Therapy for Islamophobia

Critics of Islam are called Islamophobes. But if you are phobic, then there is therapy to cure your irrational fear. This video goes through the steps to make you less phobic. However, you may find you find your fear is not imaginary but real.

This talk was taken from my book Measuring Mohammed.

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  1. jameswilliamsgb

    The problem today, more than ever before, is that once someone has declared you Islamophobic, the discussion is over , even before it starts. Their mind closes and any words you try to speak are illegitimate.

  2. fjw1957

    Abrogation in the Quran just proves that Allah is not a god, as a God would get things right in the first instance.
    A God that created everything would KNOW where the human male semen comes from, yes well NO, this fool says it comes from between the ribs and the backbone:- Quran 86:5-7

    Maybe Muhammad wasn’t a god after all!

  3. Robert

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for all that you do.
    Good presentation. Only one nit – in the movie “Grand Tourino”, the people next door to the Walter Kawalski character were Hmong, not Vietnamese.
    Robert Cape

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