An Honest Muslim Among the Dhimmis

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Islam must always dominate over all aspects of life. It is a nation unto itself and has no borders. Here is what can happen when Islamic politics collides with a country’s sovereignty.
Here is another example of Islam trying to dominate in the workforce, a political move veiled in a religious accommodation.

Everything you ever wanted to know about jihad from the horse’s mouth. Read this article very carefully as the language is very ‘slippery.’

An Honest Muslim Among the Dhimmis

Arutz Sheva, Nov. 16, 2007 [An Israeli newspaper] Key items:
Work by Muslims is threatening the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
Mr. Majadle, a government minister, is called an Arab.
He declares that he is a Muslim before he is an Israeli citizen.
Israel has a Muslim government minister, Raleb Majadle, who does not object to the destruction of Jewish most sacred site, the Temple Mount. He goes further to say that Israel has no say in the matter. He also says that he is a Muslim first and an Israeli second.

Notice that the report doesn’t even call him a Muslim. No, he is called an Arab. This is a form of denial. Mr. Majadle’s behavior has nothing to do with being an Arab and everything to do with Islam.

Islam claims control over the Temple Mount because Mohammed had a dream called the Night Vision that involved being at the Temple Mount and going to Paradise. On the basis of Mohammed’s dream, Islam claims possession of the Temple Mount and has built the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque on it.

Islam always takes over the host country’s sacred sites to build mosques. This is a manifestation of Islam’s principle of making the kafirs submit. The Jews have submitted to Islam on the issue.

The most famous theft of sacred sites is in India. The Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple devoted to Shiva. After Islam invaded they converted it to an Islamic site. The number of Hindu temples in India that have been destroyed and mosques built on the sites is beyond counting.

When jihad conquered the Greeks in Anatolia (now Turkey) they converted the famous Saint Sophia cathedral into the Hagia Sofia mosque. Throughout the Middle East the churches became mosques after the triumph of Islam.

As soon as Mohammed had conquered Mecca, he destroyed all religious art. Next, he sent out his best warrior to destroy the temple sites of the native religions near Mecca. This is Sunna (the example of the ideal man, Mohammed) and has been followed by Islam ever since. Remember when the Muslims destroyed the Buddhas in Afghanistan? Same principle.

Mr. Majadle clearly states that he is a Muslim first and an Israeli citizen second. His understanding of the doctrine of political Islam is perfect. What is not perfect is that the Israelis would have any other expectation.

When a Muslim soldier, FBI agent, or policeman in the US swears to serve and protect the Constitution, what he means is that he will serve the US as long as it does not conflict with his highest priority–Islam. A Muslim must serve Islam first and foremost. A Muslim is a member of the ummah (Muslim community as a political nation and community) first and a citizen of the US last.

Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor is a Muslim woman, Huma Abedin. Huma’s first allegiance is to Islam and her advice will always reflect this. So when Hillary gets inside advice on how to deal with Islam, Islam will be served first.

George Bush, the FBI and the military are no different. They all have Muslim advisors whom they trust to serve America first.

Hillary, Bush, the Israeli politicians have no knowledge about the doctrine and history of political Islam. Their ignorance is vast.

Israel, Bush, the military, the FBI and Hillary all act from an implicit understanding of the Golden Rule and think that if you treat others well, they will treat you well. That is a fallacy. The one who is treated well will treat you in the same way, if and only if, they also follow the Golden Rule. Put another way, an honest man is a con man’s dream. They are all decent people who are ignorant of Islam’s dualistic ethics and its political doctrine. Islamic ethics actually deny the truth of the Golden Rule and its politics are to make the kafirs submit on all political issues.

So what will happen with the Temple Mount? Nothing. The usual suspects will continue to try to please Islam so Islam will become reasonable. The usual suspects will remain as ignorant as before. Islam will continue to dominate and the dhimmis will continue to submit. The assumption that Islam is like us, will go forward. A 1400-year-old history of ignorance is not about to change the doctrine of denial.

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  1. Democracyistheanswer

    This is a very interesting topic. The aspect of forced submission in all the countries colonized by Islam is obviously correct. Cultural genocide has always been a preoccupation following successful Islamic invasion.

    While non-practicing Jews are unconcerned about the re-building of “The Temple”, practicing Jews feel it would be blasphemous to reconstruct the Temple without a divine commandment to do so. Both groups are not in a hurry.

    The threat of instant jihad over any move to “take back” the Temple Mount is obviously an underlying concern. Before the Temple Mount can be returned to Judaism, the majority of Moslems need to agree that the place of the “Farthest Mosque” is not known and that in any case, it could not have been Jerusalem, because there was no mosque there until a very long time after Mohammed’s death.

    The Sanctuary of Omar seems to have been built, not to commemorate Mohammed’s night journey, but to humiliate Jerusalem’s Christians and deny the divinity of Christ by quoting Koranic verses to that effect. These verses, inlaid around the dome, are worded differently than the received Koranic text, proving the Koran was still in a period of historic development.

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