How to Name the Enemy

Political correctness has almost shut down our ability to talk about Political Islam. Because of the fear of insults, name calling and job security, people are afraid to speak out.

There is a way to get around these fears. We need to learn how to use questions to advance knowledge. Using the right questions can help us defend our civilization.

Hint: this method is very old and was developed by the Greeks. It is called the Socratic Method, and it is very powerful.


If you would like to know how to ask better questions, read my book Measuring Mohammed.

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  1. Hamish

    Every bit of information helps the unwary.
    Thank you for your taking the time and effort.

  2. anti-statist

    Many thanks Bill for posting this great informative video!

  3. gergneslo

    Great job Bill standing for the truth which takes Brass Cajones these days! 🙂

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