over 10 years during which time I have published his works and done extensive video interviews with him.

Jamie Glazov

Author & managing editor of FrontPage Magazine

Every word he [Bill Warner] said is very true, I read the Quran in Arabic. Mr Warner tells the real story about Islam.


Dr. Warner has made the three essential Muslim scriptures, the Koran, the Sira and the hadith, accessible to both Muslims and non-Muslims, who want to understand the teachings of Mohammed, and how a good Muslim is supposed to live, according to the one real authority on the subject, Mohammed.

Richard Sacks,

Radio host, Lost Arts Radio

Dr. Bill Warner is one of the most knowledgeable experts on the political aspects of Islam that I have ever met. I became aware of Dr. Warner through a terrorism expert that I had been associated with in the past. That person advised me to research Dr. Warner’s credentials and, if I thought him credible, make contact with him. That I did and I was so impressed with his knowledge that I brought him to my Rotary Club (100 members) to make a presentation for them. That presentation was extremely well received as few of the Club members knew very much about the political goals of Islam and how true believers are commanded to follow its tenets. I highly recommend that you take some time to explore political Islam with Dr. Warner. You will be very surprised at how little you know.

John Miller

Major General (retired), US Airforce