Three Little Pigs

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Sharia law in action in Afghanistan.

From that moderate Islamic nation of Malaysia:

Three Little Pigs unfortunately lived in Britain.

The Three Little Pigs and Dhimmitude

When Mohammed launched his first jihad attack against the Meccans it was defensive, since the Meccans had “offended Allah”. The Meccans had not hit anybody or spilt any blood; they had merely said that they did not believe Mohammed. Not believing Mohammed was an offence against Allah. Moral of the story—don’t offend Islam.

The British are very careful not to offend Islam. The fairy tale, the Three Little Pigs has been part of English culture since the early 18th century. But the Pigs are going to have to go. When a version of the Three Little Pigs was put into a digital version and was submitted for an education award, the judges said that the story might offend “Asians”.

The word “Asian” means Muslim in England. Why not use Muslim? The Brits follow a long tradition of dhimmis. When Islam burst out of the desert, the Christians called them Saracens, not Muslims. When Islam invaded Spain, it was a Moorish invasion. When Islam invaded Eastern Europe, it was the Turks. The kafirs have never in 1400 years been able to mouth the words, Islamic invasion. It is said that in Victorian times no word was ever used to speak directly about sex. That is prudish. When you can’t name the invader, that is dhimmitude.

This naming affects thinking. If you are in Britain and criticize political Islam, you are called a racist. Racist? What has race got to do with a political philosophy? Nothing, but now if you criticize political Islam you can be called a racist. This shows how political correctness controls words in order to control thoughts.

And this is not the only pork problem in England. Some banks have stopped an old custom of giving piggy banks to the young. Why? Piggy banks offended Islam.

What will be next? That is hard to guess, but some Muslims have started talking about how the British flag offends Muslims. It has no less than two crosses on it. But there is another cultural annoyance that will have to go one day. Big Ben, the clock that faithfully proclaims the time by the ringing of a bell will be silent one day in England-stan. Mohammed said, “The bell is Satan’s musical instrument.”

One of the principles involved here is civilizational annihilation. When people call Islam a religion, they miss the point. Islam is a complete civilization and nothing in it is the same as ours. Over time, every single aspect of the native civilization must vanish. In Turkey it took about 400 years to conquer all of Turkey and another 400 years to eliminate the Christian Greek culture of what had been called Anatolia. Islam thinks of time as being nothing. Mohammed said that patience is a virtue in jihad.

When you look at how much England has been Islamisized over the last 20 years, it does not take much imagination to see what will happen over the next 400 years. But dhimmis don’t worry about centuries. Dhimmis just think about giving up just a little more to please Islam. It works like a ratchet. Once it goes Islamic, it does not go back. Those banks will never have piggy banks again.

The boar was a totem animal to the Celts who helped to form British culture. The Celts were warriors, and the boar was one of two animals who would charge the hunter when wounded. (The bear was the other.) So the wild boar was the perfect totem animal for the warrior. But the dhimmi does not need a warrior totem, because the dhimmi is devoted to “peace”. A peace at any price, including the loss of an ancient and great culture. But Christian Greek Anatolian culture was great at one time. Today Turkey is 99.7% Islamic. Do the math. Good bye, Three Little Pigs. Good bye, British culture. Hello, England-stan.

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