Center for the Study of Political Islam International

SIOA Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

There is an important event in DC this Friday. A new organization, SIOA (Stop the Islamization of America), devoted to helping us fight Sharia law, is announcing its presence. Up until now most of the work against political Islam has… Read More

The Fruit of Islam

The fruit never falls far from the tree. What are the practical results of Islam’s political and cultural ideology? What is the fruit on the tree? Islam is a complete civilization that rejects every aspect of kafir civilization as being… Read More

Facts, Fallacies and Bigots

The following letter appeared in a newspaper in response to a previous letter-writer who criticized Islam. The letter is an excellent example of authoritarian thinking. We find otherwise good people become bigots when they discuss Islam. They judge Islam by… Read More

There Are No More Jihadists

John Brennan, Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counter-terrorism, has come forth and enlightened the world with the news that there are no “jihadists“. Mr. Brennan/Obama says that jihad is an inner struggle and inner purification-a purely spiritual process, and… Read More

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