The Dhimmi Tube

Islam is a political, cultural, and religious system. Only the political system is of interest to kafirs (non-Muslims) since it determines how we are defined and treated.

There they were on one of the “intelligent” TV channels, extolling the wonders of Moorish Spain, Andalusia, an Islamic Golden Age. The Dark Age Europeans were hillbillies living in huts with dirt floors and here were the cultured, tolerant, multicultural Muslims showing the kafirs how a civilized man lived. The Golden Age was a wonderful, glorious time that the bigoted Christians ruined. They fought and died for 700 years to evict the peaceful, tolerant, brilliant Muslims.

Oddly enough, there were a few facts that were not mentioned by the dhimmi scholars. There was no mention of the 1,000 blond Christian virgins shipped to Africa to serve as sex slaves for Moorish Muslims. There was no mention of the imam’s call to prayer atop a mountain of Christian knights’ heads. There was no mention of the Islamic riots that killed thousands of Jews in Cordoba and Granada.

Islamic Spain was jihad and dhimmitude. That meant yearly raids on the neighboring bloody borders of Islam. What were the peaceful, tolerant Muslims doing? The usual jihad–killing, raping and stealing from the intolerant Christians.

But think about it. If Islam is such a brilliant intellectual culture, why didn’t North Africa have a Golden Age either before or after Andalusia? The Golden Ages of Islam always depend on the dhimmi scholars, the Christians and Jews. There is no such thing as a pure Islamic Golden Age. And as more of the Christians and Jews disappear into Islam, the Golden Age becomes a black hole. There has never been a Nobel prize in the sciences won with work done inside of an Islamic country. There are only eight Islamic scientists who won a scientific Nobel prize and all eight had kafir partners. (Tiny Scotland has won 32 scientific Nobel prizes.)

The dhimmi TV scholars did mention the word dhimmi and said it meant “protection”. They made dhimmi sound like your Daddy had wrapped his big, strong, loving arms around you. Yes, dhimmi means protection, but in the same way the Mafia means “protection”. A dhimmi Christian or Jew had to wear special clothing with a patch on it. The churches could not be higher than the mosques. All mosques were built on destroyed churches. A dhimmi could not testify in court against a Muslim. All of these terms are put forth in the Treaty of Umar. And for the privilege of being a dhimmi, they got to pay a special tax, called the jizya.

It was a Golden Age built on slavery, jihad, ethical dualism, submission and dhimmitude. Why is that Golden?

Where did this lie about the Golden Age come from? The source of the propaganda is well documented–Jewish scholars and European secularists, like Voltaire–created the Andalusian Golden Age. Why? Both had the same reason–it was good propaganda against the Catholic Church. Well, the Catholic Church is fast disappearing in Europe, but the Golden Age will never die. You know it is real, you saw it on TV.

Now to give credit where credit is due, there were many Jewish elites who prospered at times in Islamic Spain. But their life was characterized by “extremes of creativity and humiliation”. The shame of the Jewish love of the Islamic Golden Age is that Jews allied themselves with the oppressor who made both Christians and Jews dhimmis. [Andrew Bostom’s wonderful The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism brilliantly lays out Jewish dhimmitude, to be released at the end of the year.]

A last thought. What if the Christians had not thrown Islam out? We have the easy answer, look to Turkey. Spain today, would be 99.7% Islamic. And Islamic tolerance has only one result–100% Islam.

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