The Dhimmi Scholar

Islam is a political, cultural, and religious system. Only the political system is of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims) since it determines how we are defined and treated.

Ruben Firestone, Ph. D. and a Jewish rabbi has written the perfect dhimmi book on jihad, Jihad, Holy War. Firestone and his book are typical of the academic approach to Islam.
Firestone delights in small details but has managed to write a book on jihad that does not include a single remark about the Jews.
Firestone does not remark on:

  • Mohammed stealing all of the goods of the Banu Qaynuqa (a Jewish tribe) and driving them out of Medina.
  • Mohammed had the Jew, al Ashraf, assassinated (he wrote a poem that Mohammed did not like).
    Mohammed crushed the b. al Nadir Jews. Their wealth was taken and they were driven out of Medina.
  • Mohammed ethnically cleansed the Qurayzah Jews. First, Mohammed sat all day long, beside his child-wife, and watched 800 adult male Jews be beheaded. It took until nightfall (they worked by torch light) and then they buried them in a mass grave in the marketplace. The children were kidnapped and given to Muslims to be raised as Muslims. The women were raped and sold into slavery as domestic slaves and sex slaves. Mohammed took the most beautiful Jewess for his own sexual gratification and then took all of their wealth.
  • Abu Rafi, a Jew, was assassinated at Mohammed’s orders.
  • Mohammed then went a hundred miles and attacked the Jews of Khaybar. After defeating them, he tortured their leader by building a small fire on his chest to find out where he hid the money. After the leader would not tell where the money was, Mohammed turned him over to a jihadist to be beheaded. The most beautiful Jewess was given to Mohammed for his pleasure. Mohammed then issued (along with Allah) the rules for rape in jihad.
    The Jews of Khaybar became dhimmis. They gave half of what they earned to Mohammed and lost all civil rights.
  • When Mohamed was on his deathbed, he issued orders that not a single Jew be left in Arabia. Mohammed’s annihilation of the Jews of Arabia was 100% complete. Not even Hitler was as efficient.
  • After Mohammed the only relationship between the Jews and Islam was that of a dhimmi. Every Jew in Islam was a dhimmi, no exceptions.

Not one word of this is found in Firestone’s book on jihad. Not one word. In Firestone’s book, not a single Jew was injured in the production of Islam.

All right, so it’s a book of poor scholarship by a university “scholar”. So what? Well, Rabbi Firestone makes appearances at synagogues, Jewish community centers and universities where he delivers the same message. Islam is good.

Firestone tells his audience that Islam has treated the Jews better than the Christians. In his mind, 1400 years of dhimmitude does not count. He teaches that Allah is the same god as Jehovah. Any analytic study of the Torah and the Koran shows this is not supported by the texts. He hints that all of Islam’s troubles with the America are because we have treated Islam badly.

How do we improve our relations with Islam? Firestone says we should teach tolerance and do more business with Muslims.

Here is a suggestion–all of the Jewish community centers should use Islamic security guards to replace the ones they have now. That would kill two birds with one stone.

Notice that Firestone says we should teach tolerance to improve relations with Islam. He does not say that we should teach the facts about the history and doctrine of Islam. Firestone is consistent. As a dhimmi he avoids facts and discourages that anyone else seek them.

Firestone is a deluded man. What is tragic is that he is part of a academic industry of the dhimmi approach to Islam. He is the typical dhimmi “expert”.

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